BBB’s Wedding and AE’s Mini-reunion

Former Anino Entertainment’s lead programmer Allan (A.K.A. BBB) and his long time girlfriend Mabel (A.K.A. Mama Bee) got married last January 2. I forgot the name of the Church but it was in Greenhills. The reception was in Marikina, a place I think was called the Glass Garden.

The wedding is obviously an eventful day for the couple but it was a little bit more eventful for myself too.

First problem was, the wedding was a Barong Tagalog event according to the invitation. It has been years since I wore a Barong Tagalog or even leather shoes and non-jeans pants. My body has grown from 34″ waistline to a 38″. My body size has grown from L to XXL. I was able to buy leather shoes and a 38″ black pants. I thought I could borrow a white XXL Barong Tagalog. Unfortunately, I was bigger now than most of my family members. I had to borrow from my friend who only had a black Barong. Great, black barong with black pants and black shoes.

Now, we decided to meet in our apartment so we can taxi our way to the church. The three other friends are wearing white barong. Being the tallest on the group and wearing a black barong, I would obviously stand-out. Now they’re calling me a congressman and they were supposedly my close-in security.

During the reception, there was a modified garter and bouquet game. For the garter game, you have to take a shot of Vodka (they said it was Vodka) and then insert a string through a needle. The one to do this last gets the garter. Having always used a needle threader back in home economics class, I know we have a problem. As I expected, I lost and got the garter.

I know, putting the garter on a girl’s leg shouldn’t be much of a big deal, right? Well, apparently, they have not only changed the way to get the garter but also what you do before you put the garter on the girl’s leg. You actually have to dance. In a seductive way. I have to dance in a seductive way? I can’t even dance in any way, shape or form! To make matters worst, everyone of my Anino buddies were shouting congressman, so now I was being addressed by the MC as congressman.

But enough about me, let’s talk about the wedding.

Well, I believe their wedding is as perfect as one could hope for. If ever I would get married, I would have to call up BBB and ask for advice. I’m not sure if they hired a wedding planner or one of their relatives were expert wedding coordinator but the event was pretty organized from the church through the reception. The souvenirs, IMO, is the best. No, not the pens, but the pictures. There is an instant photo service, free of charge where you can get your photos taken along with your friends.

Here are some other random funny things that happened during the wedding and reception:

  • Marlo was late. We’re praying he doesn’t get murdered because of this >:)
  • Pony was crying during the exchange of vows. Pressure, pressure!
  • Jar took an upskirt photo of some girl. Accidentally?
  • We picked the wrong lane three times on our way from the church to the reception and still was one of the early birds.
  • Pony fell victim to one of Jar’s jokes. So as Choogs.
  • Jar is now known as “Eugene Hardest”
  • A certain Anino Girl was not placed besides a certain Anino Boy during the reception. Why, BBB, why?

Anyway, congratulations and best wishes to Allan and Mabel! I hope to see more Anino people get married soon ^_^

Pictures to be posted soon!


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3 Responses to BBB’s Wedding and AE’s Mini-reunion

  1. PS3Fanboy says:


  2. Mikepopo says:

    Congressman! hehehe! im also waiting for the pics….

  3. Jorel says:

    Sayang nga at di mo sinayaw yung abrakadabra or genie…. hehehe

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