Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Member

Ever since I got hooked on SNSD, I’ve been reading a lot of fanblog. I noticed that some of them have an article ranking the girls based on their taste. I have always wanted to the same but felt that I didn’t know the girls that well yet. And so after six months of being a fan and watching 60 gigabytes of TV guesting and music videos, I decided to write the piece.

This ranking will not be about their singing and/or dancing skills. I might give some extra points on looks but the major criteria would be how interesting they are. I will use the numerous reality show that they were involved in as reference as with the number of articles from different blogs and forums.

So here they are from last place to first place:

The doe-eyed angel with enormous strength and an alligator mouth. Learn all about the charms of SNSD’s bottle/jar opener and see why YoonAddicts can’t tear their eyes away from the TV every time this queen of the dramas appears. -Soshified thread description

Nicknames: Yoong, Deer, Him Yoona (strong Yoona), Yoong-choding

Yoona is often considered as the most popular SNSD member. She usually competes with Jessica for the prettiest title. Unfortunately, I don’t really find her interesting. It might be because I am not Korean but I don’t find her impersonations funny. It might also be because she is usually absent on the TV guesting and episodes (due to her busy schedule).

Interesting facts:

  • Bad cook. Almost as bad as Jessica
  • Based on the Girls Go To School series, one of the physically stronger Soshi
  • Stars in a drama series

It’s the eye of the Hyorengi! Hyohunnies’ jaws will drop as they watch SNSD’s dancing queen show off her sexy, powerful vibes as she pops and locks her way into our hearts! -Soshified thread description

Nicknames: Hyoraengi (tiger), Hyo-choding, Princess Fiona, Dancing Queen

Almost every list that I have seen have her on last place. My brother, who is a teacher, asked some of his Korean student why Hyoyeon is the least popular member of SNSD. They said it’s because she doesn’t look Korean.

Interesting facts:

  • Considered Yuri as a threat as the dancing queen of SNSD
  • Considered leaving SNSD because her dance style does not fit SNSD’s
  • Her Louie Armstrong impersonation was really good but is not something I would like to remember her by
  • Taeyeon’s rival as SNSD’s best cook
  • Supposedly one of the more prominent and famous SM trainee along with Jessica and Yoona

Join the SeoMates and watch SNSD’s charming maknae as her already wondrous talents continue to develop. Warning: you will never be her biggest fan, because her 8 unnies will always be the biggest Seomates! -Soshified thread description

Nicknames: Maknae (the youngest one), Seororo

Seobaby, IMO, has the best work ethics among the nine members. She sleeps before 12mn so that her skin cells can grow. She avoids unhealthy foods. She wants to concentrate on her career and has not yet formulated her ideal man. She doesn’t say anything bad about her unnies (at least not while on camera). Still, besides her dubbing ability, there’s not much I find interesting about her.

Interesting facts:

  • Can do a pretty good voice acting for Keroro
  • Loves playing the piano
  • She is SNSD’s banker
  • Usually holds her anger in
  • Caption cursed
  • Big Keroro fan

Yah! Are you going to come in or not!? Witness the birth of Choi Sooyoung as food and violence collide. Calling all Sooyoungsters to analyze this fascinating creature and unravel the secrets of how something that eats so much can stay so skinny! -Soshified thread description

Nicknames: Shik shin (God of food), NaSoo (interrupter)

The tallest Soshi is also the loudest. She is always an active participant on all their TV shows and guesting.

Interesting facts:

  • Eats around eight meals a day and never gets fat
  • Do not make her show her aegyo
  • Good fashion sense (whatever that means)
  • Good at singing trot
  • IMO, SNSD’s third best dancer
  • Not afraid of any amusement park rides
  • Very afraid of ghost stories and the supernatural
  • Most talented among SNSD and Kara according to MBC Come to Play

Louder than a locomotive! More hyper than a speeding bullet! Able to miss multiple dance steps in a single beat! Come and see why there is only one girl that is brighter than all mushrooms. Join the Fanytastics and watch SNSD’s American girl, Tiffany, as she transforms herself from ddilfany to hotfany with the flash of her eye-smile! -Soshified thread description

Nicknames: Fany Fany Tiffany, DdilFany (clumsy Fany), AjumNy, Mushroom

The usual victim of pranks. She’s interesting not because of what she does but what others do to her. Oh and she’s cute when she miss multiple dance steps.

Interesting facts:

  • Introduces herself as “brighter than jewels…” but since she mispronounce some Korean words, it sounded like “brighter than mushrooms”
  • Probably has the most haters. Mostly because of her frankness
  • Often the target of pranks, especially from Yuri
  • If garlic is to vampires, then Tiffany is to babies ^_^
  • Famous for her ability to make her eyes disappear or what they call her eye smile
  • Afraid of bugs
  • Winks a lot

Are you a GorJess Spazzer? You will be when you watch sleepyhead Jess live in her own little world. Delayed reactions have never been cooler. Experience the chill of SNSD’s ice princess and feel yourself warm up as you get to know this surprisingly sweet cutie. -Soshified thread description

Nicknames: Sica, Jessi, Sergeant Sic, Sicachu, Sickal (knive), Ice Princess

One of the more popular Soshi. What I like about her is she doesn’t try to be interesting, she’s just interesting as it is.

Interesting facts:

  • Voted “The girl you want to share an umbrella”
  • Voted “The girl you want to be with on the first snowfall”
  • Awarded as the Girl with the most temper between Soshi and Kara members
  • Ideal actress for horror films because of her dolphin scream
  • Sleeps 12 hours a day
  • Soshis has thrown her body while sleeping and still failed to wake up
  • Loves to kick things that scared her
  • Likes the word “flop” so much
  • Walks like a man
  • Trained under SM for 7+ years
  • Bad cook

Simply Yurisistable! Witness the beauty of SNSD’s smiling black pearl. Be captivated by her fluid dance. And laugh as you watch this sexy, but odd, girl goof around. Enter if you dare to see perfection. Not safe for those with weak hearts. -Soshified thread description

Nicknames: Yul, Kkab-Yul (playful Yul), Black Pearl
The first Soshi that I liked as she looked like a younger Jennylyn Mercado.
Interesting facts:
  • Does yoga
  • Probably the most figure conscious
  • 2nd best dancer of SNSD
  • Taewoo’s Love Rain is her ringtone
  • Favorite movie is “Mother” even though she slept through almost the entire movie
  • Jealous-type
  • Likes to cook but is bad at it
  • Prankster
  • Most sought after daughter-in-law on Invincible Youth
  • Falls asleep while making kimchi
  • Part of G7
TaeGang unite! Want to hear how an idol should not laugh? Do you want to learn how to do a Sharapova scream? Come and witness SNSD’s kid leader as she reaches amazing new heights (with the help of insoles). -Soshified thread description
Nicknames: Taengoo, Taeng, Tete, Kid Leader, ByunTaeng (pervert Taeng)
Our reluctant dorky kid leader.
Interesting facts:
  • Impersonatesย  Sharapova’s scream
  • Can DJ while sleeping
  • Sets her camera to maximum brightness when taking pictures of herself
  • Voted “Love Thief Award” on MBC Comes to Play
  • Has a butt fetish ^_^
  • SNSD’s lead vocalist
  • Has 5 ear piercings
  • Bad at doing aegyo (but is actually cute whenever she tries to)
  • One of the better cook
  • SM’s best singer
  • Ran away while she was a trainee because of stress
  • AFAIK, she has tapped/touched/groped Yuri, Tiffany, and Kara’s Nicole’s butt
  • Not easily scared of ghost stories and the supernatural
Sunny, Sunny, Sunny! We love you, we need you!
Sunshiners, come and get your energy fix from the girl with ungodly amounts of aegyo! Watch as our Sunny Bunny fights to rid the world of anyone taller than 163 cm! -Soshified thread description
Nicknames: DJ Soon, Sunny Bunny, Che Danshin (the shortest)
My personal favorite Soshi as I find her the most interesting. Any shows that involves her won’t be dull.
Interesting facts:
  • Can catch chickens when other idols couldn’t
  • Shortest Soshi
  • Not easily scared of ghost stories and the supernaturals
  • Hates her real name (Lee Soonkyu)
  • Last addition to the SNSD rosters
  • Part of G7
  • Aegyo queen
  • Boom’s favorite Soshi
  • Best babysitter
  • G7’s strongest
  • Niece of SM Entertainment’s chairman
  • Scared of Fireworks
  • Was dubbed as the ‘secret trainee’
  • Was born in Kuwait less than a year before the Gulf war
  • Sometimes mistaken as the Maknae (according to Seohyun)
  • Has one expression per word on Him Nae
  • Does UFO sounds while sleeping (according to Taeyeon)
  • One of the top 5 singer of SNSD
  • One of the top 5 dancer of SNSD
  • Loves to play video games on her Nintendo DS

So there you have it. My top 9 most interesting Soshis.


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  1. bongdam says:

    Interesting list.
    But putting Yoona dead last makes me think that you haven’t watched the earlier days of SNSD and Hello Baby…

    • rayanami says:

      Here is a list of what I’ve already watched:

      MNet Girls Go To School 1-9
      MTV SNSD 1-9
      KBS Joy Hello Baby 1-9
      Factory Girl 1-9
      Horror Movie Factory 1-6
      Invincible Youth 1-9
      Wonderful Outing 1-4

      Plus a lot of TV guestings (Star Golden Bell, Strong Heart, Champagne, etc)

  2. Maria says:

    I completely agree with you but Yuri can match hyoyeon’s dancing by a mile …

  3. hello says:

    Actually, Sunny was born in US, then moved to Kuwait (where war erupted), before moving finally to Korea.

  4. ss501 says:


    SUNNY was born in kuwait..

    i can’t believe that..

    i’m from kuwait.. WOW WOW & WOW..

  5. izzie says:

    i think ur right!!!
    yoona doesnt get much singing part coz apparently she isnt that good compaired to some of the really good ones like jessica, yuri, SEOHYUN, sunny, taeyoen and some others i think, and also shes too popular because heaps of people think shes pretty and think shes the best because of her looks, and she doesnt go to all the concerts, shes not as into the team as much as the others. lol like kibum in sj

    • SNSDSaranghae says:

      During the early days of SNSD.. Yoona was one of the main attention in SNSD… try watching their single” Girls Generation” MV.. most of the time she is in the middle… but as time goes by… the more talented singers like taeyeon, jessica, tiffany and seohyun have more attention. Nevertheless, Yoona still remain the most popular SNSD member among the korean Fans.. However, outside of Korea, Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany are more popular

  6. hahahaha!!! I LIKE THIS!!! but wait, you think Yuri looked like the younger Jennylyn??? for me she’s way prettier than Jennylyn… my opinion… haha… I’m kinda disappointed ‘cuz my most fave SNSD, I mean my most fave girl in the world (Yoong) is in the last place…. but you made a point… everytime I read the interesting facts about them, I always smile… cuz all of it is right… I know almost all of their interesting facts, except for maknae’s “caption cursed” thingy… I don’t even know that until I saw this blog… I really LOL at that, at the same time felt sad for her, you can’t see her pretty face… hahahaha!!! KAMSAHAMNIDA for this…!!! ^__^

  7. aliens_exist says:

    actually, i really admire how hyoheong is the only one in this group who’s there because she works hard, not because she’s just some eye-candy, which may also be the reason why she’s the least popular, since to be honest, her physical features aren’t as appealing compared to the other members.

    why so superficial, korea?

