Mayweather's Accusation and the Fan's Reaction

Most boxing fan already know this, that the most anticipated boxing match of 2010 is on the rocks. The problem being Mayweather wanting more thorough drug testing for his match with Manny Pacquiao. By thorough, he means he wants USADA and not the Nevada State Athletic Commission to conduct random blood and urine testing. Pacquiao’s camp refuses to accept Mayweather’s proposal of random blood testing because Pacman has this belief that he feels weakened when he undergoes blood testing. His camp offered to do the test 30 days before the fight and immediately after the fight. Mayweather refuses the counter-offer.

The news got some writers taking side and writing their own opinion on the matter. I’ve read a lot about the issue and would like to share some points of view from each side. Since Mayweather is the one on the offensive here, we’ll start with what his fans are saying:

  1. Mayweather agreed to the $10 million penalty if he doesn’t make weight so to be fair, Pacman’s camp should accept the random blood testing as well.
  2. Pacquiao has gone up from fighting at 106-p0unds to 147 pounds without losing his speed which is an indication that Pacquiao is either incredibly gifted or he’s using some performance enhancing drugs (PED).
  3. On an episode of HBOs 24/7 on the Hatton fight, Manny was seen undergoing a blood test. The 24/7 series documents the boxer’s training on the last 3-4 weeks before the fight. Pacquiao KO’ed Hatton in less than 2 rounds.

Now as for the Pacman’s fans:

  1. Mayweather’s camp was the one who proposed the March 13 date thinking that he would refuse as he was injured during the Cotto fight. Pacquiao accepted the date surprising Mayweather’s camp who thought they could avoid the fight while making it look like Pacman was the one avoiding it. So they thought of another way to harass Pacman by proposing this unorthodox blood testing.
  2. Apparently Mayweather was also a 106-pounder when he started boxing as an amateur on the same age as Pacquiao when he also started professional boxing. Mayweather fought at 147-pounds when he was 28 while Pacquiao fought his first 147-pound bout at age 30 (with De La Hoya).
  3. Pacman has passed every drug testing he was examined. There is no reason to doubt that he is clean and additional testing is just a way to harass Pacquiao.

Apparently, only the 24/7 episode is left unanswered by Pacman’s fans and so Arum has changed his stance and decided to check with HBO on when exactly the date of that blood testing and formulate a new and better proposal for both side. Mayweather’s side also wants to review that 24/7 episode and wants to know if 14-days before the fight testing is good enough to ensure the safety of their fighter.

While I’m glad that there is some hope that the fight could be saved, I am not happy that Mayweather got his way in the end. A letter from a fan of the RING blog said:

If I make a baseless accusation, with zero evidence, that someone committed a crime, the burden isn’t on them to prove me wrong, it’s on me to prove the accusation has merit, and that I’m not completely lying or talking s__t. In this case, as we all know, there’s absolutely no evidence that Pacquiao has been doing anything illegal regarding training and fight prep, yet it’s all called into question because of Floyd Sr’s hunch? Seriously? A completely made-up accusation from Floyd Sr. has the boxing public in debate?

Why does the Mayweather team get to dictate the terms through which Pacquiao has to clear his name? After they’re the ones who put dirt on it in the first place? If I said that Floyd Jr. took steroids, that he did it not one time, not this time, not that time, but ALL the time, would people start knocking on Money’s door demanding he prove his innocence? Hell naw, they’d tell me to shut up without any proof that I wasn’t just trying to tear down a fighter and his accomplishments.

Pacquiao is not asking for any special treatment. All he is asking is for the standard procedures to be upheld. True, Pacquiao can just suck it up and do the blood test, to hell with his psychological problem with blood letting, but why does he have to be placed in that position

Here is my take on the 24/7 episode. While it is a good evidence for Manny that he won’t get weakened by blood testing less than 30 days before the fight, it is also a good enough evidence that Pacquiao is not into any PEDs. He took that test and passed.

If ever Pacquiao accepts the match, I hope his camp also makes a ridiculous demands like there will be no decision victory. After 12 rounds, the match goes to a sudden death. First one to get knocked down loses. I know it’s unlikely to happen, but hey, if Mayweather’s camp gets to propose a ridiculous demand then why can’t Pacquiao?


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