Blogger’s Note: I am still both an AKB48 fan and an SNSD fan. This article is just to compare the strong points/weak points of each group. As with the “Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Members” article, readers are allowed to agree or disagree with me and are even encourage to state their opinion in the comment section.

My brother has been pestering me to make an AKB48 vs SNSD article. The purpose is not to hate on one of the group or to see who is better overall but to compare and point out their strength and weaknesses. I have divided the comparison into five categories: Members, Performance/Choreography, Album/Singles/Mini-Album Release Frequency, TV/Other Media Appearances, and Promotional/Music Videos.

First off, a quick description of each group for those who has not heard of them.

AKB48 (エーケービー フォーティーエイト Ēkēbī Fōtīeito) is an all-female Japanese theater/idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. Unlike other idol groups in Japan, AKB48 is theater-based and have their own theater in Akihabara (a district in Tokyo) where they perform once every weekday, and more than once on both Saturday and Sunday. The theater is set up on the 8th floor of Don Quijote. Some of the title songs released as a single have been made a tie-in song for a television show or a television advertisement. The name derives from a shortened, Romanized representation of ‘Akihabara’. AKB48 currently holds the Guinness World Records for being the “Pop group with the greatest number of members”.

Girls’ Generation (Korean: 소녀시대, Hanja: 少女時代, So Nyeo Shi Dae ) is a nine-member South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. The nine members are: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. They are often referred to as SoShi (소시), or SNSD (mainly outside Korea), the first of which is an abbreviation and the second an acronym of the group’s Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae. In China and Taiwan, they are known as 少女時代 (Shàonǚ Shídài; or Siu Nui Si Doi in Hong Kong) and in Japan as 少女時代 (Shōjo Jidai).

Let’s start with the comparison:

I. Members


As you can see above, one obvious difference between the 2 groups is their member count. SNSD has 9 members and AKB48 has 48+ members (not including research groups). Having only(!) 9 members, it is obviously easier to remember their names and faces. On AKB48, I am only able to name their Senbatsu (Top 16) and a few non-Senbatsu.

On the other hand, having 48+ members give fans a wider variety of girls to love. If you like a model-like idol, there’s Shinoda Mariko. Cyborg-like girl? There’s Watanabe Mayu. Or if you’re like my friend Dexter, who likes chubby girls, there’s the 2010 Janken Tournament winner, Mayumi Uchida.

And while SNSD also features a variety of beauties, they cannot compare to the variation showcased by AKB48.

II. Performances/Choreography

One of the stronger points of SNSD is their synchronize dancing. Their choreography is far more complicated than that of AKB48 which exhibits a more field-demonstration type of performance. Watching SNSD perform, you can see precise movements and switching of formations.

Most AKB48’s dance usually involves a lot of hand movements (and finger pointing) and not much else. SNSD, on the other hand, incorporates almost all body parts in their choreography.

III. Album/Mini-Album/Single Releases

SNSD releases an album/single at a rate of 2-3 annually (I’m not counting the Japanese version of Genie and Gee).

AKB48 releases 4-5 singles/mini-album a year. AKB48 also has sub-units which releases singles at the same rate as SNSD.

A difference between the two groups when releasing an Album/Single/Mini-album is that the music/promotional video of AKB48 is released a few weeks before the CD/DVD goes on sale, while SNSD releases their videos a few days or on the same day as the release of the single/album/mini-album.

IV. TV Appearances and Other Media Appearances

Before 2010, SNSD appeared regularly on a lot of shows and even had their own variety show (Horror Movie Factory). They had documentaries of their pre-debut and when they applied as interns on a fashion magazine. A few members (Sunny and Yuri) even starred in the farming reality show, Invincible Youth. Come 2010, they gradually left almost all of their TV shows with We Are Married being the only regular show left for an SNSD member (oh and whatever TV drama Yoona is starring right now).

AKB48 on the other hand still has their weekly variety show AKBINGO. There’s also Shukan AKB and a whole lot of other shows that they guest on. They also have a TV drama series which casts almost all of their members (Majisuka Gakuen).

AKB48 has also appeared in a video game dedicated to them (Idol to Koi Shitara) for the PSP which ranked #2 during the first 2 weeks of its release (below Monster Hunter Third).

V. Music/Promotional Videos

SNSD’s formula for a music video involves them dancing to their song in 2-3 different outfits on 1-2 locations. Add to that a few facial shots of them singing and very few other materials (exception to the Into The New World MV).

AKB48 videos has more scenery shots, more location changes, has some form of story, and helicopter shots!

And that ends my post comparing my two favorite idol group. These comparison has no supporting scientific/expert backing and is solely based on my opinion. Also, I have been an AKB48 fan for less than half a year so my evaluation of their skills and charm may change in the future.

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292 Responses to AKB48 vs SNSD

  1. john says:

    snsd is nothing next to akb! snsd do not even sell more than 300k but 300k is just a daily sales for akb.

    and snsd are plastics, sones should just deal with it.

    • Starscream says:

      I wouldn’t judge the 2 groups by mere album sales. It really depends on which country one is from. No Kpop band has done the same amount of sales as AKB on their own country.

    • Chong yingwu says:

      I am chinese… You said. SNSD is plastic girls… actually the numbers of plastic sugery in korea is less than Japan. of course, Japanese idols also do plastic surgery.. chinese also. so , it is unfair that concluding about SNSD as plastic girls. AKB48 also did plastic surgery. in addition to, in your opinion, if AKB48 were more beautiful than SNSD, they have to be more beautiful and have more sexy legs than SNSD. but, AKB48 cannot surpass SNSD’s face. even if SNSD didn’t do plastic surgery.

      • taeyeonlove says:

        um think before you speak these girls have never had plastic surgery nor did akb48 but japan has a higher rate for plastic surgery trust me research before you post 🙂 thank you btw im both akb48 and snsd fan 🙂

    • Nat says:

      I’m sorry if SNSD girls are beautiful, have curves, are cult, and are ASIA’s #1 girlgroup. DEAL WITH IT!
      Also.. You know that envy isn’t good for your health, don’t you? 🙂

      PS: Both groups are TALENTED. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be famous, nor sell that much they actually do.
      AKB48 is the top girlband in Japan.
      SNSD is the top girlband in Korea, together with 2NE1 and Wonder Girls. Those 9 also rule Asia. They debuted in 2007, and spent more than 6 years training. They are much older than AKB48, and also have more experience. This last fact doesn’t make AKB girls less struggling, of course. But you can never say that they’re “nothing” or “newbies”, cause they DEFINITELY are seniors in comparison to AKB48.

      Greetings from a very proud S♥NE ^^

      • wrong info says:

        AKB debuted in 2006, a year earlier than SNSD (or at least, 8-9 months earlier). AKB have and had members who are much older than SNSD. So please, do some google searches first before you say something as a fact.

      • Starscream says:

        While AKB48 debuted a year earlier than SNSD, SNSD members has been in training for as long as 7 years. FYI.

      • senior? says:

        “They are much older than AKB48, and also have more experience.”

        my comment was a reaction to that statement. A good number of AKB girls (current and former members) are older than SNSD. The looooong years of training of SNSD is irrelevant to the discussion since we’re talking about length of time in the business. Trainees are basically your average teenagers attending special classes after school.

      • xXxdarkbootsxXx says:

        Thats.. right, besides SNSD are much more ____ than AKB48..

        They dont even have sister groups,,

        AKB48 will Have sister Groups In other Country…

        Your SNSD stinks…

        Thats Why AKB48 Rules in Asia

      • miss-snsd says:

        be aware !!! snsd fans are really dangerous! 😀 and you know that snsd are more famous in asia than akb48 because they win the price of “the best girl group” in mama ASIAN awards! and I live in france and snsd are more know than akb48 ! here in france people like k-pop because they are really great!! sorry but everyone tells than jpop suck, only jrock is “good” !! and in america they are more known than akb48 because they worked with snoop dog, teddy riley. and nina dobrev (very famous actress) thinks that k-pop is really great.

        and don’t hate snsd, i’m a snsd fans and I don’t hate akb48, i just think that snsd are more talented than akb48!!!!

      • SNSD FTW says:

        Noooooo , SNSD are more famous the AKB48, tbh i knew nothing about AKB48 before i read something on allkpop … i’ve heard some of AKB48’s song , im not gonna deny that some of their songs are great , but i prefer SNSD’s song more … and plus the views on SNSD are WAY higher then AKB48 on youtube -.-‘ further more , SNSD is also known by many in Japan, however i dont think AKB48 is known in Korea, and really… most of the globe know SNSD more then AKB48

      • hachimitsuboy85 says:

        You’re an idiot… actually typical Jp otaku… Why don’t you get your hand out of your pants and go check Youtube statistics… AKb views are 99% from JAPAN… while SNSD views, which are a lot more anyway, come from most of East Asia… that’s why SNSD can make concerts in Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and even is USA and France… while AKbs only international concert was a small sized Singapore Anime Fest.

      • Kazon InKoro says:

        AKB48 rules in Asia, that such a sad jokes, so far by now i never heard any of akb48 or whatshit song being play in my country. SNSD song of course anytime and anywhere.

      • Fatima says:

        so u hate snsd just cuz they don’t have sister groups?! Boy u are really stuiped when it comes to judging groups. And fyi snsd is more famous when it comes to ruling asia. Akb48 is more popular in japan than snsd.. so what?! They have been their longer than snsd and anyway snsd is way more popular that akb48 when it comes to international places. I am not hating on akb48… i am just saying that u got the wrong info

      • Nayoon Kim says:

        Cough cough… snsd do have subunits called taetiseo FYI. Not only that snsd actually performed in places like america , japan, china, austraila, and bazilliion other places aakb48 haven’t gone to. I wouldn’t judge them cuz the are most popular girl group in korea. Plus at least snsd looks natural and don’t have teeth sticking out their mouth unlike akb48. Yeah i agree both groups are great so it’s kind of useless to say one is better than another.

      • I+u=iu says:

        I prefer SNSD better since all the members are beautiful and hot!!not to mention that they are easy to distinguish from one another since they only have 9 members unlike akb48 who has 48+members who also change their members from time to time..some members from akb48 also don’t look that good and many of them baries from ages 14-20+..

      • taeyeonlove says:

        uhh yet they werent as famous and most of them cant really sing only the main voals while snsd can and they havent had years of training only couple of months so yah get YOU FACTS STRAIGHT btw akb48 actually like snsd and respect them so yah 🙂

      • jhone says:

        AKB is not a girl band bro.

    • tabahiko says:

      Hi, I performed dance”AKB48” at wedding party.
      AKB48 is very famous idol in Asia.
      I succeed to please guests.
      AKB48 has something attractive.

      Thank you.

      • John says:

        who the hell is Akb 49 or sth???

        maybe theyre only famous in Japan, but not in foreign countries
        Jpops dead now

      • Buang says:

        In Japan you mean not Asia.

