Watanabe Mayu: My New Favorite AKB48 Member

I am revising my previous top 10 favorite AKB48 member. I’m putting Mayuyu on top with Acchan moving to second place. From the start, I have found Mayuyu to be cute but I didn’t know much about her. That changed when I discovered AKB48Online torrent site. Being able to download subtitled videos of AKB48 marks the beginning of my better understanding of its members albeit limited to the more popular ones.

If you ever get the chance to register an account on AKB48 Online, I suggest to start with the Shukan 100 Questions subtitled videos. You’ll learn a lot of stuff about some AKB48 members.

Mayuyu, based on the 100 question, is a hardcore Anime fan. Probably a third of the answers she has given on the 100 question interview was Anime related. She is also of the same height as Sunny of SNSD (155cm). Her favorite foods are Wakame, white rice and mushrooms and jelly. Her favorite color is pink (the color of SNSD!). She like small dogs (WHY?) and chick (WHY!?!). Her favorite manga is Rozen Maiden and another one that I haven’t heard about. As for magazines, any anime-related mags.

You can get more information about her after watching the Shukan 100 Questions.

Also, here is the video of her sub-unit’s (Watarirouka Hashiritai) latest single Valentine Kiss.

Hopefully, I was able to convert a new Mayu fan out of you.


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One Response to Watanabe Mayu: My New Favorite AKB48 Member

  1. Ari says:

    OMG. Mayuyu is my favorite too! She has always been my favorite. And ROZEN MAIDEN by PEACH-PIT!!!!!!!!! 0v0

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