    • don't agree says:

      I don’t think it’s fair to imply that some of the other members were put in the group for eye-candy ONLY.

      I think all the girls are talented and hard working considering the years of training they underwent.

      I do like Hyoyeon, if it was my list, she’ll be in my top 3. I don’t even get it why she’s considered the least pretty because I find 3 other members less appealing/pretty BUT I guess I’m in the minority. Just don’t bring Hyoyeon up by bringing other members down.

      • AmaChik says:

        I agree with you!! I don’t think Hyoyeon is the less appealing one either! And she’s one of the most interesting ones too! ): she’s sooo funny on the shows.

      • SNSDSaranghae says:

        Hyoyeon is not popular in Korea… probably cause she not consider as “Beauty Standard” in Korea.. but I admire her dancing n charisma… her fashion sense… can be very good or can be very bad… go see Oh! MV.. in the pink cheerleading outfit,, she looks totally sucks!! cause of her bangs…she is not fit to have bangs… but look at Run Devil Run MV.. she is freaking hottt!!

  8. syarifah says:

    woaw.. Sunny~~ she’s my fav.. never seen that her rank is the 1st… thanksss!!! 4making sunny number one…

  9. sengchuan says:

    First of all,i felt very sad n dissapointed as my fav. soshi is yoona..i lik all of them very much..bcoz im snsd’s fan..whatever written in this blog r i don’t agree when you said that you dont find yoona interesting n you thinks tat her impersonation nt funny..even if you reali dont think she is funny,you shouldnt hav write it out as many people will be makes people feel tat ur anti-yoona or sumthing..its true tat she had been absent in many group tat is nt her fault at all..many people said tat she is popular bcoz she is pretty n nt bcoz she is good in all of you must know that she is specially trained to act n dance..nt to sing..n there must hav reasons y SME choose her as te first member of snsd..bcoz she is talented..last bt nt least,i hope tat all of you will keep supporting snsd..SNSD FIGHTING!!!

    • rayanami says:

      I understand what you’re saying.
      Unfortunately, in any “Top SNSD something” list, someone is bound to be on last place.
      And yes, it is not her fault that she is frequently absent during group activities but it is one of my reason why I can’t find her to be interesting.
      How can she interest me if I don’t see her much?
      I agree that she is talented, though it doesn’t matter as the list is about who is interesting and who is not.
      If I make a top 9 most talented SNSD member, then she’ll probably be placed higher than last place.

  10. sengchuan says:

    oh ya..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFF..for tomoro

  11. HanSungYoung95 says:

    Sunny unnie is the niece of SM Entertainment’s chairman? Wow! *envious* Sarang hamnida, Sunny unnie~~ ^^

  12. i love yoona says:

    yoona was the first member.. it means that she got trained hard because she was the only one to be trained while searching for another members, i think after 2 years before SME got a new trainee together with yoona.. she’s absent in activity because she has a lot of CF, Movies, Dramas etc.. she wasn’t able to sing in star star star because she was filming a Commercial if im not mistake.. see kyuhyun and siwon in their “no other” video they were not dancing, SME is really strict when it comes to TIME.. she also got short line in their song because she got all the attention that’s why SME giving other member a long part.. Yoona represents SNSD.. every drama, CF etc. represents SNSD and its all because of yoona! if you don’t like yoona, you don’t like SNSD because SNSD is YOONA.. she is the FACE OF SNSD.. saranghae yoona! neon jjang!

    • rayanami says:

      Again, in any TOP 9 SNSD SOMETHING, someone is bound to be on last place.
      Secondly, it’s titled Most Interesting, it didn’t say prettiest or best singer or most talented or most hardworking or most CFs or most movies or most dramas. It said MOST INTERESTING.
      Just because she is pretty, can act, works hard and all that does not automatically means she’s interesting.


      I don’t think any of the member is bigger than the group. SNSD is NOT Yoona and Yoona is NOT SNSD. All 9 Members = SNSD, no one member (or a fan of one member) can claim to be more important than another member because all members contribute to what makes SNSD interesting.

      And being the face of the group can be changed if SMe wants too. Look on how Kara and 2PM changed who got the more camera time in videos.

      I like to believe that an SNSD fan like all members but of course, will always have one or two members whom the fan isn’t very interested in (not liking is not equal to hating).

      Hyoyeon usually ranks last because only a few fans have her as their number one favorite but I think if a survey was done wherein respondents will have to rank the members from 1 – 9, I don’t think Hyoyeon will be last. She may not be appealing enough for some to be a top favorite, but she’s definitely funny and talented enough to rank higher than last.

      In the end, when you think about it, this list is just the opinion of the blogger. Why does it matter if he finds Yoona least interesting? He’s just one person. Why can’t Yoona addicts accept that not all Sones find Yoona that interesting.

    • Hi says:

      sry but i dun think snsd is yoona or yoona is snsd. but i like yoona. i like sunny the best then jessica and yoona,taeyeon, yuri, tiffany, seohyun then hyoyeon and sooyoung i guess… i kinda like them all at the same level but sunny more:)

  13. rosalie hwang says:

    your right yoona’s like last on my list too
    i dont think she cooperates much with the others
    here’s mine in order

  14. Mireya says:

    In my opinion this is the order:
    1st is…all.

  15. yurifan says:

    hey, you got good stuff here. great information. you know what, you have a point. this is just your opinion and this doesn’t mean you’re judgmental. I’ve been addicted to kpop and snsd in a while and for me I find all of them interesting. my fave is yuri coz she’s hot. haha. no, because I see her in a different way. like the type of girl who you can bring home to meet your parents. I like your trivia about her, but man, jennylyn mercado? cmon, i just don’t she her in jennylyn haha. peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. singer says:

    jessica is my fav. cause like you said she is just sooo interesting! plus gorgeous, a great singer, and surprisingly a really good dancer (yes she messes up sometimes and doesn’t learn the dances as fast as others, but any dance move involving a wave and she OWNS it!) and i love her facial expressions… though she has had some really aweful hair styles (full bangs with octopus hair…) yet she still looked cute…
    but seriously with long hair without full bangs she is extremely pretty!!!

  17. Daphne says:

    omggg, thank you. sunny is my favourite and yoona is my least favourite. you are my idol. LOL. no one ever agrees with me! it’s always about yoona yoona yoona, and my sunny bunny is always placed last ):

  18. dhyukkiejewels says:

    Oh! Sunny is my #1 favorite too! She’s too cute to handle! And my #2 is Jessica then my #3 is Hyoyeon! I love Jessica cs she’s funny and Hyo cs her dancing,I admit that at first Hyo isn’t really good looking,but then I find some other things charismatic and cool about her! Just like Eunhyuk,my bias at SJ. Both of them not as pretty as other members but they’re style is soo cool and when they dance I can’t not pay attention to them ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ Dance machine!!

  19. Desiree says:

    Tae-yeon is my favorite! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I also like Tiffany because of her eyes.
    I find Seohyun very cute.
    I laugh so hard when she chose sweet potatoes over Song Seung Hun in one of the episodes of Ideal type world cup. ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Yuki says:

    It disheartens me that my second favorite member is your last T_T but that’s ok that’s you’e opinion.

    my top 4 would probably be:
    Taeyeon – Since 2008 I had my eye on her (All about her is good)
    Yoona – (Pretty no doubt) even though I’m japanese – but that’s not the reason I like her.
    Jessica – Seductive and Alluring. Her voice is so charming
    Tiffany – Her appearance is so bright, It melts my heart

    but nonetheless, all of them are amazing with their own charms. no exceptions. ^_^

  21. farzana96 says:

    who is G7??

    • Squared says:

      G7 is the name for the 7 idols on the show Invincible Youth.
      The original G7 members are as follow:
      Sunny – SNSD
      Yuri – SNSD
      Hara – Kara
      Hyomin – T-ara
      HyunA – 4minute
      Narsha – B.E.G.
      Sunhwa – Secret

  22. jonel says:

    i love you yuri

  23. JUST says:

    Firstly, yoona is popular not because of her looks, or not because of sm.
    A lot people chose her as their ideal type, why ? Because she is friendly and easy to get along.
    People often label her as the act cute or because of sm hence she is popular but no this is definitely not the truth.
    Yoona as we know have the most anti , but she still fight for her future and everything she has achieved today, is because of her , herself .
    I really hate it when people say her to be good for nothing just and eye candy.
    Yoona can sing, can dance, sment place her in the center because she is what snsd mean.
    And lastly, people stop hating her, she gone through a lot hardship if you see all the talks like strong heart and etc, she cried while talking about her past.
    Yoona is definitely the most real and friendly people in snsd.
    She is definitely capable of doing the great things and prove everyone wrong that she is not an eye candy which sment has help the most in advertising her. But she proved to everyone herself.

    And i’m saying this not because i’m an yoona fan or sone, this is my opinion after watching all the shows that has her. Please do not say hateful or mean things about her unless you have watch their shows, and i’m serious , after watching, please reflect .

  24. JUST says:

    and just to add on , you are obviously a sunny fan , or an anti yoona, because all thefacts you wrote , yoona is the only one with all the bad point, just admit it bitch, and oh i don’t need to hear your comments, keep it to yourself and reflect .

    • Hi says:

      okok seriously chill. all the members are good but maybe this blogger just dint watch hello baby or sth… chill there are bound to be sb who doesnt think yoona is good ok? there is really no need to call sb a bitch. really. relax. i mean, my friend dint like yoona at first becos of all the spotlight nonsense but now she likes her. i mean, everyone is allowed to have their own opinions right? chill JUST. and if it helps i think yoona is pretty and funny:) just to reinforce my position, i like sunny but i like all the members at the same level:) btw i can see that you are a yoona fan:) i think the blogger doesnt mean to make it sound like bashing… so…chill alright? ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. shineefan says:

    hey what’s wrong with all of you? can’t you see this blogger is wrong? he is NOT suppose to compare the members. because if yoona leaves snsd, snsd won’t be as good and popular anymore. spare a thought 4 them, stop this damn comparing! you keep on talking bad about yoona, while you don’t say that some ppl say sunny is a spoilt niece just because her uncle is SMent’s chairman. snsd wont be good anymore, even if ONE member leaves.

    • Hi says:

      hey hey just chill too. the blogger isnt telling yoona to leave snsd. no one in the right mind should tell anyone of them to leave. i m sure ths is just personal opnions and all…

  26. kay says:

    just chill guys…everyone have their own opinion..but for me i always love yoona because she is funny, humble and friendly but i don’t hate the rest of the members..stop comparing them because they good in their own way…i know snsd because of yoona and yoona was the 1st member to join snsd eventhough there was other members who trained longer than i think yoona is talented..she can sing, dance and act well..

    • Hi says:

      i agree with you! i dun think they need comparing and i knew of snsd because of my snsd fanatic friend… ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. rosalie hwang says:

    change yoona is not my last anymore she’s my fifth towering over jessica by i still like the ice pricess

  28. Natalie says:

    I think SooYoung should be a little higher on the list. Not purely because she is my favorite, but I think… like Sunny, on any variety show, Sooyoung is always down to look stupid or be a little quirky. I mean her aegyo says it all. haha, But for Sunny being number one, I can agree. She’s my personal second. (:
    Also, Yoona is so boring to me. SOOOOO boring. I’m glad she’s last ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. hyoon says:

    wei….i thing hyoyeon is more beauty than yoona, she can sing and dance, funny nougthy, pure. even she dosen’t look korean, she famous in us. i like hyoyeon because her inside.

