AKB48: 1/48 Idol to Koi Shitara for the PSP

Do you have a PSP? Do you like AKB48?

If you answered YES on both question then you should get your hands on this new dating game from BANDAI NAMCO – AKB48 1/48 Idol to Koi Shitara!

The dating game was released last 23 December of 2010 in Japan. I do not know of any plans for it to be released outside of Japan yet but I do hope they would. I’ve been playing the game blindly as I know very little of their language (almost all Japanese words that I know of are common phrases gotten from years of watching Anime) and I really wish an official English patch would be released. That has not stopped me from playing the game, though. I was actually able to get all the girls in my Top 5!

Here is a simple walkthrough on how to play the game without the knowing the Japanese language.

So how do I play the game?

Well first click on this link for an excellent guide on the game’s menu so you can at least know your way around the game.

After familiarizing yourself with the controls, let’s start!

Obviously, the point of the game is to get one of the girls to be your girlfriend. The way to get that one girl however is difficult, not because they’re hard  to get but because you will have to turn down the other members.

You first have to choose who to call. You can only call those who are in your CALL HISTORY LIST (refer to the picture above to locate the Call History Icon). The call would initiate the date with the chosen girl. During the date, after several untranslated Japanese text (where I understand nothing) a menu with three choices comes up. You’ll have to choose one and hope it’s a good answer, or at least an average answer.

So, without understanding a thing they’re saying, how am I able to get all the girls in my top 5?

Well, I personally follow a few rules that I made when choosing from the three choices. Of course, these rules could very well give you the bad answer but based from experience, this seldom happens. So here are the rules in order of success rate:

  1. Choice ending with an exclamation point(!) – I would say that this will give you the good answer 95% of the time, average answer 4% of the time and bad answer, well, I haven’t gotten a bad answer from picking the lines with the exclamation point.
  2. Choice inside a parenthesis – This one gets me more or less an 80% success rate so far with an equal mix of good and average answers.
  3. Choice with the fewest characters – This one has a very dangerous 60% success rate. Use this rule only when there are no choice that has parenthesis or exclamation point
  4. Choice that ends with a tilde (~) or several dots (…..) – more often than not would give you the bad answer, avoid this one.

I hope these rules will help you get your desired idol. Also save often especially before calling your target.

Here is a sample video of me playing. Too bad I was only able to implement rule #3.

Pictures c/o Nihongogo Forums


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3 Responses to AKB48: 1/48 Idol to Koi Shitara for the PSP

  1. arvy says:

    do you know where i can download this game? i really want it but i can’t find it in any game store at my country 😦

    • Starscream says:

      Hmm, I guess cdjapan or yesasia would be a good place to get a legit copy for you. pspiso for the not so legit version

  2. arvy says:

    it’s free, right?

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