Catholic Bishops and Contraception

I know this is an old issue but the debate in several social media sites is still ongoing.

Last month, 2-3 Catholic bishops condemned DOH Secretary Cabral for distributing condoms last Valentines day. They say that it is immoral and also that condoms do not really reduce or stop the spread of HIV or AIDS. While I agree that condoms do not stop the spread of HIV and/or AIDS, I do believe that it reduces the risk. Based on a study by WHO (World Health Organization), the risk of getting sexually transmitted disease is reduced by 80-95%.

With the following analysis from reputed organization, it makes us wonder why the Catholic Bishops are against contraception. With our ongoing problem of overpopulation and poverty, one would think that contraception, especially condoms, is an acceptable measure.

Well, for starters, the Catholic teaching states that sexual intercourse should be done between married couple and for procreation purposes. If you are indeed worried about the overpopulation and still want to follow the Catholic Church’s teachings, then abstain.

Now, is it immoral?

That depends. See, morality, according to Wikipedia, refers to personal or cultural values, codes of conduct or social mores that distinguish between right and wrong in the human society. Basically, it is subjective. To you, it is not immoral to engage in premarital sex. To the Catholic faith, it is immoral. To the Catholic faith, it is immoral to engage in sex for the purpose of anything but procreation.

Now the last issue that may arise here is the call for Cabral’s resignation. People would usually use the “separation of Church and state” card here. I think we are confused on the separation of church and state here. When we say that they are separated, that means that the Church does not have any power to control the state. The Church CANNOT terminate Cabral’s employment because it wants to. The Church CANNOT veto a bill it doesn’t like.

But as we are also a democratic country, the Church has the right to call for the resignation of Cabral. The Church has the right to condemn the reproductive health bill.

This is the same as the Philippines Press condemning the Ampatuan massacre and the media killings. This is the same rights that KMU, Akbayan, Bayan muna and the likes is using to call for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

So no, the Catholic Bishops has not broken any separation of Church and state rule. They are well within their rights. It is up to you whether you will follow their teachings or not.


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