    • 승 원 says:

      snsd is not plastics you can see them they are home of beauty and dashing mix with sexiness you can read that in magazine

    • James says:

      lol AKB48 sucks, theyre like small kids in a school show

      and theyre plastics, i feel sorry for them. Pathetic.

      • Buang says:

        I feel sorry for you. Just so ignorance, like it or not Girl generation way to famous and popular than your whatever group of yours.

      • SHOO AKB48 says:


      • Eric Scott says:

        lolololol your mom said the same thing to your dad last night :p

    • Buang says:

      Oh yeah so what.

    • hachimitsuboy85 says:

      Based on your sales theory… Justin Beiber is more talented than Pavarotti because he sells more…. which kinda shows you’re a retard.

      1. SNSD aren’t plastics, there are tons of videos and pictures of their childhood and they look the same… but fat ugly JP girls like you hate SNSD because they look almost perfect…. I’ve also seen many videos blaming AKb members of being plastic, actually a lot more than SNSD videos.

      2. AKB is only famous in JP.. outside it people have no clue who they are and if they see their videos they consider them strange… AKb is luck cos Jp is the 2nd largest music market in the world and JP boys would buy anything if you dress up as a schoolgirl and sell them sex…. SNSD is famous all over Asia and in some parts of the world… that’s why they have concerts in China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, France, USA…

      3. AKb’s most fans come from JP and top3 groups by age and sex are MALES… check teh video statistics on Youtube.. so it’s clear AKB sells sex to horny otakus like you… SNSD has 2 age groups of girls and 1 group of male as top3 most watched by age/gender on Youtube, so they sell music not sex cos most of their fans are girls… 80% of fans in JP are girls.

      4. AKB’s dance is childhood level, SNSD is PRo level, AKB singing is all chorus to hide the lack of talent, SNSD has many solo elements and liev performances.

      If a loser like you doesn’t trust me I guess you can check out Youtube statistics… Now go home and crawl back in your dark corner you otaku…

      • Eric Scott says:

        hachimitsuboy85 you dumbass xD you’re no better than him bashing SNSD you’re bashing on AKB48 wow did you consider both of them are good? yeah probably not aye? you’re just as otaku about SNSD as he is about AKB48 soooo why not grow up? :p (AKB isn’t only famous in jp though mate) but if you want to get down to it the reason korean music is getting so popular is cause they’re selling out for fame left and right anyway they can (the producers and record labels) but japanese don’t they try to do it the legit way?

      • OnoErenaBingo says:

        hatchimitsuboy menurut aku AKB48 yang terbaik. Lagu dari AKB48 itu energik, tidak tentang percintaan saja tidak seperti SNSD. SNSD lagunya membuat galau. AKB48 lagunya membuat semangat.

      • fationist says:

        Kalau apa kamu kata itu betul, kenapa aku boleh jumpa lagu AKB48 tentang memberi chokolat menerusi mulut ke mulut? Cium-cium “deep” segala. Tentang rasa enak kerana orang lain melihat segala. Jelek deh.

      • Manamiko says:

        I’m a girl. I like AKB…
        i like SNSD too.
        I like them for different reason
        can’t the world love both?
        come on people..

    • LaeOne says:

      In fact, 95% of ALL japanese celebrities/idols have gotten plastic surgery against the 40-50% of Korean celebrities
      who’s plastic now bastard?
      and at least we’ve had concerts in the U.S., debuted in the U.S., has TONS more fans, more skill, and is an actual group
      i mean 48? thats like a lesbian orgy

    • Fatima says:

      oh god ur just one of those peeps who don’t even understand snsd. For ur information snsd is more popular than u think. They have millionss and millions of international fans including me and japanese fans. Not only that but a huge amount of fans from the united states, and they have even promoted there. Sure akb48 has selled more than snsd, but does that make them more popular or have more fans? guess not

    • sone says:

      wtf are u talking about, snsd had their album sold over 800,000 stupid.. akb48 is nothing compared to snsd..snsd is just way better 😛 akb48 only knows how to wear swimsuits and looks like sluts 😛

    • Keyanna says:

      They’re not plastic! Even if they were what does that have to do with music! I swear every single anti fan has some sh*t to say about plastic surgery again what does that have to do with singing! Besides if anything I find akb is slutty do you see snsd running around doing bikini and lingerie photo shoots for their albums. no! Not only that akb has members switching out and in all the freaking time where as snsd is always together

    • LOve says:

      that’s BULL SHIT. AKB48 dance moves are so gay, lame and uncreative. the big differences between akb48 and SNSD is that SNSD are all rounder they can dance sing and choreograph and the same time while akb48 cant. also snsd does american style dance and they own while akb only can do boring left right up and down. akb are so desperate that they have to be in panties and bra to get more audiences. and also the system in japan for Kawaii is a bit fucked up. nearly all akb girls look like a 13 year olds thats messed. while snsd look like there age.

      SNSD 10X better than akb….

      • Me says:

        Thx for saying that AKB48 is happy and colourful! ^_^… but y should AKB48 do american dance moves. How does including american dance moves make SNSD better? Which means that if SNSD are doing american dance moves, they r just coping it and not doing anything new. At least AKB48 has originality in their dances. And they dont just go up or down. Their dance moves are limitless. AKB48 isnt desperate. They always try their hardest in everything they do. And your sentence ‘panties and bra to get more audiences’ makes Japan seem like perverts who only like AKB48 for their looks. Its more than that. Its their determination, their hardwork, and how they r always there for their fans. Saying that they look 13 is a good thing isnt it? Its means they r pretty enough to look young. R u saying that a 40 year old woman should stop putting on foundation and make up and ‘look her age’? Y dont u get rid of make up while ur at it cause u think that everyone ‘should look their age’.

        AKB48 infiniteX better than SNSD….
        But SNSD is okay

  2. Balia Chan says:

    bro, ur are right. Athough I am a AKB48 fans , but i know they are not good enough than SNSD at some points.
    Korea music much more better in dancing section.
    AKB48 is a dancing group which seldom found in Japan.

    • Starscream says:

      I’m glad you agree. Each group has their own strong points. It doesn’t mean that one is better overall than the other.

  3. mark says:

    There’s no competition. SNSD are goddesses while AKB are just a bunch of girls training to become porn stars! It’s the truth, a bunch of akb girls graduated to become av idols. Even curent members participate in slutty photoshoots. They have no talent at all. Korean idols are much better and well polished than Japanese idols.

    • Starscream says:

      I wouldn’t say that they are trained to be pornstar. I think only about 1-2 AKB graduates became an AV actress. Also, saying who is talented or not is a very subjective statement. Each of the group has their own appeal.

    • lola says:

      Dude, seriously? that’s rude. There was only ONE former member of akb who became a porn star and she’s like the black sheep of akb now, she doesn’t even perform with the other graduates on their annual setlist show. and yet you said the truth? do some research first before you pointed out something that makes you look stupid.

    • A says:

      thats so true, i totally agree with u, why do akb48 girls always take horny pics and some of them are even underage. i think their attraction for their fans are their body and they fake-cute-wannabe attitude.

      • sakuramiyakawa says:

        i’m sure they are cuter than you though =_= attitude wise.

    • Sunday says:

      Actually the music industries in Japan are much more polished then korean industries, korea copied Japan in the whole Jpop, but now Kpop has been recognized more and more. I think that there is more musical growth in Japan, but Korea? now the groups coming out– most of them are a waste of my time and some of them are good. Now I’m not familiar with AKB48, all i know is that it gave me a headache trying to figure out who was who. SNSD? I’m quite aware of them, and i would have to say i have a love/hate relationship. Part of me really loves SNSD, but other times i get annoyed when they get so much attention and i think they’re slightly overrated.

      • miss-snsd says:

        k-pop didn’t copied j-pop because if they copied j-pop they would be zeroooo! i think that they copied american style that’s why they are so awesome andthat’s why american like k-pop!!!!!

      • hachimitsuboy85 says:

        They aren’t more overrated than AKB in Japan… a bunch of ugly girls with no vocal or dancing talent who become famous because they always make videos in Bikini kissing each other or dancing like kids in school uniforms… that’s what I call overrated.

      • Starscream says:

        I wouldnt call them ugly.

        and to be fair, I don’t remember any video they made that they kissed each other while in a bikini, lingerie yes, bikini none AFAIK.

    • Misa says:

      u don’t have to be so Rude ya know!? do MORE research before u bashing on AKB48!!! a Kpop fan like u are Really Annoying and Rude!!! i’m not bashing on Kpop but i’m bashing on Kpop fan like u! in Japan,there tons of Talented singer of Jpop and Jrock and u can’t deny it! and just because they are not well-known doesn’t mean that they Aren’t Popular!

    • AKB says:

      SNSD rule? Show the sales numbers. No one in SNSD trained for 7 years. Watch the documentary if its still up on youtube. the youngest SNSD member started at 15 in SNSD training. The oldest AKB48 member was 26. Your lies fail so easily.

      Calling AKB porn stars? One member out of more than 200 went to porn so you call all AKB48 members porn stars? Dumb, really dumb. Will, since many Koreans get plastic surgery it follows from your reasoning that SNSD all had plastic surgery. No wonder they all look so fake and weird, Furthermore, who are the real whores? Yoona tried to be a Jpop star when she was like 12 yrs. What are all these Korean groups doing in Japan? Trying to speak Japanese. kissing up shamelessly on every TV show. Hell, it’s not even Kpop they sing because they are singing in Japanese!!! They would throw away there Kpop and sing Jpop – whoring themselves for the mighty Yen. lol.

      • Ozaira says:

        I’ll say this; you look really ignorant right now.
        1. The OLDEST member to go into training was Tiffany, at the age of 15.
        The youngest was Jessica at the age of 11.
        2. Do you have any evidence SNSD had gotten plastic surgery? Calling everyone who has had cosmetic surgery fake and weird? So you’re prejudice towards people like them huh? When was plastic surgery a crime? Are they less human because of it?
        3. Yoona trying to be a Jpop star at 12? When the hell did that happen? Now that’s just BS. It’s impossible, but let’s go to your imaginary world for a second, how does aspiring to achieve your dreams make you a whore? Fool.
        4. If you didn’t know, which I’m sure is the case. SNSD rarely goes on Japanese shows; they get mentioned on so many shows though.
        5. Next time type a message when you ain’t mad, you egocentric obnoxious idiot. Half of the stuff you type hardly makes sense.

