Philippines Girls' Generation Day!

Today is the Girls’ Generation day! Today is the best day to buy SNSD’s new album ‘Oh!’

The album is actually available the day before (March 19) including the poster and photocard. However, you will not be able to choose the photocard as they are inside the package. But if you buy the album today, you will get the CD, the poster, the random photocard, and a photocard of your choice!

The event was scheduled at 1pm and would end at 6pm. I got there by 2pm. I was surprised by the number of fans inside Odyssey Megamall. The place was in chaos, fans were all over the place, dancing and taking pictures. I estimate their age to be between the 16-21 age group. I really felt out of place.

My officemate and fellow SNSD fan, Reizen was nowhere in sight. My brother is still on his way. So it is up to me to ask around on how the process of getting the extra photocard. A helpful fan informed me that I can get the CD from the counter and then directed me towards another counter as the place where I can get the extra.

When I approached the counter, I was informed that their 250 copies reserved for the event was sold out and they were waiting for new deliveries.

I decided then to eat my lunch/breakfast and then went back. I was then spotted by Reizen and so we went on with our purchase. My brother was still on the road so he asked me to buy one for him. When we bought our 3 CDs, we opened them to check who we got so we can choose other members for the extra card. I opened mine and my brother’s and got 2 Yoona’s. Reizen opened his and also got Yoona. Damnit, I was hoping that one of us could get my 2nd favorite, Taeyeon. And so I picked Sunny, and got Seohyun for my brother. Reizen got his Sooyoung.

We also signed up to join the official Girls’ Generation Fanclub: Philippines Chapter. Reizen went on his way and I waited for my brother.

When my brother arrive, he went in and registered and we went to my apartment.

During the trip home, my brother decided that he wants to also get a Hyoyeon card so after we rested a bit, we went to Greenbelt Music One and my brother bought another one and chose Hyoyeon as his extra card. Unfortunately, he got another Seohyun as his random card.

So if anyone reading this has bought an SNSD Oh! album and got Taeyeon but wanted Yoona instead, please contact me and I’ll be willing to trade my extra Yoona card.

As for the event, I find it encouraging. I’m glad that SNSD has a large following here so that the group may be inclined to include our country for their Asian tour this year.

Also, I found this vid from the event. It should give you an idea on how chaotic it was earlier


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3 Responses to Philippines Girls' Generation Day!

  1. FUCK!!! I didn’t know this!!! SHIT!!! SHIT!!! SHIT!!! sorry…. why didn’t I come?!?!?!?! stupid me… T.T

  2. Edmari says:

    …is there any posters i can buy in SM Mall Of Asia this month of May…is there any issue of a posters again?

    • rayanami says:

      I’m not sure if there are any available as I usually get the posters during release day of albums.

      Don’t worry, I heard that they are planning to release the repackaged album sometime soon (I’m not exactly sure when).

      For updates about SNSD events here in the Philippines, head over to GGPH. I have also joined their fanpage on Facebook.

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