  30. :U says:

    Each member all have their own special talents… like alot of ppl already said 9=snsd , but still everybody have their fave member… ๐Ÿ˜›
    personally i like Tiffany the most XDDD

  31. Annsie says:

    Hmm….I guess it’s just all a matter of opinion as to who you think is the most interesting member. To be honest, I was surprised that Seobaby was so low on the list. Considering her age, she’s far from being a typical young adult. I mean, it’s not often you come across a beautiful girl who prefers sweet potatoes to boys (excluding Yonghwa <3) and sets her alarm to 7 am to read books. Seohyun isn't my favourite member (Fany!), but she really deserves to be higher.
    To all those who seem to be bashing the writer for placing Yoona last, chill out guise. I mean, if you had to make a similar list, you'd have to place someone last as well. It can't be helped. It all depends on what you define as 'interesting'. To be honest, I'd probably place Yuri last despite her being my SECOND FAVOURITE (in caps so that people KNOW I'm not hating on her) member along with Sunny. I love her personality, looks, talent and dorky ways, but I just don't find her particularly quirky compared to other members.
    So, it just makes you seem like an idiot for not understanding that this list is completely subjective.

  32. Kishuyashi says:

    YoonA is first for me =D
    She’s the one that brought me to like SNSD in the first place.
    I won’t disagree with the list but just to point out.. I don’t think she’s actually a bad cook, right? So is Jessica, I don’t think so too? In MTV SNSD, both of them cooked. Those 2 people (or 3 I forget) that ate Jessica’s cooking commented that it’s good. And for YoonA, the members ate those snacks and think that it’s nice?
    And.. I do like Sooyoung’s ageyo for some reason I don’t know why..
    I like all their ageyo except Sunny’s. A little too overwhelming maybe..

  33. kakashi says:

    i like ur article, very nice points! my fav. member of snsd is YURI because she’s pretty and funny and has an awesome smile ๐Ÿ™‚
    my order of members are:

    yoona is very pretty ( just admit that she is -.-” )
    jessica is like a doll
    sunny and seohyun are both KAWAIII (cute !)
    and YURI is AWESOME!

    • FanyTastics_Aimee says:

      i respect your ranking as a SONE but I really don’t agree with your ranking as Tiffany to be the last. You just got to appreciate her more.

      • Starscream says:

        But Tiffany isn’t last on my list?

  34. kei says:

    hi all.erm..there's not much to say really,but agree comparing people is not the best thing to do.everyone has their own specialty and ability such as beauty n nice voice.and every person has their flaws.ok? but i like yoona.if u listen carefully,her vocals are good…if u put her in her rightful place i the singing.her pitch..hyoyeon too.ok..let me make it simple.every snsd's member has their own place where their voice is the best and their part is the best.that's what makes snsd. GO SNSD!!!!

  35. zai says:

    1. TAEYEON
    2. YURI
    3. YOONA
    4. SUNNY
    5. TIFFANY
    6. HYOYEON
    8. JESSICA
    9. SEOHYUN

    hahaha! but they have to be together..and EXPLOSION!!

  36. Beepbop says:

    I really appreciate this list
    And sorry yoonaddicts, but there is nothing wrong with her/him placing yoona last place. I mean this is the blogger’s opinion and it’s obviously going to be biased. For those who disagree, you guys are deluded.
    I’m not even gonna lie, I don’t really like yoona. Firstly because she can’t sing or dance exceptionally well and doesn’t exactly have an interesting personality. Everyone who hates her says that her fans just like her because she is pretty. Honestly, she’s not even very pretty. When I first saw snsd I thought she was one of the least pretty. But maybe its because I’m not Korean and I don’t appreciate traditional Korean natural beauty or something.
    For those who disagree with me
    Don’t even think about replying or calling me a hater because I don’t hate her anyway.
    I know I’m not wrong
    And for those who want to say that snsd is but one and if I like them then I shud like all the members
    Well I don’t like snsd then
    I like 8 members in snsd

    • trollolol says:

      u said u r not a hater but from ur comment u r obviously one..even a kid knows that..idiot..

  37. bopbopbeep says:

    Sorry Yoonaddicts but there is nothing wrong with the blogger putting yoona in last place. It’s their opinion and if you insult the person for being biased or offensive, then yay you for being utterly deluded.
    I’m not even gonna lie, I don’t really like Yoona. I guess you could consider me a hater but I really don’t understand why she has so many fans in s. Korea.
    Where I live, she’s not considered very interesting either because they don’t see anything special about her. I mean I get that she was the first member of SNSD she’s the face of SNSD blah blah blah. I mean she doesn’t sing or dance the best and doesn’t even have a super cool personality or something. Most anti-Yoonas say that her fans just like her because she’s pretty. Honestly, I don’t find her pretty at all, her features are rather washed out and bland. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m not Korean and I don’t appreciate traditional Korean natural beauty or whatever.
    For those who disagree with me, I honestly do not care what you think
    I know I’m not wrong because I can’t be
    for others who are like oh snsd = 1 then fine, I don’t like SNSD, I like 8 members in SNSD.
    I didn’t really mean to be so blunt but I couldn’t help it.


    • wow says:

      hater’s gonna hate.You need to learn to not be so hateful.


    • smileygirl says:

      wow…you’re so hateful,pathetic person. after i read your opinion i think you are the most negative person in this world. i don’t mind if you will get angry after read my comment because you just deserve that! you said that yoona is not pretty at all, not interesting at all,can’t sing and dance the best and doesn’t even has super cool personality??excuse me..i want to ask you something. CAN YOU SING?CAN YOU DANCE?CAN YOU ACTING?CAN YOU MODELLING?ARE YOU PRETTY?ARE YOU INTERESTING?DO YOU HAVE SUPER COOL PERSONALITY?AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING..ARE YOU AN ARTIST???
      I DON’T THINK SO..SO YOU DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO KEEP BASHING SOMEONE LIKE THAT!!You are just jealous with her right???just admit that super hateful person!!!!

      • uneverknow says:

        TOTALLY AGREED <333

    • DeerYoong24 says:

      I’m not a korean also but i think that your comment is a bit harsh towards yoona. you don’t suppose to write something like that even you don’t like the person. you just appeared bad,hateful person now in front of the other fans. and one thing for sure, i think you just seem to be jealous of yoona when i read your bad comment above. you’re jealous because she got talent, pretty, cute, charming, has nice personality and many people especially male idols attract on her right?just admit it!

    • uneverknow says:


      • Starscream says:

        Half the comments here are better than your best comment FYI. At least more educated than yours. Yours seems like it was done by a 12 year old retard.

  38. Annsie says:

    I have a feeling that a lot of people are misunderstanding the point of this article. It’s got nothing to do with who your favourite member is, it’s who you find the most INTERESTING. Personally, Tiffany is my permanent number 1 bias in SNSD, but I would probably place her in the bottom 3 of the most interesting SNSD members. I like her because she’s sweet, funny, cute, sexy, innocent and just overall normal.
    I CAN understand why the writer placed Yoona last and although I don’t agree, I still think that he’s entitled to his own opinion. So, Yoona-fans, calm down! Not everyone can share your opinion!
    What I don’t understand is why Seohyun is 3rd from last. She’s just….odd. I mean, what normal 19 year old reads self-improvement books, takes health drinks wherever she goes and prefers sweet potatoes to boys (except Yongg~ and Johnny Depp). Love the girl so much โค
    Nice. Why should anyone care what your opinion is if you reject everyone else's who doesn't agree with you? If you're entitled to your own opinion, surely other people are too – you should respect that.
    And also, Yoona is a goddess. I think her main charm is her complete and utter perfection. Kinda like why Nichkhun is so famous (not just for his looks, but also because he's so polite, humble and nice to everyone :3).


    • Starscream says:

      About Seohyun’s low placing, I guess it’s because she doesn’t usually talk much during talk shows and had to be asked to say/do something directly. Though her answers and stories are usually funny.

      After watching more recent shows, I can see that she’s becoming more active during talk shows. (This list was made a year ago)

      • Annsie says:

        Ah, well if it’s for who has the most interesting stories on variety shows – WHAT ABOUT SOOYOUNG? She’s not called SNSD’s Queen of Variety for nothing :3 Still…now I understand why Taeng and Sunny are the two top placements. Sunny is just a big ball of energy, cuteness and hilarity.

        Have you watched We Got Married with Seohyun? If not, try and watch it! Seohyun’s personality really shines on that show and I guarantee that she’d be in the upper half (meh…top 5) of the list :3

      • Starscream says:

        That’s something to consider when I make an updated list.

  39. UnKnown says:

    Yoona is FIRST for me~~~I LOVE YOONA THAT MUCH~~~~~~~But i do like others too~~~~~~~~~SaranghaeSNSD~~~~~

  40. GeeNie says:

    aish~ YOONA is MY NUMBER 1 ALWAYS.. I respect your opinion as a SONE.. as a YoonAddict I don’t agree with you saying that YoonA is not interesting and find her impersonations not funny..

    mianhae you might be mistaken as a anti-YoonA because of your description..

    again as a SONE I respect your opinion..

    btw, Yuri doesn’t look like younger Jennylyn Mercado for me..

    • Starscream says:

      btw, Yuri doesnโ€™t look like younger Jennylyn Mercado for me..

      I’ve been getting that reply a lot, not only from my readers but also from my friends. I don’t know but early on when I was still trying to memorize their names and faces, I always think of Yuri as that girl who looks like Jennylyn. This was why Yuri is one of the first SNSD member that I was able to identify consistently.

  41. NocturnalBLZ says:

    #1. TAEYEON : I think she’s the most interesting one, the dorky leader, she can boost up your mood a lot and yet the best singer!! (^o^)/ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    #2. JESSICA : The ice princess, she's cold and a princess.. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
    #3. YURI : She always tried her best and not over do it.. <3<3<3<3<3<3
    I don't want to be taken as an anti if i placed anyone from rest of them in 8th-9th, so i'll just go with the top 3

  42. redcablecar says:

    My friend got me into k-pop and is SUPER obsessed with snsd and shinee, and now I love the music cause it’s so catchy and cute! โค So I've been listening to a lot of Kara and Girls Generation and I'm trying to memorize all of them and start watching more Korean dramas and stuff, but it's SOO HARD b/c I'm a white person and none of my friends even know what I'm talking about!! D; Does anyone know any other really good bands or dramas I can start watching (for someone who's new to k-pop)?

    • Starscream says:

      Can’t help you with K-drama as I don’t watch them but if you’re looking for other good bands from Korea besides SNSD and Kara, you might want to try T-ara and 2PM.
      Also, if you’re looking for subbed videos of SNSD, you can get a lot of stuff on Soshified though there are some requirements to be able to download. Check out my post about Soshified here.