      • miss-snsd says:

        i think that you are really rude yoona never tried to be a j-pop star at 12 because she was training in smtown!! and snsd are on japan TV because they have a lots of japanese fans !!!!!!! and i don’t understand japanese but snsd -jpop song are much more beautiful than akb48 j-pop songs

      • IsaYnez says:

        I think you need to read your comment again. LOL .
        1.Yoona had been training in SM Entertainment for 7 years [I’ve read it somewhere, I hope I’m correct]
        2. Yoona had never tried to become a Jpop Star. Other than being the face of SNSD, she is a Korean Actress .
        3. Even if SNSD had gotten Plastic Surgery, it’s not wrong to do so. You make it sound like it’s some sort of crime, some sort of sin. If they’re happy with it, and if it doesn’t bother us sones, then it doesn’t even matter.
        4. They sing in various languages because they have a very big fanbase. As you know, they are very popular around Asia, maybe the most popular, I don’t know.
        “Kissing up shamelessly on every TV show.” << When the hell did that happen?
        5. SNSD would never throw away their Kpop.

        Your comment fails so easily.

      • 대박 says:

        Japan is paying korea to make a japan ver. -.-

      • Buang says:

        Whoa! another disappointed individual.

      • NOTANANTI says:

        If AKB48 is only popular in asia, while SNSD is way more popular worldwide. If AKB48 is sooo talented and popular , why didn’t they debut in the U.S ? AKB48 is not that talented, their dance are messy like some kind of an amateur elementary school performance, but SNSD’s are more neat and professional. AKB48 all sing in chorus my ears sometimes hurt listening to them, SNSD have solo parts that can show their vocal talents. SNSD is REALLY popular in japan right now. Even AKB48 are FANS of SNSD. I’m pretty sure SNSD will rule Japan soon. Also, AKB48 won’t really succeed in the U.S market if they try to debut there, because AKB48 have too many members, not that talented too. SNSD rules asia, NOT AKB48

    • COCO says:

      I was watching a music video of AKB (i don’t know the name) and the girls were lying around in thongs and there were a few shots of girls kissing each other. I mean WTF!! If someone released something like that in the kpop industry, then they would be fucked up.

      • laupanman says:

        awww is someone too innocent to handle it???

  4. lala~ says:

    I think you haven’t seen any bikini shots of Mayumi Uchida. She is not a ‘chubby’ girl what so ever.

    • Starscream says:

      I just googled Mayumi Uchida, and yep, she’s not as chubby as I thought. But she really looks chubby just by looking at her face.

    • hachimitsuboy85 says:

      We haven’t seen bikini pictures of SNSD because, unlike AKB they sell music and they don’t prostitute themselves by selling bikini or lingerie shots… yet another sign you guys can’t see… about what AKb is actually selling.

  5. Sky Princess says:

    like SNSD better … i never heard of AKB48 before,, ,, ,, i always think that japan is a world of porn..but i’m not right..akb48 is good..but snsd is better.. i’m a hardcore sone..and i like goddess yoona and goddess yuri..and all of the goddess in the SOSHI WORLD..

    • Starscream says:

      I’m glad you find AKB48 as good. I’m a SONE fan first too, before I discovered AKB48. Now I love both groups equally.

      • Popsicle says:

        Yup same i was a sone at first.. but turned into a Wota after watching Akbingo and there dramas. There achaully really funny and good.. !! xD

    • sakuramiyakawa says:

      very offending stereotypes you’ve got. =_= please don’t think Japan is a country of porn because it’s not true. not to mention our world is a porn world O.O

    • miss-snsd says:

      iiii like you a lot 😀 snsd fightings !!! sone fighting!! ^^

  6. Fiona says:

    I find SNSD alot more appealing than AKB48, to me AKB48 sounds like a childrens choir =S Dont get me wrong, im a sucker for the cutesy concept. But I think SNSD does cute better

  7. marco says:

    for me,i think both groups are good, is just differente concepts, in the terms of dance i think akb48 is no the best in japan,that would be Dream or Bright, and snsd is no the best in korea in the dance part, i think f(x) is the only korean group with good choreographies,i like jpop and kpop, but jpop is the love of my life for sure, i know most of the people think that snsd are plastic girls,but i don’t think so, i think is because akb girls looks more natural,but like you both groups have their own charms and appealing,i like both, just akb48 a little more, good luck to both groups!!!

  8. michiyo says:

    At first, i didnt hate SNSD, but when i discovered about their past, when they treated their seniors very badly, i began to hate them. Moreover, the biggest thing i hate about SNSD is their fans (i’m not saying that all their fans is the same, dont get me wrong), but whenever they say sth good about SNSD, they’re always say bad things about other groups (like: no one can compare to our abc,… , abc is the best, xyz is the s***, …). Well, you may love them, but you dont have to make them goddess of all pp like that.
    The second thing is lip syncing. I know that sometimes singers need lip syncing, esp. when they have to make very different dance moves, but look at the concert at Taiwan, they were lip syncing. Why do someone has to buy the ticket to hear machine singing?. They came to concert to hear live performance with their real voice!

    • you've been reading about snsd.. says:

      It seems that you’ve based your opinion on SNSD on generally anti-snsd websites (shenyuepop i assume?)

      The issue about their past were mostly situations that were blown out of proportions or taken out of context.. Almost all of those issue were already cleared up by the seniors themselves who were alleged victims of snsd’s rudeness. Of course, most haters do not care about this since they already have the bias against the girls. Generally, its because the girls are close to their oppas (most snsd haters are girls who are fans of SJ, TVXQ, etc, go figure). So for SNSD, any little thing that they can make a big deal of, they will but they have high tolerance for the mistakes of other groups specially of boy bands.

      As for Sones, well, ALL FANDOMS have immature members. I’m sure I’ve read a lot of Cassios calling TVXQ as gods, but no one makes a big deal out of it.

      For lip syncing, they did not do it for ALL the songs but only for songs wherein the dance is the focus. And they sang around 30 songs. Again, if Super Junior was not given much issue for lip syncing, why should SNSD?

      If you’re not a hater, they how about doing more research about SNSD but if you are, you’ll enjoy STAND International.

      • SNSD FTW says:

        SNSD lip synch because they have heavy schedules and ALOT of concerts going on … so if they were to live sing EVERY single time , they wouldn’t even be able talk …. but i get where your coming from

    • doubledee says:

      @michiyo, strangely i’m opposite of you, im not even a kpop fan nor snsd fan at first. I discovered them because of one of antis video in 2009. I was so curios on why do people have to make anti video just to spread the hate toward these girls. Which let me to think that kpop fandom is really crazy bcs when i see those videos (as an outsider who do not know anything about kpop not even snsd), i see their reasons to hate was really ridiculous and childish. Because i got so interested, i search snsd videos on YT which left me surprise cause i don’t find any reasons to hate them. They are just like any other ordinary girls who wants to achieve dreams. Which again left to think why people post anti-videos on the first place? Are they feel threaten and insecure because these girls can become popular one day more than their own group biases? Im a girl myself but seeing those hatred comments from female fangirls who worshiped their oppas so much like they are prefect with no mistakes and all is….

      and about your comments of snsd fans, i find all kpop fan from any fandoms are relatively THE SAME. Why only accusing snsd fans for calling them goddess etc. when it actually “normal” in kpop fandom who worship their idols so much~ isn’t it hypocrite when fangirls of dbsk ans suju can call their oppas gods or angels but snsd fans can’t? As far as i know kpop fandom likes to use a lot of exaggerations words about their how perfect their idols are..

      and again you shows how hypocrite you are about the lyp sycing in their Taiwan concert when in fact they only lyp sycing only 3 or so out of 30 songs. In fact, it’s normal for artists to lyp sync to to few of their songs in their concerts. But honestly..i find it weird, when it comes to SNSD people will take advantage of it. Poor them~

    • Chong yingwu says:

      dude.. another singers also sing lip sync. because if you were singers, can you digest all of schedules that they have to do, if they all have to sing their own voice, their voice will going out. I tink you are Taiwanese. if you don’t like them, I strongly recommend to you. like another singers.. there are many fans who are fan of SNSD. fucker.

    • A says:

      which videos that u saw proved snsd to be rude to their seniors?

    • Maania says:

      um! akb always lip sync! ive seen so many performances where they lip sync its not funny. and its not just coz theyre perfect either, it was the actual song.

      • akb says:

        seriously akb is musch more talented

    • Keyanna says:

      Lots of groups lip synch not just snsd sometimes it’s because the dance is tiring like on the itnw remix. Or because a member isn’t feeling well. Don’t act like its a crime to lip sync who’s to say your girls don’t lip sync. Maybe some members are disrespectful based on anti fans opinions the one member who doesnt even have a disrespectful bone in her body is seohyun so I hardly doubt that is true. Again I say.

      • Robert says:

        Even if a member is sick in AKB they keep going. The other members cheer each other up and work as a team to do it. There was a time when Atsuko didn’t feel well in a concert but she kept going with the help of the others and they would support her. Plus I don’t see any tiredness from SNSD all their doing is moving their legs back and forth unlike AKB who run everywhere singing, dancing and waving at their fans. Really in all I don’t even think SNSD care alot about their fans because I don’t see them don’t much fan meeting or handshaking events.

      • Starscream says:

        You know, I see you read up on AKB48 news, but it seems you’re not reading up on SNSD news, which is understandable if you are a fan of AKB48 only, but this is the reason why I am confident in writing an AKB48 vs SNSD article, it is because I read up on both cause I like them both, saying yhey only move their legs back and forth makes me think you have not watch that much of SNSD.
        First off, there has been several injury during concerts, Sunny being the latest I have read up on. Where she fainted during a concert due to being overworked. But honestly speaking, members getting injured is not something I consider positive.
        Secondly, No self-respecting AKB48 fan will agree with you when you say that AKB48 has more complicated dance routine than ANY Kpop group. try saying that in any AKB48 forums, if you want to get laughed at. To be fair, having complicated dance step does not equate better.

  9. Izzaz says:

    Quite a good study on the two groups. I’m an SNSD fan, and when I first heard of AKB48 i was like “this is ridiculous, there are 48 members.” But I do respect AKB because they are really successful in Japan, so i trust the Japanese people’s judgement.

    As for SNSD’s haters, really, the “treating their seniors badly” issue is just blown out of proportion. They’re just very close to their oppas, so every little thing gets totally blown out of context. In my point of view its wrong to hate on people whom you don’t know personally.

    About lip-syncing, why is it such a sin to lip-sync. SuJu does it all the time, and their performances are no less impressive. And sometimes you just can’t compare the physique of girls and men, (sorry to say this but its true) girls are relatively weaker than men, so they can’t last as long as male artists in a live performance.

    And there’s also that thing that comes every once a month for girls… ^^ So just try to stop being so critical and enjoy the dance moves.

  10. haha says:

    1) Some SNSD fans seem to have crazy superiority complexes. I don’t see AKB48 fans commenting, “Omg AKB48 is better!!!!” on SNSD videos but I see the opposite on AKB48 videos.

