KARA: My Second Favorite Korean Girl Group

As stated from my previous article, I was first exposed to SNSD last June of 2009. For five months I watched a lot of their performances and TV subbed episodes (Thanks to Soshified). For five months, I never had any interest for other Kpop groups. Whenever I download a subbed episodes, I skip the scenes when other girl groups are performing or if there are no SNSD involvement.

This changed when I watched SNSD & Kara Come To Play Episode:

Since there are a lot of interactions between the two groups, I was not able to skip any scene. This was the episode that I took notice of Goo Hara of Kara.

So in order for me to see more of Hara, I started looking for their music videos on Youtube. Luckily, I found this video of Mister:

Interested now?

Anyway, let me introduce you to the members in order of solo shot from the video above.

At 0:19 is Jiyoung, Kara’s maknae (youngest). I didn’t like her that much until the Lupin video (their song during the first half of 2010).

At 0:27 is Goo Ha-ra! My favorite Kara member. Her hair, her waist, her eyes, her smile, her antics (during Invincible Youth) is everything that I like in a girl.

At 0:37 is Han Seung-yeon, apparently the most popular Kara member based on the number of fancafe followers.

At 0:43 is Gyuri, self-proclaimed goddess and also the leader of the group.

At 1:26 is Nicole, my second favorite Kara member. If you observe closely and watch the video several times, you’ll notice that she has the most flexible waist in the group.

They also have a Soshified-like forum called Karaholic. Like Soshified, they too have minimum post requirement for subbed and un-subbed videos. You will need 15 posts for the un-subbed videos and 40 posts for the subbed videos.

Kara debuted on the same year as SNSD and they were reported as very good friends with each other.

And there you have it, my second favorite Kpop group, Kara!


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