    • Annsie says:

      Ooo it’s always nice to see a new K-Pop fan!
      Well, what dramas have you watched so far?
      If you haven’t seen it already, try and watch ‘You’re Beautiful’! It’s like, the ultimate K-Popish K-Drama x)

      Band-wise, I agree with T-ara and 2PM. Especially T-Ara since you said you like cutesy stuff โค
      f(x)…Beast perhaps? But definitely f(x)!

  43. yoyoyo09 says:

    I agree with that.. but it think Tiffany should be in last place because actually Yoona is very funny in variety shows… and she have many variety shows…….. and bout the desciption of Yoona it’s not actually Jessica who competes with her it’s Taeyeon…. Taeyeon and Yoona are the most popular know the Idol members ranking? 1-5 is the dbsk members 6 would be Taeyeon and Yoona is in the 8th spot it’s based on the fancafe

  44. karisa says:

    yoona is the best!

  45. diiiiiiiiiii says:

    i totally disagraee…coz if u r talking about interesting i know u r not fun at all…i dont know about anything but yoona is quite intersting ..she does a lot of funning things on variety….and i like to say that she was only absent in the first year coz of her drama…but after that is is active as every other member…she hasn;t done any movies nor drama for ages so u cant put that as excuse…..thats all i like to say…….
    anyway my fav is yoona her so much …she is got the best pesronality out of all idol groups..thats y i luv my yoong….
    this is fact admit it haterz

    • sunnyfan says:

      u r right
      she is very kind

    • Starscream says:

      If you check the date when the article was made, you’ll see that it was made January of 2010. Meaning I based my opinion on the videos that I was able to watch during the year 2008-2009. Check those videos and don’t think of any episodes after January of 2010. You’ll see how few episodes Yoona appeared.

  46. sofia says:

    every person ve got an opinion when it comes to his favorite SoShi , but the idea here isn’t about the favorite it is about the most intersting members.
    i think all of them are intersting in a way . that’s why i love this group so much . because each member is different than the others ..each member is beautiful in her own way. unlike a lot of others groups or popstars.they are all the same when it comes to the intersting factor all of them are intersting but the differance here is how much each girl shows herself and her abilities . thats why yoona is in the last place.because of her absence .so is sohyun.. because of her shyness.
    another point ..i think you should “switch” sunny’s and yuri’s places.because in fact yuri seems more intersting then sunny.and i think most of the fans agrees with me.
    about what ve been said before
    about why hyoyeon always in the last places..because just a few of snsd fans thinks of her as their favorite. i agree with you…
    i really do love her .i dont rank the members but if i do .certainly i wont put her at the last places.
    about yoona is snsd..i think that’s very very wrong..if any member leaves snsd. it ‘ll be a big lost.. you saw what happend when ji-bom left 2pm. now 2pm is not the same…actually i felt really bad.
    about some snsd members are just an eye candies..looks is important but it is not everything. each member deserves her place because all of them worked hard and still. they trained about 5 years each..some preformers are entering the sow bizness whithout training a day!
    about yoona is the most beautiful..i dont think so.. she is beautiful but to me i think tiffany is way beautiful than her, but jessica is the most beautiful when she puts make up on but without it . she seems like a whole different person.
    .but like i said. each one of them is beautiful in her own way.
    sorry for your times
    ..and girls generation keep on the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Starscream says:

      Thank you for the well thought out comment. And while we obviously have a difference in opinion on who is interesting, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to explain your opinion.

  47. Jevelyn says:

    Sunny unnie…. saranghaeyo ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. AkosiJennylynMercado says:

    I’m Jennylyn Mercado. I heart Mark Herras. Because he’s the bad boy of the dance floor. I like bad boys. RAWR!

    IMO. Yoona should leave SNSD cause she’s a spoiled brat.
    AFAIK. she’s a camera freak. I should replace her instead!

    BTW. Don’t say that me and Yuri are look-alikes. :> :> :> :>
    K. GTG. :*

    • Whoops says:

      Camera freak? Its not even her who chose to be on so many scenes..If your brain still works you would know that the decision is made by the cameraman. Haha.. Guess you don know? KEKE.. Normally cameraman will shoot the person who is the most interesting or catchy to them? IDK.. Just my opinion.
      What? Replace? Who? U? Damn it your ugly as hell!! LOL =)
      K. Bye Akosiwatevershit

    • Yeabluhbluh says:

      Whoever artist you are wala akong pakealam at bakit mo nama nasabi na she is a spoiled brat? e what about camera freak? kung tutuusin, ISANG TAO AROUND THERE SA TABI TABI lang naman ang SPOILED eh.. EWAN KO KAYA KUNG SINO ITONG CAMERA FREAK NA MAY PICTURE NA MAITIM ANG KILIKILI……pake ko naman kung sino itong baliw sa tabitabi diyan……

    • Justshutup says:

      Yuck!!!! Jennelyn Mercado.. at Yuri?!!! Ewwww you’re so pathetic…. NAKAKADIRI KA TALAGA!!!! kung tutuusin/if you will look closely, YOU DONT DESERVE BEING A MEMBER OF SNSD!!!!!!!! mas magaling pa si yoona kaysa sa good for nothing stupid SOMEONE!!!/ Yoona is better than you, stupid, good for nothing someone…. at pwede ba,wag mong i compare ang stupid ugly beauty mo kay yuri….. napapangitan kas ako sayo eh……. kaya umalis ka na kaya sa larangan ng showbiz!!!!!!!!! STUPIDA!!!! WALANG KWENTA!!!!!!!/and if only, do not compare your stupid ugly beauty to yuri….. i really hate your face… so you better exit showbiz!!! STUPID!!! GOOD FOR NOTHING!!!!!! hindi kayo bagay talaga!!!!!!!! sorry, mainit lang ang ulo…

  49. LuvYoonashi says:

    Yoona shouldnt be last she popular because she does lot of other cf without snsd and she has drama filming other than singing she still can act that y she popular

    • chill~ says:

      i guess the owner/poster/ranker (whichever. lol) is trying to rank his/her “most interesting member”.
      popular doesnt mean she’s interesting to the owner/poster/ranker. =)
      i get what u mean.
      โค yoona. =)

  50. LuvYoonashi says:

    i find seohuyn boring because she not outgoing like sooyoung other snsd member alwa hav fun she she has a great voice though

  51. AkosiJennylynMercado says:

    @LuvYoonashi Seohyun is pure and innocent, which makes her unique among all other members. Please watch your grammar.

    As for Yoona, yah, she’s always doing CFs and that makes her a camera FREAK.

    • justathought says:

      Yoona is NOT a camera “FREAK”. She is CHOSEN by companies to do CF’s. Or do you not know how the marketing industry works???
      Also, when all the girls are on stage, Yoona usually stands in the back to let her sisters have the spotlight. That shows that she is a humble person.

      • Whoops says:

        Words of wisdom from justathought!! Nicely said and put. Those few words really got rid of that all talk but but nonsense Akosiwateverhellyouare..
        Idiots like he/she(means in btwn) should think more. Use your brain use your brain use your brain!!

  52. For me, none of them should ever rank last because everything is usually biased or opinionated which always vary.

    NONE of them are talent-less or have more talent than the other. That’s absurd. One member may EXCEL in one thing than another but that’s the purpose. Its a GROUP because everyone brings something to the plate.

    NONE of them are ugly. I think people toss that word to much without really knowing how deep it wounds. Do you know what ugly is? not SNSD. One might APPEAL to you more than another but each of them have a certain level of Soshi sexiness to them. How could a SONE call any of them ugly?

    NONE of them have a better personality than the other, its up to you. You might aim for those that entertain you most (SunTaeYuriSooYoonA), or have the role model Essene (Someone you can truly admire and follow) (Seohyun) or someone who acts similar to you or you can relate too (HyoJessTiff).

    Whatever poll it is, none of them should rank last with insults or critizings remarks aimed at them. If you took the the time out to get to know he other members like you do your bias… you’d understand what I’m getting at.

    And before I’m a Yuri bias… I’m a SONE. Show some damn respect.

  53. lololol says:


    • trollolol says:

      totally agree!! sunny’s way of acting cute is totally overboard..too much of something makes it dull i guess..

  54. Kim JaeYoung says:

    Tiffany is the best i hate yoona

    • chill~ says:

      fany is cool. chill bro/sis =p

    • justathought says:

      Hate is a horrible emotion. Learn to love people more, even if they’re not your favorite person. This world needs more love, not hate.

    • trollolol says:

      wow..u must be one ugly mothafocka?! pls don hate pretty ppl..keeps u ugly sis

    • uneverknow says:


  55. Kim JaeYoung says:

    yoona is ugly than all member in SNSD

    • chill~ says:

      ugly or not. yoona makes my day.
      thanks for your humble view.=p

    • justathought says:

      Wow, really? I would dread to see what you looked like, then!! haha

      ALL the SNSD members are BEAUTIFUL. (I honestly think Yoona is the prettiest, but that’s just my opinion)

    • Whoops says:

      Kim JaeYoung: Yoona u are ugly!! Hate u!!

      Yoona: U hate me? Hmm.. Like i care!! LOL!!

      Becos in comparison sucker aka. jaeyoung must be really ugly. She must be a sore loser to say that a person who is so damn pretty in the eyes of most ppl ugly. Hate won’t get u nowhere. Keep on hating..Yoona will still keep on climbing and climbing to the top. U? Just like sh*t still..

    • smileygirl says:

      i think you have a serious problem with your eyes!go see a doctor now!!=p and i’m definitely sure that you’re just get jealous with ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IDOL IN KOREA a.k.a YOONA right??pity you…^_^

      • Starscream says:

        Didn’t Jessica win the most recent opinion poll? well, in any case, beauty is subjective anyway.

    • uneverknow says:


    • someppljustdoeantgetit says:


  56. Sone says:

    Yoona is the first on my list, not because she’s the prettiest but because she doesn’t care about her image and has fun. She is actually a massive tomboy and in 1 vs 100 when she was offered a life time supply of meat, she asked if he could supply 8 more life time supplies, which shows that she always thinks of her sisters. In fan cams she is always polite and waved to people waving at her. And for all haters out there who think she is a attention seeker, it’s not like she asked to be placed in the middle! It was her company who wanted her to maintain the image of SNSD!

  57. chill~ says:

    it’s quite senseless to get agitated because of the opinion of one person. chill~
    the ranking just substatiated the owner’s view, and his/her view is not objective nor representative of everyone nor anyone. 1 person’s view doesnt make them the majority. =p
    and, i would like to post my list as well =) (yoona go go go!):
    * i dont have any justification for which. =p take it with a pinch of salt k. lmaoz.

    there are like 103948298349384 possible combinations of ranking.
    People would be getting bored getting pissed off by any combination not within their liking. xD

    chill ftw =p
    and sone ftw! lmaoz

    • Whoops says:

      Agree with your ranking too!! Btw.. there is only 362 880 combinations..hehe

  58. AYK says:

    I like Yoona the most for looks, but Taeyeon is seriously good at singing…

    • Sunshiner says:

      1) Sunny
      2) Taeyon
      3) jessica
      4) yoona
      5) tiffany
      6) sooyoung
      7) seohyun
      8) yuri
      9) hyoyeon

  59. monsa says:

    sooyoung ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. bob says:

    mine: first being my favorite. im from California, I’m a dude, and im Filipino. xD

    1) Hyoyeon- She’s really funny, pretty, witty, and her dance is just awesome.