    2) SNSD lyrics in their singles are rarely meaningful and songs like “Mr. Taxi” have weird, nonsensical English like “hypertonic” strewn in. AKB48 singles like “Beginner” and “River” have meaningful lyrics. I wish SNSD would go back to songs like “Into the New World” instead of crap like “Oh!”.

    3) People who don’t know AKB48 only see the singles songs and think they’re a cutesy song but if you bother to do your research into their various subunits, Teams, and theater songs, you’d see that there’s a lot of diversity even within the group. You can’t just label them childish and be done with it.

    That said, I respect SNSD because they are extremely hardworking and many of them are better singers and dancers than most of the AKB48 girls. But when SNSD fans go around dissing AKB48 and making it seem like it’s a FACT that SNSD is better, it’s annoying. Both groups have their strengths and weaknesses and it’s a matter of personal preference who you like. Just because I like AKB48 does not mean I have bad or childish taste.

    • Starscream says:

      Thanks for the comment. Some things I would like to point out:

      1. This superiority complexes you are talking about goes both ways. Both idol group has fans who has this.

      2. While ITNW may have amazing lyrics, it didn’t have the same success as Gee. In the end, this is a business, and business will do what sells.

      3. If people say that the AKB48 songs seem childish, they just mean that the AKB48 mainstream singles are childish. Why expect non-fans to research and review all possible songs that is not readily available for them? It’s like saying that all SNSD songs have meaningless lyrics but all you’ve ever heard are their main song and never bothered to listen to other songs included in their album.

      In the end, both idol group have their strength and weaknesses. Fans of both idol group also has their strength and weaknesses.

    • Maania says:

      some indonesian chick just argued that akb are better so yeah. wrong.

    • IsaYnez says:

      Ahaha! ^^ I agree that Sones are scary and really immature [even though I am one myself. I try to avoid being a “OMG THIS GROUP SUCKS HOW CAN PEOPLE COMPARE THIS CRAP TO SNSD OMG LIKE THEY’RE SO AWESOME !” girl]
      Ah! I recommend listening to Star Star Star and Dear Mom by SNSD. I cried in both of them. Very meaningful :]
      And try listening to their solo songs, like Tiffany’s By Myself, Taeyeon’s If and Can You Hear Me, and Jessica’s Overflowing with Tears. ^^

      • lalala says:

        WTF !!!! u cried while u listen SNSD,, thats funny if u were a boy….haha
        peoples are going to crazy comparing akb48 and snsd,, both of them even dont know u guys,, they dont fuckin care about SNSD vs AKB48 or whatever…. the truth is they are more concerned about getting the money … scumbag fans are scumbag…

    • SNSD FTW says:

      the “Mr. Taxi” lyric with hypertonic does make sense in some way … BUT you just have to think scientifically to understand 🙂 (if you know what hypertonic means)

  11. Chun says:

    I might be AKB bias here.. But I’m glad that AKB doesn’t have to sing in another language to sell the singles/albums in other country!

    • shou says:

      yeah right~ AKB doesnt need to go on other countries just to increase their sales in album/singles/etc. Unlike kpop.

      • waw says:

        oouhhh.. that’s why i never heard oh akb before

      • shou says:

        that’s why.. akb48 shouldn’t be compared to snsd.

      • Starscream says:

        Why? The comparison made here is how each group differs, not who is better overall. Since I am a fan of both groups, I compared both their strengths and weaknesses to see their difference.

      • COCO says:

        Kpop increases their sales cuz people actually listen to them. No one I know knows AKB, but everyone knows SNSD.

    • ow-kaaaay says:

      SNSD’s Korean singles/albums sell well in the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, etc.

      Heck, even in Japan, before they debut there, they do have some success in terms of sales.

      Now, in a business stand point, Japan is the biggest music market in Asia, so obviously, SNSD’s company will try to do even better in Japan, thus the Japanese singles and album.

    • John says:

      Poor japanese… they are not famous enough to sing in other languages…

  12. someone says:

    I’m one of AKB48 fan, but i also like SNSD too, it’s because one of my friend who is a big fan of them showed me his videos about SNSD.

    The best thing I can consider about SNSD by the first sight is their dances looks so sexy with their leg’s moves. And they also have great appeals and beautiful faces. I guess every guy who has seen their performance videos agreed about this.

    But that is completely the opposite of my reason why I became a fan of AKB48. I didn’t admire them on my first sight. Honestly, I’m not interested on them that time. I needed to know them more than their appeals to love them. I tried to hear their songs, see their performances and tv shows, read their blogs, etc., and unfortunately those things makes me admire them, even more than I expected. I have never been a fan boy before, but they DO made me such one.. But I don’t regret that I love them. And also SNSD. xP

    Sorry, I’m bad in english.. :p

  13. wowww says:

    i really like both akb48 and snsd…yeah,,both of the group have their own strength and weakness..they are unique in their own way…why dont we just support both of the group..there no need to be anti fan if we dont like them..

  14. missA says:

    I prefer snsd over akb48, because akb48 graduates whore themselves . snsd is wayyyyy better than those sluts. endofstory.

    • hyoyeon love taemin says:

      ur right!!^^

    • Lol says:

      i prefer akb48 over snsd, because snsd is all about plastic. akb48 is wayyyyy better than those fakes. endofstory.

      now if you’re going to get all hyped up and tell me snsd is not all plastic, then im going to tell you that not all akb48 graduates whore themselves.

      • SARAH says:

        I listen to both AKB48 and SNSD. eventhough I have no deep knowledge about music. I prefer SNSD.their songs and music videos have more quality and more organize.I can listen to their songs over and over but not AKB48. maybe for others not. other than that SNSD look more professional and their appearances and attitudes are more lovely in my eyes.

      • Keyanna says:

        If you’re going off of rooms about plastic surgery that are so old it doesn’t even matter. None of the members had surgery. At all.

  15. hyoyeon love taemin says:

    I like SNSD more. Yeah!! i’m a real S<3 NE
    I think AKB48 is much a slutty (sorry for all who are fans of akb48) because I see their magazine WEW!! one of them I see she has no dressed or whatever (im from philippines and i goes to tour in japan for study) unlike SNSD are not like that. SNSD don't get a plastic surgeries

    Too many links

    Hehe!! cute, pretty, beautiful and gorgeous right?? That is the meaning of a natural beauty face

    2) SNSD lyrics in their singles are rarely meaningful and songs like “Mr. Taxi” have weird, nonsensical English like “hypertonic” strewn in. AKB48 singles like “Beginner” and “River” have meaningful lyrics. I wish SNSD would go back to songs like “Into the New World” instead of crap like “Oh!”.

    My Reply: Do you know what is the meaning of Girls' Generation means??
    The name signifies “the time (generation) has come for the girls to take over the world.”
    Generation has a lot of meaning there was a girls are BAD, GOOD, KIND, CUTENESS, TOMBOYISH, right?? that's why there group name is Girls' Generation actually when they are going to debut there English name is The Maiden of Era or The Era of Maiden and they change it to GIRLS' GENERATION.

    How about AKB48 what is the meaning of it??

    • es says:

      SNSD doesn’t get plastic surgery my ass

  16. hyoyeon love taemin says:

    BTW, when i search AKB48 beginning Wew! they are wearing a bikinis. You know AKB48 is a bad influence for all child. I’m not jealous im just concern about in the children 😦 When I ask them they said that they like AKB48 especially with the children’s boys because they said they just like AKB48 because of their wearing and a bold

    • Lol says:

      you can say that AKB48 is a bad influence for all children because of what they wear, but the same applies for SNSD with their short shorts, that’s a bad influence for not only children but teenagers and young adults which basically covers all age groups.. they’re actually having a bad influence on me, LOL.

      and out of curiosity (regarding your last sentence), is that made up or are you some sort of interviewer? jw (:

  17. NO says:

    SNSD all the way.
    like serious, you say SNSD’s songs aren’t meaningful? oh then, have you heard of Taeyeon’s “If”, or “Can You Hear Me?”, or “Nappa Oppa”, or “Mistake”, OOOOH. i guess you haven’t. then make a better research on SNSD before you make yourself sound like an arrogant person.
    I agree that Mr.Taxi, Run Devil Run, Oh! don’t have much meaningful lyrics, but they’re up beat and catchy songs. The business here is what they care about too.

    I won’t say much about AKB48 because i’m new to them so I don’t have much to say. When I searched them up on youtube and watched their MVs; no kidding, they aren’t my type, I didnt like their concept at all. Too much of the cheesy and cutesy stuff. Not to mention they wear more revealing clothes than SNSD.

    I find it funny that people call SNSD sluts and porn craps just because they wear shorts to perform. Well, hahaha what would they say about bikini and all that? HMMPH.

    I SO disagree on the “SNSD are plastic girls.” NO. alright? if you’re looking at antis websites where they compare pictures from before debut, I’d say that is plain dumb. Before debut? well, they were normal teens, they were like what, 10-16? Oh oh, do YOU look like today SNSD when you were 16? I doubt that. They just have grown more mature and beautiful, and of course, SMent stylists know how to improve these 9 girls over time. Make it clear here, I’ve said anything about SNSD didnt get any plastic surgery, but in my opinion, their beauty doesn’t need plastic surgery. Why? because I, myself, KNOW girls in my daily life who are more beautiful than SNSD.

    From a proud SONE. HWAITING SNSD!

    • sakuramiyakawa says:

      I don’t know much about snsd and akb48 may be too cutesy and stuff but their songs are very 勇気が出る type songs… um in English that is… uh… courage? their songs are mainly about life and love.. school too. so I understand that you wouldn’t be a fan of that if you are not a school student anymore. They may wear bikinis and stuff but hey, I see more people wearing bikinis in this freezing cold where I live in USA than where I am from in Japan 😛 but yeah.. SNSD wears short shorts everywhere =_=;; on stage, akb48 wears skirts but they don’t show much. only in videos they do.

      • taeyeonlove says:

        yah and ak48 poses for playboy in japan :/ do research 🙂

  18. Koba says:

    Koreans don’t post cuz most of you guys hate Japanese people, therefore many of your points are invalid. Japanese people don’t post cuz you guys all say Koreans copy you guys. Anyone have jungle fever?

    • A says:

      i think most people who posted were not japanese or korean.

      • Starscream says:

        I agree.

      • hyoyeon love taemin says:

        yes, and i am from philippines

    • Brit says:

      I’m British. But I’ve posted.

  19. C00kiies says:

    No matter what happen, i still prefer SNSD!!! Some people may say that they had done plastic surgery before but so many artists had done it before maybe akb48 had done it before as well!! Secondly, SNSD is much more talented than AKB48 in terms of vocals and dance, AKB48 dance is totally not synchronized. AKB48 does not lip-synced as there is not a need for them to do that since their dance is so simple compared to SNSD’s and they have so many people on the stage to support each other in terms of vocal!! One thing that i dun really like about AKB48 is the impression that they give people. In many of their MVs, they wear bikinis, lingerie, translucent blouse and their bra is like visible!! Is like they are not showcasing their talents but trying to attract people in the wrong way.. They did so many bikinis photoshoot as well!! Is that really a need to do all this as idols??

