One Fiery Afternoon…

I was in my bed trying to sleep, when I heard what seems like an automatic rifle firing or a very loud Judas Belt. My mom informed me that there’s some sort of commotion going on outside and I could hear neighbors screaming for help. Knowing my dad and how he’ll probably intervene on whatever is going on, I jumped out of my bed and rushed outside with the sole intention of grabbing my dad and forcing him inside. When I was finally able to catch up to him, this is what I saw…

Author's Note: This is not the actual house

One of my childhood friend’s house, about 2 lots away from ours, is burning. While the picture above is not the actual house, the strength of the fire is comparable to that. Actually, it might be stronger than that as it looks like someone has a gigantic flamethrower inside and spouting fire all over the place. I guess, when people say ‘raging fire’, they may be describing this kind of fire.

I saw all the moms and dads of my friends outside filling up pails of water. I saw my friends throwing water to the fire. I saw myself also doing the same thing and tried to throw 2 gallons of water from our pail to the fire and missing horribly. Partly because I’m too weak to properly throw 2 gallons of water accurately and partly because the fire was intimidating.

We stopped dumping water when the fire actually reached the electrical wires. I had my brother to turn off our computer and any electrical appliances as it was clear that the fire would melt and break the electrical wires cutting electricity to our neighborhood. After a minute or two, the wire finally snapped, cutting the electricity and unfortunately, cutting the phone lines too. Thankfully, while everyone was frantically dumping gallons and gallons of water, someone actually called the firemen.

Approximately 10 minutes after the fire started, our local firemen arrived. Our fire station is about 5 minutes away, so we were pleased that they arrived fast. There were two fire trucks that responded to the call. One went to the street behind the burning house, aiming to prevent the fire from spreading and the other was on our street trying to put out the fire. Since there was no fire hydrant nearby, we helped the firemen by fetching water for their tanks.

About 10 minutes or so, 2 more fire trucks arrived. Both coming from Biñan City(apparently Biñan is now a city!). Another arrived this time coming from Muntinlupa City. So with about 5 fire trucks putting out the fire, it finally got under control.

When the fire was finally out, I was able to take a peek from the outside and saw the damage done. Almost everything inside the house that was not made of cement was destroyed. One of our neighbors started collecting donations for our neighbor which everyone gladly donated.

Thankfully, no one was killed though the dad was injured, slipping when he tried to put out the fire when it was still small. I think his arm got fractured and was sent to the hospital. We were worried about his grandchildren but we later found out that they were safe. A representative of our town’s mayor arrived and presumably provided some aid. One of our neighbors gave refreshment to our beloved firemen.

What have I learned from this tragic event?

  • We all should have the hotline numbers. Really, while we were dumping water, everyone keeps asking who knew the fire department’s number.
  • We all should have the mobile numbers of our neighbors. One of the house adjacent to the burning one was empty. We needed to enter their house so as to ensure that the fire would not spread. Fortunately, one of us has their number.
  • I really should start exercising again, Me, missing the fire, was really an embarrassing moment.
  • I get easily shocked by these kinds of emergency situation. It took me about about half a minute staring at the fire before I came to my senses and started to help.
  • I learned that we have a really nice neighborhood. Everyone was there to help during the emergency. Even when the firetrucks arrive, everyone was standing by in case the firemen needed something done.
  • I learned that our firemen are reliable even though they’re probably in their late 30s or early 40s.

And for those that are curious, the fire started from an electric fan that reportedly overheated. I’m not sure how it got so big that fast though.


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

2 Responses to One Fiery Afternoon…

  1. Rawr says:

    You’re a weakling, squared. =P

    But yea, it’s the effort that counts. At least the fire didn’t spread.

    • Starscream says:

      Yeah, I know.

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