    2) Sunny- shes so cute, short, and her aegyo is so hot. xD

    3) Sooyoung- shes such a good dancer, funny, tall and reallly pretty

    4) Tiffany- her eye smile is gorgeous c:

    5) Jessica- shes really pretty, and fujny in her own way.

    6) Taeyeon- her singing is really perfect

    7) Yuri- shes hawt and her dancing is awesome

    8) Seohyun- shes innocent and cute

    9) Yoona- she’s pretty, but she doesn’t really catch my attention.

  61. meme says:

    snsd is really good band and why every one talking about yoona like she is a beauty queen i think that yuri and jessica are more pretty than her i dont love her cues she is ego i love yuri i think yuri[pretty] taeyeon[funny] tiffany[lovely] jessica[cool] seohyun[cut] sunny[nice girl] hyoyeon[good dancer]sooyoung[beautiful] yoona[bad girl] but i only like hara and yuri and taeyeon

  62. tiffany says:

    wow you really don’t know a lot about snsd…

  63. Pachin koro koro says:

    after all jessica is always on the top 5 for snsd most whatever(pretty,singing,dancing,interesting bla bla bla) my fave?? of cource gorjess sica ahahahaha : p

    • Pachin koro koro says:

      >>mean even she is not no1 but she is always catch our heart and that why she is the one in my heart hehehehe

      sica is interesting in many ways serious,funny and many more. she has so many habit spazzing out,late reaction,kicking,dolphin screaming,sleepyhead,bizarre picture,pervert,bad cooking ahahaha,fluent eng,weird sitting style and many many more… sica and taeyeon voice is the most part in all snsd song if u like snsd song of course u like her too..she is the most hardwork member… she really a great unnie and friend..and she is the most popular among boys just look how many rumour and how many idol admire her..that why she is the most interesting… i only watch snsd tv show if sica participate in it, if not is really not very fun to watch…

  64. Stephanie says:

    A lot of the “facts” here are just opinion. You can’t really say that one of them is better then the other, and call it a fact because that is just an opinion. Everyone has different taste.

  65. justathought says:

    While I respect your opinion..

    YOONA is MY number 1 most interesting! Haha seriously though… there is something about her CHARISMA and CHARM that naturally attracts people to her. There is a reason why she has such a huge fanbase, and why she’s so many men’s ideal type – she’s funny, talented, beautiful, and as her fellow members said, she’s not afraid to do embarrassing things just to keep up an “image”. While I may not know her personally, the fact that her Soshi sisters and other idol group members say she is funny and not afraid to embarrass herself SHOWS that she is a GENUINE person. A genuine female idol for once?? Now THAT is interesting.

    Yoona is the reason why A LOT of (not all) people became interested in SNSD in the first place, so you can’t say she’s not interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I search her up the most on Youtube haha.

    If I had to rank LEAST interesting, I would probably say Seohyun. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the girl!!! But she is definitely not as outspoken or as funny as Yoona or the other girls. Most likely because she is the maknae, so I do not blame her.

    I hope no one is offended by my comment! Just stating my opinion, like this blogger. Honestly, I just wish SNSD rankings could stop altogether, but I guess it’s in our nature
    to rank people =/

    GO SNSD!!! Love all the girls โค

    • zuria says:

      kyaaaa i’m 100% agreed with u….u’re TOTALLY RIGHT!mostly yoona is the 1st reason why a lot of people know and became interested in SNSD. NO DOUBT WITH THAT! she has something unique that makes people fell in love with. i confidently agreed with this because most of my friends know snsd through yoona!and because of knowing her in the first place makes me fell in love with snsd..she is the first reason why i became sones today!yoona fighting!snsd fighting!^o^

  66. lovelyn hernandez says:

    rosali hwang i will tell you this is my top 9 in SNSD.

    and YUri
    and if i disapoint you sorry

    • Hatehaters says:

      lol..u reli disappointed some ppl..artist with great fanbase also has big sore haters..there is nothing we can do bout it..
      many sones biased towards member other than Yoona are mostly haters of Yoona..sad case..snsd must be reli sad knowing how their member is hated

      anyways, from my point of view the ranking shud be this way
      1) Yoona(definitelyXD)
      2) Taeyeon
      3) Yuri
      4) Seohyun
      5) Jessica
      6) Sooyoung
      7) Hyoyeon
      8) Tiffany
      9) Sunny

      HEHE..don hate me for this comment..chill haters

      • Starscream says:

        Basically, what you are saying is, if I put any member on last place besides Yoona, it’s okay. But if I put Yoona on last place, then I become a Yoona hater? Wow, that’s a really intellectual assessment of things.

      • Blackjack says:

        i think u are a bit biased basically in interesting facts that u gave. Maybe that is why hatehaters here think u area hater. But i think Yoona is really quite intersting like her:
        1. alligator laugh(doesn’t care bout her image,impressive quality that most celebs don’t have. Even Heechul said that she is pretty because she doesn’t try to be be pretty and is not afraid to show her true self)
        2. liked by many artists(couldn’t remeber who but you know..)
        3. always intro as snsd’s yoona and not YAMD’s yoona(basically its for their group)
        4. lazy to type..k thx

      • Starscream says:

        Is that it?

  67. ss501 says:

    sorry i dont really get it what you guys are fighting about………..i see yoona in every comments….well probably, people keep saying that beauty is not her weapon to attract people, but seriously it is really obvious that you guys like her at the first sight because of her looks…….i like them very fairly…i also have disappointments in every member ..well of course yoona …her facial expressions … irritating sometimes…………. she’s overly acting cute sometimes..but the group wouldnt be snsd without the one member

  68. SNSD lover~ says:

    Hey, Sunny wasn’t born in Kuwait! She was born in U.S!
    And actually she’s the 2nd (alongside Hyoyeon and both behind Yoona) strongest in SNSD!

  69. SEO Software says:

    Admirable post, I will put aside this in my Newsvine account. Have a tremendous day.

  70. zuria says:

    i’m a sones and i think u’re not a truly sones because in my opinion u have a strong anti-biased on yoona.u have many interesting facts about the others but only a little bit about yoona.this is not fair at all because everyone knows that nowadays many facts about yoona can be seen through variety shows, talk shows or even in internet!and the most important point is u have wrote that yuri likes to cook but bad in it and for your information YOONA ALSO LIKES TO COOK BUT SHE IS BAD IN IT!the same reason but you wrote in yoona facts is yoona is bad cook as bad as jessica!this strongly shows your anti-yoona feeling in your intention when you wrote this kind of polls..please bear in your mind that you have no right to put some kind of wrongly facts that can hurt someone feeling in the future..:(

    • Starscream says:

      First of all, I’ve listed the shows that I watched before making the article. Do check that out first.

      2nd, check the date of the article’s creation. And if you know how many SNSD guesting Yoona missed because of her busy schedule during those days then you would not have find her interesting too. Unless of course she is your bias and only watches shows that she’s there.

      3rd, what about Hyoyeon being last in almost all variety of list? Do their author also not a “true SONE”? Every top 9 whatever will always have a last placer.

      4th, watching recent episodes of SNSD guesting, yes, I, bit by bit, starts to get a bit interested with Yoona’s variety skills. But everyone else also improves, so yeah, Yoona is still in last place for me though she would have had more interesting facts listed.

      • zuria says:

        i do respect your opinion but after i read and read again your interesting facts that you have put in every member’s profile, i think that you’re kind of unfair towards yoona..i do accept that maybe because she didn’t interest you at all but you have to be fair in making this kind of things..why i said this?

        1st>you only stated 3 facts about yoona but the others??more than 3…(honestly i think if you really watch snsd’s variety shows that you mentioned before,you can stated more than 3 facts about yoona..^ ^)

        2nd>after i read and read again..i realise that there are some interesting facts in other members that are actually the same that you can put in yoona such as she is the SNSD’S THIRD BEST DANCER (oh you think sooyoung is the third, actually it is yoona..sooyoung is the fourth.yuri second n hyo 1st..check this out in wikipedia n others website^ ^)

        3rd>one of sooyoung fact ‘not afraid of any amusement park rides’ is actually can be one of yoona’s facts^ ^ (check out the Hi-5 variety shows)

        4th>yoona loves kids^ ^(if you watch HELLO BABY you will strongly know this one)

        p/s>and nowadays i love the facts that recently yoona has been chosen as the winner in many votes including as the #1 stars netizens want to hold hands with, as the most intelligent girl group member, as the idol that would be the most difficult to forget as first love and many more..yoona jjang!!^o^

      • Starscream says:

        First off, check the date when the article was created, I even listed the episodes that I watched which led me to this conclusion. I have watched almost all variety show that was translated by Soshified that has 5 or more members present. I did not watch any variety show or series that only has 1 or 2 person in it. The sole exception would be Invincible Youth.

        Check out the list of episodes that I listed and tell me how many of those episode did Yoona appeared?

        She may have all these facts that you believe are interesting, but hey, take the time to check what interesting means in the dictionary.

        I watched Hello Baby. All the episodes. Yes she loves babies. Oh wait, everyone loves the baby, so uh how does this work again?

        Yoona placed on top of netizen’s survey? That’s good. That’s their opinion,, that’s also may be your opinion. Unfortunately, that’s not my opinion.

      • youropinionsuck says:

        In my opinion, your opinion sucks.

        Unfortunately, that’s my opinion, not yours.

        +1 dislike

      • youropinionsucks2 says:

        Damn rite!! starscream is a troll afterall. going on spouting all the nonsense of how yoona has improved and still she is ur least fav..
        ah..jealous ppl will always hate on someone and even more when the person is a whole lot better now
        Wow!! if Yoona deprove then u will like her better i think =P

      • Starscream says:

        Yeah, I’m a troll in my own blog. That’s something new.

        I don’t get how Yoona is supposed to be a no-no on last place. Every list, even the top 9 you commented here has someone on last place.

        For the record, Hatehaters, youropinionsucks2, thehellgoingon have all the same IP. So strictly speaking, you’re the troll here.

      • whytrollyoona?! says:

        ya..totally biased..yoona has far more talents than those few

      • youropinionsucks2 says:

        For the record..we are not the same ppl..Don u know i have frens at my house?(seriously).. And we think u are a troll because u keep on writin bad things about only one person(Yoona).
        U think that aint troll enuf? i am a troll? i din even bash on ur lovely Sunny for the record..but i could..givin opinion also has its own procedure. Its not like u can go ahead and say things like “Unfortunately, I donโ€™t really find her interesting.”
        I can also say Sunny is trying to hard to act cute..but that makes it uncute..

      • Starscream says:

        I keep on writing bad things about Yoona? I’ve only written one opinion article about Yoona and that is this one.

        And while I did write that I don’t really find her interesting, I did say my reasons why. Unfortunately, most Yoona fans stop reading after the first sentence and then go straight to the comments.

        Oh and I’m actually Lee Soo Man, hard to believe? Well tell that to your “friends”.