    • Z says:

      U are totally right.

    • Lol says:

      You haven’t done enough research to judge AKB48 on so many aspects.

      1. Its pointless to argue about whether SNSD have had surgery or not because even if that is proven true all SNSD fans will resort to the same reasoning as you did and that being “it doesn’t matter, many people have had surgery”.

      2. While SNSD can dance better, they take dance lessons. This is not the case for all AKB members. It would be rather embarrassing to take dance lessons and do worse than AKB48 members is what im trying to say here. Also, saying “AKB48 is not synchronized” is difficult to comprehend as im aware you know about the size of the group. If 16 or so AKB48 members were able to be in-sync then i think SNSD would have no where left to stand, lol.

      3. If you think AKB48 dances are simple you should have a look at Beginner, it too would be difficult to sing and dance to that song. I have watched many performances by SNSD and not all their dances are complicated..

      4. As for your last point on AKB48 and their inappropriate clothing.. all i can say is.. lady gaga? While their MVs do showcase some of those things you have mentioned its not like they perform in bikinis live and i hope people are not thinking that the whole MV only showcases them in bikinis because its not the case.

      • Starscream says:

        1. Until there is concrete proof that they indeed had plastic surgery, they did not.

        2. How about Watarirouka? Or other theater songs which only feature less than 7 members. Also, AKB48 have dance instructors. Same with SNSD, who has dance instructors. Watch behind the scenes and documentaries of AKB48. The best argument here, IMO, is that AKB48 is not a dance group but a theater group.

        3. While Beginner is one of the better AKB48 song in terms of choreography, SNSD’s choreography in general is more complex. From formation to each body parts. What I think you can argue here is that AKB48 has to memorize 10 times more dance steps due to the quantity of songs they needed to perform. SNSD only has to dance to one or two song during a promotion while AKB48 has one song for mainstream and dozens of song for their stage performance in the theater.

        4. And no, they are not shown in bikinis during the whole MV. Some part of the MV shows them in school uniform getting drenched in the shower because of a dog. Or in translucent school uniform with only their bras inside. But SNSD wear shorts so that even things out.

      • Lol says:

        1. What i was trying to say is that no matter what, fans will try and defend their idols. I wasn’t in any way trying to say that SNSD had plastic surgery. It’s worth mentioning that there are many things being said about AKB48 with no concrete proof as well and don’t even get me started on the bias judgements being made ie. how people call “all” AKB graduates whores or sluts because one member moved on to doing AV.

        2. I think people are over-exaggerating here, synchronization is more like a bonus (imo), im not going to hate on a group because their songs are good but they cant be in-sync. will you enjoy SNSD if they weren’t in-sync? i would and clearly SNSD are trying to be synchronized (otherwise they wouldn’t be so in-sync) while AKB48 doesn’t even look at that matter.

        Also, i am well aware that AKB48 has dance instructors but they are different to teachers. Correct me if im wrong but hyoyeon started taking dance lessons at a dance school at a young age? I also read from allkpop not long ago where a SNSD member blogged about the dance classes she had in the past.

        3. I was actually talking about lip-syncing here and how AKB48 does have songs that are difficult to dance and sing to as well. I don’t even see a purpose arguing over this as both groups lip-sync (and many others).

        4. I can’t tell if that was sarcasm or not but anyways it seems to be the number one reason to hate on AKB and its an odd reason.

        I remember watching SNSD’s collab with the 2PM boys, i think you know which im talking about. The similarities between that and AKB48’s ponytail to shushu is there (the swimwear, the teasing in the change rooms etc) in fact, SNSD moves on to doing a whole lot more in the video from body contact to the sexy dancing at the end with the boys, the problem just seems less evident because the SNSD members look more mature.

        As for the heavy rotation video, here’s the truth about it: http://forum.nihongogo.com/topic/12133-the-truth-behind-heavy-rotation/page__p__176396__hl__%2Bheavy+%2Brotation__fromsearch__1#entry176396

      • Starscream says:

        I know about the Heavy Rotation explanation from Nihongogo. And yes I know about the collaboration between 2PM and SNSD on that Cabi Song. And honestly, on both group, I do not find their clothing inappropriate, at least their performance costumes. And while I have read the explanation on the Heavy Rotation video, not all viewers will see that. Their intention and purpose might very well be clean but the public will think otherwise. Of course, you may not care what the general public will think about AKB48 because of Heavy Rotation.

        1. Yes, fans from both side will do that.

        2. As I said on my reply, AKB48 is a theater group. Them not being in sync means nothing to me as that is not what I am looking for when I watch them perform. Yes, intricate dance step is not their purpose but that is why when you compare their dance step, SNSD comes out the better of the 2 groups. Doesn’t mean that AKB48 sucks.

        3. Oh ok. As for lip sync, yeah both groups are guilty. Does it matter to me? Not in the least. If all I wanted was real live singing, I would have watched our local talents instead but as it is, I do not care much about live singing.

        4. Yes

        To sum things up, I compared both groups for the sake of comparing only and not to determine which one is the best overall. I am a fan of both group, which people might find hard to believe.

      • Confused says:

        Re: #4 how does wearing shorts even out with wearing translucent uniforms and lingerie in MV?
        Almost every girl in Korea wears short shorts, nobody in Japan walks around in their underwear.
        I think it’s quite apparent that both groups are marketed to men as being sexy, but akb makes up for their ugly faces by wearing much more revealing clothing.

      • Starscream says:

        Someday, I hope that I will remember that sarcasm cannot be written and must be preceded by a tag and end it with a . My apologies for that confusing statement.

      • SARAH says:

        you should watch the MV of both SNSD and AKB48 and see the clear difference. SNSD members doesn’t look slut too like the AKB48.

      • taeyeonlove says:

        well to remind akb48 fans they pose for playboy in japan too :/ so yah while snsd is older than them and doesnt

  20. perfume444 says:

    over all kind of boring
    perfume blows all of them out of the water !!
    Much more complex dancing and the music is not so main stream as in this video.
    perfume you have to really study them to see what they are doing because of the complex subtle movements involved
    perfume does not relay on sex to sell them selves…they don’t have to because they are so much more sophisticated and classy in all that they do

    • Starscream says:

      Perfume who?

      • perfumelove says:

        japanese techno pop group. Theyre fucking awesome and extremely popular in Japan

      • John says:

        whoa… they suck

    • Errr says:

      Oh really? Have you tried into the new world?

      And besides, we’re comparing snsd and akb here. If you are mentioning other groups there are so many others to name that are better than them (including the one you said)

  21. wasshoi b says:

    These sort of entries would cause flamewars, seriously.
    I like AKB more but ngl I used to be a snsd fan. AKB has a wider variety of songs and girls. You can change your favourite member every month and the other fans won’t say anything. You can openly state that you hate a certain AKB girl on the fans forum, and not having to resort to kpopsecret sites. And no one would say you’re not a true AKB fan if you don’t love them all.

    • THIS! says:

      I like the fandom of akb over snsd because of this:

      “You can openly state that you hate a certain AKB girl on the fans forum, and not having to resort to kpopsecret sites. And no one would say you’re not a true AKB fan if you don’t love them all.”

      I love how in the akb world, you don’t have to be love everyone. You can hate a member and still be a big fan of the group. In the sone world, you can’t even criticize a member and risk being labeled as not a true fan.

      But as for the girls perse, I like them equally. They both have something different that makes and keeps me interested.

    • Miyu says:

      Well technically, if you’re saying you like only certain members, you’re saying you don’t like that group as a WHOLE, which literally means that you’re not a fan. You’re only a fan of that specific girl. If you’re a fan of only (let’s say) Taeyeon, it means you’re not an SNSD fan (or SONE). You’re a fan of Taeyeon. If you’re a fan of only Maeda, you’re not an AKB48 fan. You’re a fan of Maeda.

      And it’s really hypocritical for you to say you like AKB48 JUST because you can hate some members and not be put down. Would you be okay if people just all of a sudden started saying they really freaking hate you all over forums? SONEs consider the members’ feelings, and they will react to anything that will hurt the SoShi, because that’s the right thing to do.

      If someone shouted to you “You’re a whore and need to get plastic surgery,” wouldn’t your friend get angry and yell back to that person “She’s beautiful; you’re the whore” ?

      • exhibit # 1 says:

        Thank you, for showing exactly what I meant.

        In akb forums, people won’t mind if you do not like a member. Most even have threads for you to talk about why you hate or dislike a member.

        They are mature enough to understand that you can be a fan of the group as a whole but not like all members.

        Sones cannot process that. Thus, with all the “you’re not a fan” accusations.

        I did not say I like akb for this, I just said, I like the FANDOM, meaning, the fans, of akb over sones because of this.

      • Bori says:

        Wow dude that is so shallow
        Understand this, Sones = Forever 9
        If you like all nine as a group, you are a Sone
        If you like a specific member and hate the others, then you are simply a fan of that member and nothing else
        There is one thing that we Sones believe, it is the Soshi Bond
        SNSD treat each other like sisters and they have known each other for a long time since being trainees such as Jessica and SooYoung being trainees for seven years
        Sones are united, therefor we despise people who try to get fans of a member to turn against the other fans as it will cause nothing but fanwars within the fandom
        We have enough sone-posers on public Kpop forums and YouTube trolling and giving Sones and SNSD a bad name
        Liking AKB simply so you can like one member and hate another is rather foolish, I would be ashamed to call myself a true AKB fan if I were you

      • Starscream says:

        And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what differentiate a SONE from an AKB48 fan. Go to any of the top international AKB48 forum and you’ll see fans hating on a specific member. Do they get considered as a non-AKB48 fans by other members? No. Some of them are even respected personalities in the forum and nobody takes it against them from hating a specific member. Loveandcoffee hates Yuki with a passion but I don’t see any one saying that he/she is less of an AKB48 fan than them.

        This culture is very much different from SONEs. Apparently, according to the comments, I am not an SNSD fan because I placed Yoona at the bottom of my Top 9 most interesting SNSD member. Now I don’t hate Yoona, I just said that I don’t find her funny or entertaining in variety shows. And then waves of comments came on how I am not a true SNSD fan.

  22. Z says:

    isnt it obvious that snsd is better? for some reason, I think anyone can be a member of akb48, well, i dont think u need to have training.

    • marvel says:

      you go on google and search before you say things like that.

