House of Squared: Happy New Year and Welcome to the New Site

Hi all,

Happy New Year and a Happy Feast of the Solemnity of Mary to all of us!

As you may or may not have noticed, your browser has been redirected to my new domain. My blog is no longer hosted by It is now hosted at the free hosting service from WPWebhost which you guys has helped me get.

The experience of migrating was not as smooth as I thought. And while the web host has automatic WordPress installation, that’s not even half of the whole process. Getting all the plugins that was readily available from and installing them on the template was a lot of trouble. I had to do a lot of back-reading on the WordPress blog to get the exact plugins that they used on the free host. Things that I thought were auto-include with the template were not included like the embedding of Youtube videos, Site Stats, Importing Tool, etc. The process of getting all the necessary plugins took about a day or two.

Another thing that was harder than imagined was the importing of the posts. Before the migration, I tried importing my blog to a local server that I setup with XAMPP. The importing was a breeze. Importing to the new web-host was not. It had problems importing large images and the importing gets stuck on that file. I had to opt not to include some of the image attachments just to get the importing going.

But everything has been worth the effort. I now have my own domain running. I can do whatever I like without any WordPress restrictions. I can place ads and edit the CSS. I have also setup a forum though I still don’t know why I did that. Hopefully, the 5GB allocated monthly bandwidth would be enough as I do not want to upgrade the hosting plan yet.

So what do I plan for House of Squared this 2011? Well, since I plan to monetize the site, I plan to regularly post useful things like guides on a lot of things, whether for adult entertainment or video gaming or IT related stuff. Hopefully, I can devote a lot of time in making them.

I’ll also post a list of articles the I plan to write for this year. I should have the list posted by January 3, 2011.

Again, a Happy New Year and a Happy Feast of the Solemnity of Mary to you all!


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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