      • iloveyoona says:

        yeah! totally agree with you! yoona is not actually afraid of amusement park rides. and she’s one of the best dancer alongside hyoyeon and yuri. โค

  71. smileygirl says: one of soshi’s fan,i’m very happy and appreciate with your work in finding snsd interesting facts. But obviously you’re totally sunny’s fan. You make a very long list for her facts only. I bet you’ve watch all of her shows..hahahha. But FYI, some of the facts that you stated isn’t right. Sunny is not in the top 5 dancer in SNSD. Soo is not the 3rd dancer. Yoona is the one..i hope u don’t mind if i correct ur mistakes..Bye2…

    • Starscream says:

      I don’t mind. SM Ent has not released any official word on who is the 3rd and who is the 5th so it’s pretty much opinions of bloggers anyway.

      • smileygirl says: all of this facts actually just your opinion only?i thought they were true. ok i can accept that. Annyeong..

      • Starscream says:

        The facts are mostly true. Whether those specific facts are interesting or not is the opinion.

      • smileygirl says:

        After I watched almost all of their performance in music shows, concerts and many other events, I can easily recognize whoโ€™s always popped out when it comes to dance. Of course the trio HyoYoonYul. And it comes naturally to me and I think to other fans also that the members in charge for dancing is the trio. Even in GGTS also shows the trioโ€™s powerful dance as their talent ^_^. and the singing group is Taeyeon,Jessica, Seohyun,Tiffany and Sunny. that’s my opinion after i watch all of their performances.

      • Starscream says:

        The reason I thought it was Sooyoung who is the 3rd best dancer is because it was always Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung who gets praised in talk shows about their dancing skills. The three are almost always asked by the MC to demo a dance. Check past episodes of Champagne and Strong Heart.

        In any case, no official statement yet from the girls or their management on who actually is their third best dancer so my argument is inconsequential.

        I really should change the “interesting facts” to “interesting trivia” but I’m lazy (kidding).

      • smileygirl says:

        i think you should change the title interesting ‘facts’ to ‘trivia’.haha just kidding too:p

      • youropinionsuck says:

        your “facts” are after all, opinions placed together as “facts”.
        “facts” placed together by bloggers? how “laughable”. how in fact has a blogger become so creditable to have what they believed to become “facts”?

        don’t shove shit that u cant explain to being “opinion”, and basing your “facts” by nitty gritty actions interpreted from those gay videos. Ain’t all these your opinion as well?

        Even if snsd themselves said that they are pretty, it’s after all their opinion. Does it make what they said a “fact”? Do you seriously take it that they are pretty? -> type “fact” and “opinion”.

        seriously, try to reason out your ass better next time.
        and i’m not even talking about the content of your article, it’s just the way you are replying. it just shows you are lacking in your thinking.

        kthxbye. xD

  72. Sai says:

    It’s always like that … The more members there are in a group, the more fans are arguing about who is the best. We can discuss forever, because everybody has different rankings.
    It’s the same thing with Super Junior. It’s perhaps even worse, since there are 13 members.

    Don’t misunderstand, I like SNSD and Super Junior, but I have the feeling that SM creates bands just for people to compare the members, to say “Oh man Sooyoung is so hot at 3:53 !!!”. It’s like a marketing strategy. Most of the comments on Youtube are like that, and I’ve been enjoying myself sometimes discussing with friends discussing about the different members’ look in the MV.

    Anyways, thanks for the important facts about each members, even though I’m not a sone yet, it’s interesting and funny^^
    (sorry about my bad english, I’m french)

  73. Love snsd~ says:

    LOL i laughed so much while reading! i didnt know they are all liddat… but cute nia!

    • Starscream says:

      I’m glad you like it.

      If you haven’t heard of Soshified, I suggest you register on that forum. You’ll find more interesting facts about SNSD members that way.

  74. Blackpearlyuri21 says:

    I don’t think that if a person don’t like yoona, they don.t like SNSD too.. for me, I learned to like SNSD because I super like YURI.. maybe Yoona is the face of SNSD but honestly I don’t like her that much.. but I do like SNSD though.. ^_^

    These are my rankings…(only my opinion)..
    1. YURI – (I super like her face and body, the way she dances and even though she’s not really good in singing[like taeyeon] but i do like her voice. I like her nickname BLACKPEARL.. I like all about her.. ^_^
    2. Taeyeon – I really love her voice especially in high notes.. she’s a good leader..
    3. Seohyun – I like her voice too, she’s so innocent
    4. Jessica, Tiffany – love their voices too. I’m confused who will go first so i put them together in no.4.. [ love jessica coz she’s the bestfriend of yuri]
    and rest is in five
    5. Sooyoung – she’s so funny like yuri.. hehe
    Sunny – she’s cute.. small but terrible
    yoona – she’s popular, beautiful.. [ honestly, sometimes i don’t like her when people keeps on comparing her to others.. but like her when she’s close to yuri..]
    Hyoyeon – she’s a powerful dancer but I don’t like the way she dances… she’s not that good in singing but not too bad..
    don’t get mad.. it’s just my opinion… all of us have different taste….

    • Starscream says:

      Yuri was the first SNSD member that I liked with the same reason as yours (face and the body).

      And yeah, we all have different tastes and not liking one member should not mean not liking the entire group, especially for a large group like SNSD.

      And for the record, the reason I didn’t find Yoona interesting is because she was almost always absent on TV guesting on episodes that I downloaded when I wrote this article. It wasn’t her fault, I know, but how the hell do I get interested in someone who is almost always not there?

    • Goddess_YoonA says:

      I agree with you. even there are some fans dislike 1 or 2 members didn’t mean that they don’t like the others. i can relate this with my situation right now. i am truly yoonaddict but has no interest with Tiffany (she just not interest me at all.. i don’t know why) and the interesting part is my younger sister is truly tiffany fan and she also has no interest with yoona!aigoo

      and same as you..i also learned to like SNSD because of one of the members which is Yoona. She just attract me with her bubbly and cute personality in their ‘Gee’ mv. and i do agree that sometimes when people keep comparing her with the others it can make someone annoying but that’s not her fault anyway..i don’t like the ‘comparing things’ also because it makes her anti fans keep bashing her hard..T_T

    • Kkab says:

      OMG you think totally alike to my thinking XD I like Jessica and yoona because they are close to Yuri and I don’t like the way hyoyeon dance(I like yuri way of dancing better… YURI IS MY BAIS SHE IS THE BEST !!!

    • uneverknow says:

      hmmm u like the yuri that did sooo much surgery just to copy yoona but u dont like the actual thing —-> yoona ;p
      how ironic u failure *face palm

      • Starscream says:

        lemme see, you claim that Yuri had plastic surgewry to look like YoonA? You have proof? Thought so. Just for the sake of argument let us say what you said is true, that Yuri has undergone surgery to make herself beautiful. at least you can do that. Unlike Yoona who can’t undergo surgery to become more interesting.

  75. DeerYoong24 says:

    For me the most interesting member is YoonA. The reasons are
    -she has unique alligator mouth when she laugh,
    -the 1st queen of cf in snsd
    – the most active member-singing,dancing,acting,modelling,making a cf,host,spokeperson, studying
    -becomes ideal type for many idols.
    -SM considered her as the face of SNSD (makes many people especially the anti fan bashing her so hard. I felt pity on her because thatโ€™s not her fault but sheโ€™s so strong to cope with the situation and that makes me feel so proud of her),
    -Soshi member that not only has the biggest fans but also the biggest haters (her daum fanclub, Luxul is currently the largest among soshi members.
    -The member Yoona wants to be alike is Sunny. When Sunny smiles, Yoona wants to be like her[Elle Girl 09 interview].
    -According to HyoYeon (in Mnet Starwatch) although Yoona seems quiet and hard to approach, she’s actually one of the friendliest soshi member.
    -She has alot of Ajumma and Halmoni fans.
    -She would become a Chef if she was not a singer. Even though she believes that she is not that good at cooking but she enjoys it!
    -She took pastry classes.
    – Jessica thinks Yoona is the cutest dongseng.
    -Yoona is closest to super junior member especially Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Ryeowook.
    -Yoona is more confident in her dancing and acting compared to singing.
    – soshiโ€™s dishwasher.
    -Yoona has genes that prevent her from getting fat! โ€“revealed by SNSDโ€™s trainer(no wonder even she likes to eat a lot her body is still the same!I think same goes with sooyoung)
    that’s all for today..^_^

  76. tiffania says:

    i love all the team members

  77. thuong says:

    yuri number look like an angel.
    i love you that much.

  78. zuria says:

    I just wonder..YoonA has many haters because they hate the facts that she is the center of Snsd. What will happen if she is not the one but the other members like Yuri, Sooyoung, Sunny or etc is the center and the face of Snsd! Will they suffer like YoonA or can escape just like that? I wonder what is the answer for this situation?

  79. iloveyoona says:

    please don’t hate yoona. when I started reading negative comments about her, i wanted to cry. it just hurt so much that hearing negative comments about your idol. can’t you like all the SNSD members and never left out anyone?? please. and stop arguing. we are all SOSHI and we love them. SNSD is not SNSD if one member leaves(this words came from the SNSD members itself). so please?? for the sake of SNSD.

    • smileygirl says:

      i totally agree with you!when i read the hater’s bad comment about yoona above, i was so sad and felt a little bit angry.i just want to know why they keep bashing yoona hard even she’s the member of snsd also..among all snsd members,she is the one who has the biggest fans and at the same time has the biggest haters.. sigh…but i don’t long as yoona and snsd still standing in the eyes of k-pop world, i will keep supporting her until the end of my breath.YoonA and SNSD HWAITING!!

  80. YoonaLover says:

    This is the top 9 members in snsd i like the best:
    1. Yoona
    Yoona Yoona GoGoGo!!!!!!!! =)

  81. SoNyuShiDae says:

    This is my top 9:
    1. Sooyoung (cause she’s funny and one of the best dancer of snsd)
    2. Taeyeon ( cause she’s the best in singing and i like her face )
    3. Tiffany ( cause she’s hardworking and fluent in english )
    4. Yuri ( cause i like her curves and also one of the best dancer/singer)
    5. Yoona ( cause she’s the prettiest and a good dancer )
    6. Jessica ( cause of her doll-like face, good singer and fluent in english)
    7. Hyoyeon (cause she’s the best dancer and also the talented one)
    8. Sunny ( cause she’s cute and good at singing )
    9. Seohyun (cause she’s a good singer and dancer )

    ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

  82. soshi4eva says:

    i read this when i first learnt of snsd and now i kinda understand some of the reasons you used to rank them…but im disappointed that hyo is at the bottom…before i seemed to overlook her but now shes my bias in snsd and i think shes beautiful! i think she and sooyoung are the funniest members and that they are quite talented so deserve more attention~ hehe just my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. yuriaddicted says:

    i โค snsd bcoz of Yuri….she's amazing…i don't know why but she's truly amazing..beautiful,hot,sexy and multi-talented…next .. i โค jessica too…coz she looks like Malaysian singer (Shila Amzah), and the rest of 'em are the best… win-win situation! enough…

  84. yuriaddicted says:

    Jessica and Yoona close to Yuri coz she’s great…no wonder the G7 MC LOL “i don’t know his name” loves YURI..

    • PerfectGoddessYuri says:

      he’s name is Kim Tae woo..He is a former member of g.o.d. and yeah he admitted that he likes Yuri a lot that whenever he feels to surrender from all the training inside the military base he would just look into Yuri’s his locker and he feel energize again..that’s how attracting Yuri is..she is a Goddess…โ™ฅshe is perfect…

  85. Alisonlovessnsd says:

    In my opnion, i love ALL the memebers, but if i have to be honest when i go through the snsd memebers, i often forget yoona :L i dunno why, i know shes like super populor but everyones different? but i still love her.