      • taeyeonlove says:

        haha its only a couple of months for training while snsd is couple of YEARS and akb48 isnt the only group who does that (meaning take in a whole bunch of girls that are half useless and just goodl ooking,) so does ske48 another japanese group and i find akb48s songs all same and thier voice too sheesh kinda gets annoying after awhile but i still like couple of thier songs 🙂

    • SARAH says:

      AKBB48 songs are crap. I’m not bias but whenever I listened to akb48, the feeling of unsatisfied is bigger in terms of their dancing organization and their vocals. i love JPOP too like ARASHI and DAI but not yet AKB48…they need to change the system

  23. namelynotyours says:

    I personally prefer SNSD. Why? Because of their songs, talents and to be honest although I’m not into cutesy very much, SNSD pull it off so much better than akb48.

    Hate me all you want, but watching akb48’s MVs is like watching soft porn *coughHEAVYROTATIONcough*

    Before you go and call me a bad sone I would just like to tell you that I’m not a sone. SNSD is not even my favorite girl group //kthxbai

  24. Snsd –
    I’m not saying this cause I’m a fan but they’re more professional and experienced than akb48. You akb48 fans are prolly thinking ” no they’re not” but seriously. Snsd were trained for 2-6 or 4 years before they even debuted.Snsd has been through a lot. I’m sure they put all their effort to get to where they are now. Hey, maybe akb48 also work hard. But I’ve seen Snsd’s hard work. I’ve seen them crying tears of joy for winning awards. Each 9 of them are unique in their own ways. I think some antifans turns into their fans for watching their videos. I’m sorry to say this but Snsd are known all over Asia, heck even Europe and I guess America. so they’re pretty famous.
    And what i mean by professional, that if they weren’t. I bet right now, they’re prolly talking craps about their antifans, but they dont right ? so.. SNSD Fighting ! 🙂

    I’ve heard that they have 48 members. I’m not gonna bash on them. I’m just gonna say that I hope they’ll wear more appropriate clothings cause you don’t have to wear bikinis and such to look cute. they’re already cute so they don’t need to show skin. Maybe it’s not they’re fault. It can be the stylist’s fault of how they want the girls to dress. But you know what !
    AKB48 Fighting !

    This is what I think, I maybe wrong in some parts but Hey, this is my opinion. It doesn’t have to be right cause it’s mine.

  25. Misa says:

    i LOVE AKB48 more! sorry SNSD..i use to be fan of yours but now..i guess not but i’m not hating em’! i just find that AKB48 are really interesting and i can see they really working hard just to make they fan happy! Some of they song encourage me too like a LOTS! at 1st i dunno them too cuz i was too focus on SNSD who getting more popular then some of my friends suggest me to listen to AKB48 and that’s the time i started to like them! >_< and i don't think it's wrong for them to wear bikini in some of they PV like Heavy Rotation,Baby Baby,Ponytail to Shushu and Everyday Kachuusha..we see that quite a LOT at swimming pool and beach during summer 🙂 at least they don't go Naked and some of them are not even underage girl anymore so why not they wear bikini? and if u learn more bout AKB48,u can actually remember all of they name and u will started to like them XD oh! and AKB48 girls don't do porn except of 1 them who already out from the group! even the Producer (Akimoto Yashushi) don't allow those girls to enter Porn Industry! just try to make clear of something cuz some of us here sort of misunderstanding bout them

  26. Takeru says:


  27. Rina says:

    -_______-; *sigh*
    I was a SNSD fan before I became an AKB48 fan, and I love both groups equally (maybe AKB48 a bit more)
    Because AKB48 has AKBingo~ and you get to really see their cheerful personalities shine through, and you grow to become a fan. *^* Where as, you don’t see SNSD in as many variety shows (I mean, they do appear on variety shows like SGB and others, but I wish they had their own show. But I understand that they are ridiculously busy!) Which is a shame, because the members of SNSD are so hilarious on variety shows. But anyway, another reason why I love AKB48 a biiiit more, is because they seem APPROACHABLE. I mean that is one of their selling points, right? AKB48 is supposed to be your girl-next-door kind of group. SNSD on the other hand seem more intimidating, just because they are so radically popular. x.x

    And the whole ‘AKB48 are sluts’ reason is so annoying and overused.
    Jeez, everyone watches Heavy Rotation and BAM they think AKB48 is a group of whores. Have you bothered to watch other PVs? (And the PVs I’m listing are all A-side popular singles, so they aren’t obscure research, undergirls singles >:U) Another reason why I like AKB48 is because they have different styles everytime they sing (SNSD does this too, don’t get me wrong.) AKB48 can be cute and sexy (as seen on Heavy Rotation), but they can be serious (Sakura no ki ni narou), genki (Ponytail to shu shu, aitakatta…etc), controversial (Seifuku no jama wo suru, keibetsu shiteita aijou), and even…violent (Beginner, Majisuka Gakuen <- not a pv but w/e).

    Yes, they do have bikini shoots and other things as well, but you can't expect every girl group to look innocent and adorable. Yes, at first, I thought: "Guh, they are selling themselves that's why they are so popular" But once I actually got addicted to their music and their PVs (which are usually relatively high budget *u* so they are almost always really interesting to watch), I didn't really care about their revealing photo shoots. Those shoots are just a small component of what AKB48 is.

    What I'm saying is that, you guys need to stop calling them whores and sluts just based on Heavy Rotation and photo shoot. 😦

    • Errr says:

      Snsd do have their own show, in case you didn’t know…

      • Starscream says:

        What’s the name of their ‘own’ show?

  28. Sammy says:

    I am also an equally SNSD and AKB fan. I love both of those group and I don’t think I would be able to choose between them. Ever!

  29. Maania says:

    well, i personally love them both. although snsd are my favourite (by far i might add) because they are better singers, dancers and have better bodies, which obviously they sculpt with personal training, whereas i find jpop singers have quite strange voices…? so im not into akbs whole japanese voice. and they just look like they go for runs to work out and dont care about their bodies as long as they are slim. i think they should tone, they look too much like skin and bone to me. also, in their video clips, they look so… awkward and stiff. especially in everday. plus, akb really dont have much talent when it comes to dance. WHY CAN NO ONE SEE THAT??!! that was the very first thing i noticed about them :/ maybe because im a dancer myself xp although my ultimate dream is to choreograph akb dances for them :p i know they try to be cute, but it doesnt really work for me because the jpop style of dance is quite masculine for me, which especially apparent in beginner. they need a real choreographer. my other concern is their outfits… all they wear is girls uniforms, or manly marching band clothing like in heavy rotation, or, they wear bikinis, which in my opinion seems like an attempt to make them as cute as they can be, but all it showcases is their skin. i dont think dancing in bikinis is very attractive, or a good message for kids, who, is a big part of their fans. they also serve too much to men, especially in heavy rotation, where they are super skanky and kiss each other. NO. i dont like it. AND, i watched a perfirmance with two of them, one being mariko and the other kojima haruna i think, and one of them was like, grinding on top of mariko while she was lying on the ground?! it looked a bit too kinky for an onstage performance with kids in the audience. they need to calm down. snsd serve to everyone. i can discuss them with my close friends, and once with an old man lol. the amount of girls in akb just seems like an attempt to make them more cute, but it seems so “try-hard” for me. members from each groups have had surgery, so no one can debate on that really. although i have my bad points on akb, they manipulate me to like their music, which is the weirdest thing. i love their music, but i hate it. so weird. but it makes me happy ^^ the end.

    • gosh says:

      really? I personally think that SNSD tries too hard to be cute, while AKB is good at it. on the other hand, AKB does poorly sexy and SNSD does well at it. & Jpop is more masculine? you’re kidding?! Kpop is more because they always attempt to be fierce. Kpop artists has the mature look so it’s harder for them to look cute, but Japanese girls are naturals at looking cute. I don’t think you know what real “cute” is because you seemed to be brainwashed by Kpop.

      To me, SNSD looks like sticks and AKB looks like they have some meat in them.

  30. Maania says:

    oh, and akb48 are machines!!!! >< i do feel sorry for them, as im pretty sure they cant have much interaction with people outside of akb, and they work their asses off. love to them.

    • gosh says:

      I can say the same for SNSD or any other Kpop groups. They all seem like machines to me. I’m pretty sure that they all don’t have much interactions with people outside of showbizs because their busy also.

      AKB48 has many friends. Mariko and Erika for example & Erika isn’t in AKB smart one.

      • gosh says:

        I meant to say that im pretty sure all busy groups cant have much interaction with people outside of of their group, and they’re all working their asses off. It must be really hard to be an idol

  31. LollyMolly says:

    Geeez people,,, c’mon,,, i know the right answer for this ‘who’s better? snsd or akb48?’ stuff. Akb48 is waaay better than snsd ppl,,, u got to believe me,,, now in jakarta, they’re making an akb48 over seas sister group, jkt48… that proves that akb48 is waaay better… jakarta loves akb48 yeah, exile is good too…

    • Bori says:

      Where is Jakarta ==

      • sakuramiyakawa says:

        Jakarta is in Indonesia lol

      • Buang says:


  32. Lolkoreans says:

    AKB48 – 151 mil google hits.
    SNSD – 16 million google hits

    I know who is more popular.

    • RIn says:

      thats bcuz akb48 have more members, smartass!!

    • Errr says:

      And addition to the previous reply snsd has many variations to their name so why don’t you collate those statistics before you make these comments?

      • Lol says:

        likewise, akb also has many variations, anyhow, i don’t think there are enough variations to go from 16mil to 151mil. js.

  33. ohwell says:

    watching akb48 gives me brain freeze. what is with all the lingerie, bikini and high pitched voices? do i have to be japanese to appreciate akb48? i dont understaaaaand.

    on the other hand, i can appreciate snsd

    • RIn says:

      yes, you do not understand

    • gosh says:

      it’s like watching SNSD. All that auto-tone is hurting my ears. Do I have to be Korean to like that stuff? I don’t understand!

      On the other hand, I can appreciate AKB48!
      BTW SNSD dresses in slutty outfits too. Always showing off their legs by wearing short shorts. Sex Sells live with it! Each group has their good points.

      • COCO says:

        How are short shorts slutty? I’m pretty sure everyone in the summer wears them. I know everyone in america and canada do.

      • taeyeonlove says:

        snsd doesnt have autotune i heard them mr removed while i also heard akb48 and some of them suck like really and before you call snsd sluts your akb48 is posing for playboy in japan while snsd doesnt do that haha ,reason they are more popular is cause they wear bikinis and lingerie in thier mvs ….

