DOTC: Oplan Isnabero

Toyota Prius taxi in Vancouver, British Columb...

The taxi in the image is not from Manila

The DOTC has finally launched a campaign against taxi drivers who snub passengers. The campaign also includes drivers who either ask for additional cash plus the metered price and those that doesn’t use the meters at all and just give predetermined (usually overpriced) price.

Hopefully, this campaign will continue even after the Christmas season. These illegal practices of taxi drivers is a year round problem.

You can send a text message to 0917-2470385 for Globe and 0919-2227462 for SMART. I don’t know why they don’t have one for Sun subscriber. You can also call their hotline number which is 7890.

The information that they will need is the plate number of the taxi cab, the date and time of the incident, and a summary of what occurred. They will also ask if you are willing to attend a hearing when they get a hold of the taxi driver. If you can’t, all they can do is give disciplinary action which, is in my opinion, will suffice. They will also ask for your full name and address for record purposes.

Yes, I have already reported a few incidents. One is the taxi terminal in Alabang Town Center which almost always never use their taxi meters and their predetermined price is always twice what you will usually pay should they use their meters.

I have also reported the taxi “terminal” in Shell Gil Puyat corner EDSA. The taxis provides a “shuttle” service where they wait for a total of four passengers and charge them Php 100.00 each for a ride anywhere in Makati.

Will DOTC take action on my reports? I don’t know but at least I did my part and you should too.


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