    My rank :

    1 Yuri ~ I loveeeeee yuri! I like how she gets along with everyone and shes so dorky and happy. Also she works very hard and i think shes super pretty. Her dancing is awesome and her singing is not bad. Plus i love how she gets along with snsd etc YULTI, YOONYUL, SOORI, YULSIC ..

  86. soshilover67 says:

    My fave memebers are tiffany, yuri and sunny ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tiffany cos of her eye smile and how shes so happy and joyful.
    Yuri cos i think shes stunning and everyone seems to like her, even Anti’s
    Sunny cos shes adorabal! i love her cuteness ^.^
    i love the others too, but these are my top 3

  87. Totally YoonAddicted says:

    Woah woah… Why must you even make such a list in the first place??? You just make yoonaddicts go boo boo and sunshiners yay yay. In my opinion, you shouldnt have made this list. It is NOT neccesery.

    • smileygirl says:

      I agreed with you!!

  88. SONE says:

    yoona is the most popular just in asiaa !!!!!!!!
    hyoyeon ? US, EUROPE etc.
    yeah, i know .. yoona is THE MOST PRETTIEST in snsd but don’t say yoona is the most popular is snsd. it’s not TRUE.

    • mblaqsnsd says:

      em i think it’s TRUE that Yoona is the most popular member in SNSD alongside Taeyeon..i have read that somewhere.if i’m not mistaken it came from snsd fansites.

  89. keepsmile says:

    Taeyeon is the most popular in Korea.
    She has the most fans among all girl group members and has the most Non-Sone fans.

    Japan – 1. Yoona 2.Taeyeon 3. Sooyoung
    But I don’t know who is the most popular in another country.

    Hey Sones, you can know who is the most popular in your country. Let’s share!

    • Thetisng says:

      In China – 1.Yoona 2.Taeyeon 3.Jessica/Tiffany
      According to their fans club

  90. thehellgoingon says:

    My opinion~~
    1. Yoona (strong hearted, hardworking, cute, best friend with hyo)
    2. Yuri (SEXY)
    3. Hyoyeon (truthful, kind, great dancer)
    4. taeyeon (vocals)
    5. Seohyun (Pure)
    6. Jessica (Cold? but funny tho)
    7. Sooyoung (great speaker)
    8. Tiffany ( Flirty)
    9. Sunny (nothing, thats why placed last)

  91. Sunny lover says:

    I love Sunny! :D<3

    My top 9 (but notice that i love all the members ^.^):
    1. Sunny <33 (So cute, funny, great singer etc. LOVE HER!)
    2. Hyoyeon (awesome dancer, beautyful, beautyful voice etc.)
    3. Tiffany (Cute, great singer etc.)
    4. Yuri (beautyful, hot, awesome singer etc.)
    5. Yoona (cute, funny, great singer etc.)
    6. Sooyoung (super funny, cute, good singer etc.)
    7. Seohyun (beautyful, great dancer and singer)
    8. Taeyeon (Great singer, funny, beautyful)
    9. Jessica (beautyful, funny, great dancer and singer etc.)

    • josemarie says:

      โ™ฅ sunny

  92. belle says:

    YURI is the best

  93. PerfectGoddessYuri says:

    I love SNSD Yuri…i love her for everything..she is a Goddess…she is perfect…she is my number 1..โ™ฅi became SNSD fan bec.of her…i saw how she dance and it was so amazing..i was moved by how powerful,energetic,and mesmerizing her moves are… i even became more Yuri addict bec.i thought she only knows how to dance so great but in my surprise she’s also good at swimming,playing piano,acting,comedy,mc-ing, and her voice is so angelic…she sings well…Yuri will forever be the best in my eyes…โ™ฅ

    • uneverknow says:


  94. sam says:

    can you wacht the boys ::::;;;;it”s great to wacht it gogogo girls generation

  95. Christa says:

    Sorry to say this, but Sunny wasnt born in Kuwait, she was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.

  96. lin says:

    i follow snsd because of sooyoung…her facial features are striking and i just couldn’t keep my eyes off her ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. saniya says:

    my fav is
    yoona is the one of snsd
    sooyung is the best
    jessica is most beautiful in the world

    yuri is the pretty
    seohyun is the most active

    teoYeo is the best leader in the world
    Hyoyeon is the most dancer
    sunny is the funny
    tiffany is the most sexy

  98. saniya says:


  99. bai says:

    my ranking is
    1)Yoona(because she is the reason that i love SNSD and K-pop although i heard many bad things about SNSD from my best friend at the first place but she’s the one that me want to know SNSD more and many students at my school like her)
    2)Taeyeon(because she’s cute and i like her voice)
    3)Jessica(i don’t know why i like her ‘icy’ character ^^)
    4)the others(they’re funny and i love them equally)

  100. addicts? says:

    well, for my own point of view, snsd is not perfect without everyone of them in. Everyone has their own personality that eventually build up SNSD. So stop arguing over who is the first or last, because if snsd don’t cooperate with each other than it’ no longer be the best k-pop group. personally i like Yoona but i didnt mean that i don’t like other girls as well too. all of them is just awesome and beautiful. Chill guys, just sit back and enjoy SNSD =)

  101. E. L. says:

    i dont totally agree with you here. my ultimate bias is Yuri but i have to say Taeyeon is the most interesting because she has such a great library of personality dimensions. you will never ever get bored or irritated when you watch hr..and she never even realizes it. second most interesting would have to be sooyoung because you will never even know what she will do next. third will be hyoyeon cause she is such a whack. then come my Yuri.

    i actually agree with you on Yoona being last. jack of all trades master of none..that is what she is. she represents the average girl that can become a celebrity that is why she is the face of snsd. it is not because she is the most talented or the most beautiful. seriously the reason why she gets to play all those roles because she is the girl next door but with better looks than the average korean. i have to admit i dont like her because my first impression of her was not very good. i first saw her in strong heart episode one. i watched that one for gdragon… when yoona told her story it was so dumb and mundane i was like…wtf did she say?! (she even admitted to the lameness of her anecdote on her next guesting) but i was indifferent at that point..but when kang ho dong asked her who she thinks is the prettiest out of snsd(didnt realize that back then) she said SHE was the prettiest. now THAT was a effin major turn off for me. IMO only those who have extremely low self esteem would declare that herself. it’s like she thinks by declaring it people would believe it. she should have let other people tell her she is pretty and just thank them. if asked she should have said something really generic. yes she is cute..she knows it..everyone knows it..must you declare it yourself? taeyeon is the most loved because she doesnt like aegyo but is actually reallu cute herself.

    seriously, if that didnt happen…yoona probably would have been my number one because of her versatility. but that display of haughtiness which imo stems out from insecurity did not impress me at all. she actually is the most depressing out of the 9. ..just remember how she became depressed when cinderella man had really low ratings and it took her years to finally accept another drama. not to mention she is a member of the MILK Club and she have bouts of depression(wherein she listens to IU). seriously how can i respect someone who doesnt believe in herself? why would idolize someone with that kind of heart? geez yoona you are earning more than your members. start counting your many blessings and stop being so gloomy..maybe then if i stop seeing that despair behind your eyes even though your mouth is smiling. i would become your number one fan…

  102. rosius says:

    I don’t hate Yoona or anything but I agree that she’s not that interesting,
    people don’t get the point of this article. It got nothing to do with who your favourite member is, my favorite member is Jessica but I wouldn’t rank her the first.
    But in my list it would be Tiffany last, I don’t find her interesting one bit, and it’s annoying how she shows off her English and correct others when her English isn’t perfect.
    And as for Hyoyeon, I actually find her interesting with her attitudes, and every person is beautiful in their own way ^_^
    I love all SNSD members and it doesn’t matter that I don’t like Tiffany much, because SNSD wouldn’t be the same or as good if any member left ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. SNSDYOONA says:

    No comparison please. Although i am yoonadicts, i like 9 of them equally.

    • Starscream says:

      People who claims to love all 9 members equally are usually lying or doesn’t know much about each members.

  104. Jeanen Tong says:

    If you don’t find her interesting, it’s because you don’t pay attention to her, which means you don’t really know her like her fans do… What I meant to say is don’t even bother commenting on/about someone you don’t even really know about.. I love the girls… All of them.. Every person has their own preferences.. I respect that. Now here’s my opinion. To me Yoona is the most interesting member. Yes, she’s beautiful (so are all the members), but that’s not what made me (and most Yoonaddicts) her fan.. There are a lot but just to list a few…

    “Well, you can say she is talented in the way that she is a jack of all trades but a master of none. She has a wider range of talents though she may not be the best at one. She is definitely not the best singer and she knows it. She herself even said that she is least confident in her singing. As for dancing, she is a good dancer. she may not be as powerful as hyoyeon or as sexy as yuri but she makes the least mistakes and carries out the performance well, injecting the appropriate emotions etc. For acting, she did well for YAMD but not as well for CM. she knows it too. She’s improving her acting. Being a mascot is not easy. A mascot reflects a group. many judge a group just from their mascot alone. The image of snsd is dependent on yoona. She have to constantly be aware of her actions as one wrong move of hers may just end snsd’s career.”

    “What I love most about Yoona is that she is simple.
    There are many super-gorgeous women in korea more beautiful than Yoona. Many girls with superb figure and height, way more curvy and sexy than Yoona.
    But Yoona wins by simplicity. She doesn’t try to make herself prettier. She dresses simple ( like the recent Running man when she is in T-shirt and jeans with a cap) .
    She has simple features, nothing exotic about her eyes, neither does she have sexy lips, nothing special or outstanding about her face. She doesn’t act funny, neither does she try to be sexy or sophisticated. She just behaves like herself. What she does have is just great skin complexion , big clear eyes, a happy smile, a simple yet cheerful disposition. You feel her kid-like simplicity when you look at her and watch her laugh and play pranks on her members. No hint of meaness when she does pranks, just a simple, child-like innocence.”

    “Looks thin and frail but yet is super strong, Him Yoona and Axe girl.
    Beautiful and pretty, yet makes ugly faces , flouder-face and alligator laugh.
    Looks quiet and aloof, but is actually a kid-like prankster.
    Looks tall and slim, but eats like crazy and all the time too.
    Looks innocent and naive, but has gone through so much tough times and nasty words.
    Looks confident and proud, but is actually very humble and judges herself harshly.
    Looks young and inexperienced, but has actually experienced far more than most other girl her age.
    Behaves like a funny kid, but can endure months of filming a 170 episode drama with 2 hours of sleep a day.
    Makes CFs look easy , but she has to actually audition over 200 times to get all the chances.
    She shoulders perhaps the heaviest burden among the nine , but has never uttered a word of complain.
    She ignores anti’s harsh words, but gets upset and afraid of cameras when antis accuse her of bully Tiffany. In other words, she values her relationship with her unnies more than her own reputation.
    She is the mascot and face of Soshi, having to smile all the time, but she has never let that smile disappear no matter how tired she is. She even fell asleep standing during a fanmeet. ( breaks my heart )
    Sooooo many reasons to love her, yet some immature people choose to hate her. why??
    Because she looks beautiful?? Not her fault.
    Because she has no talent?? Nah. Talent makes it easier to be successful. No talent means she has to work even harder than other more talented people.
    Which means her success is even more well deserved. Sheer hard work and determination.
    I can say honestly, I admire her resolution and never give-up attitude. A true role model.
    Yoona is awesome.” quotes from sones.