      • pemburu says:

        maybe you mean akb48 members posing in weakly playboy

        do research what the different playboy and weakly playboy

  34. RIn says:

    I think akb48 is very good, the girls have a very nice personality, their voice are good, they are good at acting and all of them are very cute.
    But I hate the fact that they show their skin so that men would be interested. they even made a dating game for psp.

    people are saying that SNSD took plastic surgery, well som of the akb48 members took plastic surgery too! like itano,
    but honestly, I dont think SNSD members took plastic surgery,
    Seohyun have a natural beauty

    • sakuracherry says:

      yeah! u got that ryt!
      seohyunnie..! i really appreciate her beauty.. and i think she’s the prettiest even though she didn’t have any plastic surgeries.. ^_^

  35. sakuracherry says:

    hhmm.. i think you’re more akb fan ne..
    im certified jpop kpop lover . but more on japanese coz i like HEYSAYJUMP XDD. (ok , im out of the topic!).. well ..
    i think its SNSD . or maybe its bcoz im their fan .0.0. and one more fact is that i like their voice the best. and sumtimes got irritated by jpop girl’s voice (who knows? we all have different taste ne) . just like c-ute and berryz . but still i find it cute at times!! at first time i saw akb , i was like “is this an army?” or sumthing like “are they in different groups?” and “is this the whole entertainment?” .. but after watching sum of their videos , they are cutieess after all.. i just hate the fact tht whenever i search them up to the net most of the photos were half naked..

    • RIn says:

      yes!! ur ryt!!

  36. MenInBlack says:

    I think both are candy@ss groups, That said, it seems to me that AKB48 are teenagers acting like teenagers while SNSD are in their twenties and still acting like teenagers. something about adult women wearing frilly White dresses with big blue sashes looks really gross.

    But I guess that’s whats popular in Asia.

    • the ignorance.. says:

      Are you aware that several members of akb are older than the rest of SNSD? and also, a good number of akb members are NOT teenagers anymore?

      • tsk tsk says:

        you sure? I can only name about a handful of akb members who are older than snsd. most of the members are 90’s babies. even the queen of akb, the almighty acchan, is a ’91-er. still younger than snsd.

      • tsk tsk TSK says:

        About 6 members are older or born on the same year as Taeyeon, SNSD’s oldest. Many AKB members are from 90s-91s (and most of the popular members), about the same age as SNSD members. So your point about teenagers and adult women is pretty much a failure. Besides, SNSD has been doing more mature concepts so they are far from being “adult women wearing frilly White dresses with big blue sashes looks really gros”

        I do like AKB, its just that you’re supposed point against SNSD is actually more applicable to AKB.

  37. LOL says:

    Honestly I think that it depends on the culture and stereotypes of that particular country though I shall not say anything further about this lest I make wrong assumptions. And about SNSD having plastic and AKB48 becoming porn stars, I think that we should not base these claims on singular cases. Seriously, I love both groups and they both have their attractive points. For example, I do have to agree that SNSD’s moves are much better than AKB48’s. On the other hand however, AKB48 does more than sing – they act. Not saying that SNSD members can’t act…but (other than Yoona) they spend less time acting as compared to AKB48 who act almost every week. So each group has their own awesome points and it would be unfair for you to bash the other just cos you don’t like them. They come from different places, sing different songs so instead of bashing them, why don’t you just accept them? It’s not as if bashing them would cause them to go away right? Just accept the fact that some people love them and others dont. You dont have to go around announcing your hate to the whole world right? And besides, comparing these two groups? To me it’s just like comparing an apple to an orange. I love both fruits but comparing them was never an option.

    • Starscream says:

      I really don’t get why we can’t compare them. You can compare apples and oranges. They both taste something so you can start by saying what each tastes like. They both have shapes, so you can compare that too. Comparing SNSD and AKB48 does not equate to saying one is better over the other overall. As you said, SNSD’s moves are better than AKB48. When you said this, do you mean that SNSD is the better group? Of course not. But you still compared the 2 groups.

      • LOL says:

        Yea ok I get your point but overall what I’m trying to say is that no group is better than the other and they both have their good and bad points so it’s no use bashing them…which is what some people are doing :/

      • Starscream says:

        Yeah true, there are no clear cut winner on this comparison, it falls down to personal preference. I love both groups equally (though I doubt anyone would believe that) and I see both groups pros and cons but I cannot definitely say which one is better as a whole.

        Apologies though as I thought you were directing your comments to me and not to the other comments.

  38. The shit of Ayarin says:

    ……………….. 48 is better than 9 …..

    i become a fan of snsd since 2009 and i stop being a fan since aug 2010 why ….

    because I discover AKB48 oohhhh shit they’re than million times better !! ..

    AKB wota ^_^

    • The shit of Ayarin says:

      btw im from the hell


      philippines ^_^

      • RIn says:

        does it really matter if you are filipino and like akb48?

        im half pinoy and half japanese, www,, >.<)

    • xXxdarkbootsxXx says:


  39. Maania says:

    i have come to the conclusion that both groups are entirely different.
    no shit.
    if anyone hasnt noticed, the way that japanese sing is sooo much different than most of the worl lol, they sound more nasely, and try hard to make their voices cute but thats what japan likes i guess. they also remind me of anime and manga lol.
    but i must admit, snsd are sooo much better at dancing and camera shots. akb48 arent true dancers, they are quite stiff which i also noticed in a lot of jpop stars.
    plus, snsds outfits are much more appealing, whereas akb48s outfits look as though they have to drag their clothes across the stage because they look so heavy. like in flying get, they can barely move in their outfits!!
    and wearing bikinis is just not cool.
    akb48 dont have true talent, people just think they are cute.
    snsd are true beauties, and even though they arent super amazing at dancing they are still better than akb.
    they are easy to compare, but if you look at their audiences then you cant really compare or judge them because they appeal so differently.

    • RIn says:

      you should watch more akb videos before you say anything like that, but its true that its not cool when they show off in bikinis often, like in photoshoots or in music videos.
      but they do have talent!! most of them are good at acting,,,
      especially the queen of akb48 Aachan!
      Yuko is very good too, she has been doing acting since she was little

    • gosh says:

      Each person has their own different insights of who is the true beauty. If you think that everyone thinks that SNSD are true beauties rather than AKB48 than aren’t you stupid? I think AKB48 are the true beauties since SNSD puts wayyyy too much makeup on compared to AKB. (ex: Yuri and powder on her legs)
      SNSD aren’t better than AKB48, you just think they are because you’re more interested in them and didn’t pay any close attention to AKB.
      On stage, AKB48 wears more clothing than SNSD does so I don’t know why people think AKB is more slutty. AKB only wears a bikini less than two times on a PV while SNSD dresses in SLUT clothing everytime their on stage.
      SO FOR YOU ignorant KPOP FANS, PLEASE don’t judge before actually knowing anything about AKB because that just makes you guys sound stupid. There’s probably a lot of Jpop fans laughing at you guys for your ignorant comments about AKB without you guys knowing

      • COCO says:

        Please define ‘slut clothing’

    • ArcStrike says:

      duh please,they may not have true talent on dancing or singing but look how they socialise,they are really friendly,fun compared to snsd.AKB are more to cute than pretty like plastic generation or see some their personal achievement,you may find its amasing,unique or deadly like akimoto sayaka
      flying get?dont see the main PV but see their stage theatre,which is much better.
      and see some of photos with k-fags like SHINee and SNSD.AKB come and got photo with them not SNSD/SHINee itsself
      i am not a AKB fan more to SKE48
      also,i hate most sones,they are arrogant unlike sones who liked some STAND pages most of them are friendly and understand us

    • sakuramiyakawa says:

      sure, you can think that way if you want, but you are offending many people who love akb48. Before, I thought the same way as well with akb48 but when I listened to their songs and got to know them better, I started liking them more and more and now I love them! SNSD is nice too but I don’t know much about them so I’m not going to say anything about them.. I am not the type who will honestly say my opinion about something. it’s too rude. anyway, Japanese has their own type of singing and dancing. if you don’t like it well then that’s too bad. there are many Japanese people who are the best dancers… uhhhh that one popping dance thingie guy… ugh forgot his name LOL well yeah so lets not say negative things. just say you think snsd is very awesome.

  40. RIn says:

    I like akb because , its a reality life story of girls who tried and did there best in life., staring from 7 audience to millions of fans today., And until now they are stll the person always grasp there dreams., There personality shines rather than there face

  41. Tsuyuki-chan says:

    Well, such a controversial topic.
    Although I’m a AKB fan I have to admit that when it comes to appearance, AKB’s not better than SNSD. So, why do I prefer AKB?
    I only knew them last year through their album Beginner but after watched their live performance of Beginner, I immediately fell for them. Here are some reasons from my opinion
    1) AKB’s more approachable. It’s not only because of their girl-next-door concept but also their more natural beauty. Even perhaps the most beautiful member Watanabe Mayu looks so natural that I hardly can wonder whether she had beauty surgery or not, unlike some of SNSD. For example, Jessica’s nose is too small for an ordinary person to breathe, I suppose. And her face’s some kind of fake, not of a teenager or an adult. Furthermore, there are 2 members of SNSD I hardly can distinguish: Yuri and Seohyeon (right? I don’t remember exactly). They look almost twins! He he :p
    2) Their more meaningful lyrics. Uhm, some of SNSD seem meaningful, too such as Best friend, Into the new world,.. But unfortunately the majority of their songs are so commercial with funny and ridiculous lyrics like in Oh, hoot, mr. Taxi and especially The Boys! When I read this song’s lyrics, I can’t help laughing half to death! Why can’t they use such a meaningless song to populize their name all aver the world? He he. Speaking for AKB, apart from some songs as Baby! Baby! Baby!, aitakatta, everyday kachuusha, flying get..the majority have very motivational lyrics. Their latest single ‘kaze wa fuiteiru’ is a classic example. Try listening and understanding its meaning.
    3) Their various concept. AKB can be cute, womanly, sexy and sometimes violent (I’m talking about AKB48 with 16 senbatsu members) their pvs are often have a plot, some kinds of drama pv combined with dance. Meanwhile, most of SNSD’s pvs I’ve seen have a trend: synchonical dance and leg exposure (I hate my bad english, hix). Despite the fact that their dances are so glamorous an catchy(in fact, much more than AKB’s, hu hu), I think that they should devote more to the lyrics rather than dancing. A song with a meaningful lyrics, catchy beats and excellent dances is no wonder likely to become successful and highly valued by music critics, I think so.

    P.s AKB’s not pornstar. You seeing them wear bikinis don’t mean they’re slut or blah, blah,..
    In japanse entertainment industry, nudity is not a rare thing to singers or even actors. Nudity is a mark for their maturity (most of j-stars begin their careers fromm a very early age). If nudity is not a crime, why does wearing bikinis or sexy sleep dress make AKB pornstars!?? They’re not nude!

