Volunteerism-for-a-fee: Nurses Paying to Work

I saw the news from abs-cbnnews.com. Apparently, hospitals have been charging nurses to be able to work on their hospital. This report has been confirmed as true by a representative of the Philippine Hospitals Association.

“Nobody is twisting anybody’s arm in participating in this program” Dr. Hermogenes Garin, vice president of the Philippine Hospitals Association added.

Side comment from the author

Well, it is true that they are not forcing anyone to pay. This is pretty much like selling water for a hundred dollars to a man dying of thirst with nowhere else to get water from.

Can’t they just have them work unpaid? Like an On-the-Job-Trainee?

This is one of the problems our nurses face after passing their board exam. Where to find work to get the necessary experience to qualify abroad. This is also the problem of one of my cousins who took up nursing. It has been almost two years since she passed the board exam and up until now, she is still unemployed. There are just too few hospitals in the Philippines to accommodate 40,000+ annual nursing graduates.

Hopefully, our lawmakers will be able to do something about this.


Well, apparently, some lawmakers are, in fact, doing something about it. Click here for more details.


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