    • Starscream says:

      That’s quite a long reply.

      First off, as I said, I watched all available subbed episodes with at least 2 members in it that Soshified has. Yes, Yoona fans would know Yoona better than I but that doesn’t matter because I am an SNSD fan and not a Yoona fan. If Yoona is not present in those shows, yes it is not her fault but that doesn’t mean that I would have to imagine what she would have done in the show if she was there, that would be stupid.

      Secondly, did I say that she doesn’t have any talent? All I said is that I didn’t find her interesting at all and that her humor is not my type.

      Apparently, when Yoona fans hear the words “not interesting” or “least favorite” in describing Yoona, all they hear is the word hate and calls them immature. WTF?

      • Jeanen Tong says:

        uhh.. actually my comment was more of directed to those who bashed Yoona..
        And I do respect others opinion.. Including yours.. And no, when Yoona fans hear the words “not interesting” or “least favorite” in describing Yoona, we don’t only hear the word hate. Also, I was stating my own opinion why Yoona is the most interesting member for me.

        And the reason why I said this > “If you donโ€™t find her interesting, itโ€™s because you donโ€™t pay attention to her, which means you donโ€™t really know her like her fans doโ€ฆ What I meant to say is donโ€™t even bother commenting on/about someone you donโ€™t even really know about..” which I was directing to haters, not you, is because I still don’t understand why people bother to write about someone they dislike and writes negative things about them instead of writing about someone they like (their biases) instead…

      • Starscream says:

        Oh sorry, I guess I was just getting too used of getting bashed because of this article that I initially thought it was directed to me.

        Ah well, glad that’s clear. Thanks for clarifying!

      • Jeanen Tong says:

        ah.. I see.. It’s ok.. I should have written that clearer to avoid misunderstandings.. I’m sorry as well…

  105. h says:

    following me all member of snsd are very cute and seohyun is no1.hehe.

  106. GrumpilyGroach says:

    why cant you all haters just SHUT UP?!!! as I am reading some wonderful comments and damn ******* comments, every negative comment I noticed my temper!!!!!!! just SHUT YOUR MOUTHS UP YOU BASTARD HATERS!!!!

  107. meee says:

    i think all of them are so pretty, natural and talanted. myfavorite one is ti ๐Ÿ™‚ she is so smily and i like her eye smile. but i like all of the members. i have nothing against no one. they all have sth which is cathy ><

    • meee says:

      OMG, i wrote only `ti` ๐Ÿ˜€ i meant Tiffany ๐Ÿ˜€ sorry

  108. Sooyoung says:

    Yoona Shouldn’t Last…I SHOULD BE LAST For Being an Un Interesting Fan And Not Active Much As Them โค

  109. KwonYuri says:

    Yoona should not be last she is so pretty and her dancing and singing is brilliant!!!

  110. fnkdfkndfknfk says:

    Oh god, this user only said he/she didnt find yoona that interesting, why is everyone getting so mad? everyone knowns yoona is the most popular and she is well liked by the sones. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

    personally for me i think tae and yuri are the most interesting.
    Yuri cos she’s always happy and smiley, and the snsd members like her.
    Tae cos shes DORKYYYYY :’)

  111. Kazon InKoro says:

    people, this is truly fascinating and also heartbreaking

  112. Touche says:

    The blog was clearly about the “Most Interesting Member of Snsd” yet all the comments mentioned about “MY Ideal Member” .
    Guys, that is way off topic.
    Generally, i think the blogger wasn’t really opinionated nor was the blogger biased. The blogger even explained neutrally why some of the members were one of the bottom ones.
    ” And so after six months of being a fan and watching 60 gigabytes of TV guesting and music videos, I decided to write the piece.” – The blogger even dedicated 6 MONTHS of time and effort.
    I salute you.

  113. evilmaknaewife says:

    waw !
    for me, Soonkyu is also the most interesting member in SNSD and Yoona at the last place :p
    but I put Hyoyeon as the second, after Soonkyu ! she’s actually really interesting !
    her dancing ability, her humor ! her humor is the best, never failed to make me laughing

    my list :
    1. Sunny ! of course, I love her so much !
    2. Hyoyeon
    3. Sooyoung : I even like her ‘Oppa..Oppa’ which is very ‘scary’ according to my boyfriend :p
    4. Fany : her reaction is the best !
    5. Sica
    6. Taeyeon
    7. Yuri : I don’t find her kkab fun ๐Ÿ˜
    8. Seohyun : she’s just too well-mannered
    9. Yoona : not appear much. quite boring. but I like her impersonation ๐Ÿ™‚

    well, it’s only my opinion and I respect your opinion ! its our rights to like or dislike, fave or unfave someone anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Lexi Reyes says:

    These are some bad poll results!! Personally, I don’t think you should make mean comments about them!! If you just keep on saying mean things it can techinally lead you to being not a fan!! Who did you even survey are they mental or something!!! Hello, anyone there, pay attention, they maybe don’t know that they’re all beautiful and have different personalities!!! Yeah, this is way off topic 9 Most Interesting Members well duhhh there is only 9 member if there was 13 then that would definitely work!!! If there was a 10th member it would be you and these are your traits: not a girl, rude, doesnt know true beauty, and wouldn’t pass the auditions and doesnt know how to SING OR DANCE!!!! IDC ABOUT WAT U GUYS SAY THEY R ALL MY FAVS!!!

    • Starscream says:

      doesn’t know true beauty? were we talking about beauty? so in your ideal world, every member is of equal looks, equal singing, equal dancing skills? So equal that we cannot objectively rank their skills or other aspects?

      I really believe fans who says they are equal are new fans who still cannot differentiate one member to another.

  115. Avine says:

    being less talented to me, doesn’t mean they are not interesting anymore.
    what i look up to them is how they are onstage or offstage.

    my list:

    1. Hyoyeon
    2. Tiffany
    3. Sunny
    4. Yuri
    5. Taeyeon
    6. Yoona
    7. Jessica
    8. Seohyun
    9. Sooyoung

  116. ์กฐ์ง€ ์ฝ”๋งˆ says:

    You know…you guys shouldn’t be arguing who would be first and last. SNSD is SNSD. They all are put in the group to play special roles. If you have been a fan since 2007, you’d understand what I’m saying. I mean, if one member was not in the group, imagine all of her fans disappearing. Each of us have different tastes, and that’s why most of you don’t understand what the others are saying. It’s actually what makes SNSD cool and famous, because each and everyone of us have different tastes. SM Entertainment placed each member to attract different kinds of people.

    Taeyeon – for people who loves a great singer, for goof ball lovers, and for Koreans
    Jessica – for other ethnicities, for her cute failures, her great singing voice and stuff
    Sunny – for people who loves cuteness and aegyo, mostly Korean guys
    Tiffany – mostly for her frankness and great voice AND her eye smile
    Hyoyeon – for her great dancing skills. I actually don’t know why Hyoyeon doesn’t look that much Korean, I think she’s most famous at China and other China related countries
    Yuri – for her smooth dancing style, her sexy figures, and her cute and funny attitude
    Sooyoung – here in Korea, I think she attracts older men…she’s not cute or beautiful like the other members; she’s cute and beautiful in another way ~ more like a GORGEOUS beautiful or something. And for her funny attitude and great dancing skills
    Yoona – for her natural good looks, great dancing skills, cute and girly looks and boyish attitude…I think she’s most popular to us Korean guys….and to Korean girls too…AND to other ethnicities too ^_^
    seohyun – for her innocent looks, kind nature, and great voice

    See, it just shows how they are set to attract different people with different tastes ^_^
    and for a true SโคNE every single member is perfect…..and may have some Biases ^_^

    ์†Œ๋…€์‹œ๋Œ€ ํ™”์ดํŒ…!!!!!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

  117. Michelle says:

    I think…..
    3)Hyoyeon(cause she is seohyun best friend)
    9)YURI STUPID SEXY GIRL~!!!!!!!!

    • Thetisng says:

      SeoHyun’s best friend are actually Yoona and Hyoyeon. Yoona and SeoHyun are Canon Pairing.

  118. mblaqsnsd says:

    Quite interesting but honestly i don’t care about Yoona being the last for this kind of poll because the most important thing is she always get many love from her unnies,dongsaeng,other idols including her super junior oppas,her many fanboys and the most special one is the love from her loyal fans all around the world including Malaysia! YoonA Fighting! >_<

  119. Dion says:

    Different people has different taste.
    My list :
    1st : Tiffany
    2nd :Sooyoung
    3rd :Yoona
    4th : Jessica
    5th : Taeyeon
    6th : Yuri
    7th : Seohyun
    8th : Sunny
    9th :Hyoyeon

  120. Gomez says:

    i don’t give a damn about this poll. Every member have their own specialities and personalities. I suggest that the blogger should removed the poll to avoid SONE breaking up because of this poll. SONE are meant to unite.

  121. soniA says:

    hey… what’s wrong with u guys??? r u fans or anties…? do u know what’s the diffrence of SNSD with other girl groups? all of the members r real friends together, their relationship is more like a family and they’re just like sisters
    no matter who is the most beautiful, most successful, best dancer or singer, most popular or etc… they help and support each other in everything
    if i was a member of SNSD and i read these kinds of comments, i would never feel happy about those which r saying nonesense words about member. why? because i would love others too even if i was the 1st in your list i would feel sad about another member who is 9th.
    let’s have a friendly chat and just talk about what’s good about our favourite member and dont blame others. and this how real SONEs are…

  122. Aylinh Eng says:



  123. Mirahunnies says:

    hyoyeon is number 1 !!
    I like she !!
    because I was hyohunnies!
    I was her biggest fans.
    I thought he was perfect: beautiful, kind, humble, smart cooking, motherhood, patience, great dancing, her voice is also good, although a little singing , etc.
    he’s just the best!
    I love Hyoyeon! : *
    I was Hyoyeon fans from Indonesia.
    Hyohunnies hopefully more and more in this world.

  124. uneverknow says:



  125. yoonathebest! says:

    Herm.. just kind of waste my time!

    What the hell u list yoona at the last?
    Im truly DISAGREE!!!!


    1 – TAEYEON
    2 – YOONA
    3 – SEOHYUN
    4 – JESSICA
    5 – TIFFANY
    6 – YURI
    7 – SOOYOUNG
    8 – SUNNY
    9 – HYEYEON


    • Starscream says:

      So basically, it’s okay to put Hyoyeon last but not Yoona? Putting Hyoyeon last does not ruin SNSD, but putting Yoona last on my list does?
      First off, Yoona is dull, Uninteresting, boring. Hyoyeon is at least amusing at times, Yoona, almost always just follow the script and seldom deviate from the script.

  126. Kai says:

    Well each member has an edge against other members. Its just that sunny is the most interesting. Yoona would be first on a different category. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Can you guys give me a link or just give me the title of the show where snsd member did this to jessica: “Soshis has thrown her body while sleeping and still failed to wake up”
    Lol ๐Ÿ˜

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