    • Starscream says:

      1.) While a lot of people claim that SNSD did plastic surgery, none so far has been proven. Yes, a lot of Korean celebrities does plastic surgery but that does not automatically means everyone does. Yes, it is possible that they did but up to now, nothing has been proven so until then, it is best to give the benefit of the doubt. Oh and AKB48 members aren’t exactly immune to these accusations, I think less than a year ago, there was an issue with Itano Tomomi as a known plastic surgeon made some statements that made it seem that Tomochin went under the knife. A lot of people, myself included, had a hard time at first in distinguishing SNSD members but the same thing happened to me when I started following AKB48.
      2. What “The Boys” lyrics have you read, the English version? Try the Korean version of The Boys. It is still not as meaningful as ITNW but it is a lot better than the horrendous lyrics Teddy Riley provided. Also, it must be noted that SNSD’s ultimate goal is the U.S. and their game plan is to emulate catchy lyrics and beats. AKB48 is also gunning for international market but they are not in a hurry because of their constant recruiting system which SNSD does not have putting SNSD’s management under pressure to make it within a much slimmer deadline.
      3. If all you’ve ever seen are the leg exposures, then you have only known SNSD during the Japanese promotion or a few dance performances. And really, you didn’t notice all the leg exposure that AKB48 made? Moreover, the selling point of SNSD, IMO, is their awesome choreography. Meaningful lyrics is nice but as proven by the Black Eyed Peas, meaningful lyrics are overrated in the US, and again, what’s SNSD’s ultimate goal?

      And yes, I agree with you. Wearing bikinis does not make one a slut. I’m not sure if nudity is a common thing for Japanese singers and actors as you claim but be that as it may, I’d rather AKB48 do not engage in these kinds of exposure. Rina-tin should be the first and the last.

  42. me says:

    I am from united states but i only know about SNSD and no AKB48, AKB is only in Japan but SNSD is in all over the world…

  43. powerranger says:

    you dumb snsd haters. Are you aware that more than 90% of AKB48 members underwent major plastic surgery and only one or two of the snsd members had only their nose or eyes a little bit modified. I hope you do not embarrass yourself further my spouting some nonsensical bull crap. Make sure to cite your sources too.

    • Starscream says:

      As you have stated in your comment, please cite your sources.

    • Lol says:

      @powerranger how on earth did you come up with a percentage like that, LOL.

      i’ve been an AKB fan for about 2 years and i do not remember reading about AKB members undergoing major plastic surgery (let alone 90% of them), but you sir have just established the fact that one or two snsd members had their nose or eyes modified..

      as for your last sentence, its contradicting as hell. 90% of AKB48 members underwent “major” plastic surgery meets your description of “nonsensical bull crap”. And yes, make sure you cite your sources too.

    • sakuramiyakawa says:

      I agree with Starscream and Lol. how do you know? and 90%? sounds like BS to me. I know many Japanese girls who are cute like Akb48 in my school and they never did plastic surgery. I only know that itano tomomi had some plastic surgery and some other girl but the rest are mainly natural born girls… who wear make up like me lol. you even said in SNSD there were two people who underwent plastic surgery. So lets see, they are both equal now. thank you very much.

  44. powerranger says:

    TRuly Comparing AKB48 with the godly Snsd is like comparing a denatured pumpkin with an apple

    • sakuramiyakawa says:

      that’s pretty rude. =_= Akb48 is a wonderful group. SNSD is a wonderful group also. They are both godly groups lol. except akb48 is more on the cute side and they are more idk talking about love and school life and 勇気が出る type songs (sorry don’t know how to say in english). SNSD are more mature and sexy looking I guess? so yeah you have to compare it like this…. Compare “cute” to “beautiful”. or compare awesome them to somewhat rude you.

  45. theone says:

    In my opinion there is no one in AKB48 who can match up with any one in SNsd in terms of ability facial appearance and dancing

    • Starscream says:

      Do you happen to know each and every AKB48 member, studied their ability, facial appearances and dancing?

  46. sasyume says:

    I am japanese and even i think snsd overwhelms akb48. They are just so beautful and appealing in the eye, I do not think akb48 deserves to be compared with snsd in equal ground. akb48 should convert themselves to sone

    • Starscream says:

      Yeah and I’m the president of the United States.

      Next time you pretend to be someone, do that on your very first post so that I won’t have a log of your IP address.
      You see, you have the same IP address as the last 4 people who commented on this article.

      I get it, you love SNSD. I do too. But bashing AKB48 in a manner that is comparable to an 8 year old won’t do much good in promoting the maturity of fellow SONEs.

      • Lol says:

        i like how you completely disgraced him (Y).

  47. popcorn says:

    AKB48. ♥

    • thanh says:

      Sakura No Ki Ni Narou (1.088 million copies) Everyday, Katyusha (1.588 million copies) Flying Get (1.578 million copies) Kaze wa Fuiteiru (1.407 million copies)
      akb48 in 2011
      snsd alaways lip sync
      they lip sync in new york
      AKB48 live well

      • Starscream says:

        Oh please, SNSD “always” lip sync? You have proof that they lip sync on each performance?
        Oh and just so you know, AKB48 has also been getting unfounded accusation of lip sync in their performances. How credible are those accusations? Same as the credibility of your statement.

        And don’t pretend you don’t know the real reason why their sales reach millions.

      • cherrie says:

        Uhh, wtf are you talking about? I`m an AKB fan but, AKB lipsyncs 90% of the time, even during solo songs.

      • AKBNoTalent says:

        -AKB lipsyncs
        -AKB has too many members
        -AKB dances are too messy
        -AKB concepts are too crappy
        -AKB rarely have major sized concerts overseas (they always perform on small sized anime conventions)
        -AKB are fans of SNSD
        -AKB don’t have the potential to debut overseas (K-pop artists debut in Japan,China, and the U.S, but AKB ?)
        -AKB is only popular in Japan
        -AKB have stupid sister groups (SDN48 “adult idol”? Wtf)
        -AKB almost looked like porn stars

  48. sakuramiyakawa says:

    I notice there is a lot of competition between the two girl groups… let me say this first… I love AKB48 better than SNSD because I know more about AKB48 than SNSD and they are cute 😀 and their outfits are awesome too. But in general, I think they are both very wonderful groups and shouldn’t be compared to one another. There is no such thing as a number one group. Just like no number one country. They may be popular now but I’m sure in the next few years, they will become unpopular. So it’s not worth comparing and making rude comments about one group. as for SNSD, I’m glad that they make Japanese versions. Makes me comfortable lol. and for those who are saying AKB48 members are sluts or whatever, you are perverted to be thinking about that =_=;
    Anyway, just enjoy the songs and don’t go making stupid negative comments about one group. They are both perfect and if you don’t like one group, just suck it and leave. Don’t make others feel sad and make fun of them with your offending comments. I’m sure this only requires to some people… I didn’t read all of the 139 comments. and fyi, many people in the world do plastic surgery to look “nice” and “sexy” so oh well lol. Anyway, have fun and merry xmas!

  49. Sarah says:

    Ohhh this controversial topic always seems to come up and I swear people are always fighting about it! Well my two cents:

    I was never really a girl group fan- I’m half japanese and everytime i went back to Japan and watched shows like Kohaku (a music show) where AKB was performing I’d roll my eyes at the amount of girls. However, my friend introduced me a bit earlier this year to the person who is now my favourite member (Takahashi Minami/Takamina) and I seriously regret rolling my eyes at AKB because I totally love them now. I am also a recent SNSD fan, I am getting into them right now actually, I’m a bigger fan of f(x), but yes I do have a brief understanding of SNSD and I do like them. So yes, I will try and be unbiased but since I know more about AKB I am going to talk about them more and try and provide some coherent sounding information instead of just saying SNSD SUX AKB RULEZZZ

    I do want people to do a bit more research before writing comments or forming opinions because it often makes them come off as looking bad when their arguments are unfounded. For example, people looking at AKB and thinking ‘sluts!’ or ‘whores!’ because they do a lot of bikini shots and because of that one ex-member who went into AV. Honestly I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with wearing bikinis, loads of people do this around here. And why can’t females wear bikinis without being called sluts when guys can walk around shirtless and that’s socially acceptable? Also goes the same way with people complaining about SNSD’s stage attire with their generally short outfits often showcasing their legs. IF THEY’VE GOT THEM WHY CAN’T THEY FLAUNT THEM WITHOUT THE SLUT SHAMING? I guess this is becoming a rant against society so I’ll stop this thought train but seriously this part of fandom really annoys me, it’s a marketing ploy from both ends, not the girls’ personal choice…

    Ok on another topic, people have said that SNSD’s members went through a lot of hardships when they were younger and I bet this is true, and I don’t doubt this or dispute this. But if people dug around a bit they’d know that AKB’s original Team A, when they started performing at their theatre they only had an audience of 72 people (most of which were friends and family, only 7 people were paying customers) and the numbers continued to dwindle, with often the girls performing outnumbering the audience members. AKB members actually had to go out on the streets and promote to get people to come and watch them, and they only had a full theatre in the next month.

    Along with this, AKB members have to rely on their individual popularity in order to be signed to a promotion agency (who are the people who get them outside work out of their activities in AKB, kind of like SM for SNSD, in my understanding), and thus less popular members often never get a chance to shine as they don’t get promoted, and as they aren’t popular they don’t get a chance to appear in singles and stuff. So I do think that AKB members have gone through a lot of hardships and stuff, and I guess I’m trying to offer a bigger perspective for SNSD fans who don’t know this stuff (:

    Also another point, there isn’t really a point in comparing the two because the marketing for the two are completely different in my opinion. From my limited understanding of SNSD (because I’m still a new fan), there is a large emphasis (especially in the K-Pop idol market) for flawless dances and vocal performances where everyone is in sync and the performances are generally very well done. In the J-Pop idol market, the emphasis is less on polish and more on generating a friendlier image. AKB were created as ‘idols you can meet’, thus their whole promoting schtik revolves around meeting and greeting the fans, and handshake events and the whole daily concert schedule at their theatre. Even with male bands in Japan like ARASHI (who are definitely the most popular in Japan rn), they aren’t really known for their singing, only one member is definitely a good singer and three are questionable, and one is horrible, tbqh. But they sell because of their personalities. There’s a large emphasis on variety and talk shows for idols in Japan (I think ARASHI has at least two shows, and AKB have three or four plus dramas where many members feature)… I’m not sure how it’s like in the Korean industry- I know they have reality tv shows but probably not that many running in conjunction with each other?

    Anyway why are we arguing, both groups are essentially the product of excellent promoting and marketing on both parts of their organisers. Essentially both promote to certain audiences in certain ways in order to gain the most exposure and the most profit. And that’s not really the girls’ fault, more the part of the people who have the say in how their images are created. A better indicator in order to like the bands is probably watching variety/talk shows or behind the scene stuff which really showcase members and what they’re really like. This is how I got to start liking both groups! So yeah guys, stop hating, educate yourselves and spread the love (:

    • SNSDandAKB says:

      Yes , i like your opinion , the world need more guys like you

  50. Sunshine says:

    I dont know AKB48 very well. But according to their success, they much powerful. If we talk about SNSD, they such the first group that had my heart. When the first look at this group, maybe it just normal to me. But if I take a deeper look at them, I can feel their power. They teach me about friendship and teamwork. I like to watch their performance, MV or video that SONEs had record for them. I just fall in love with them. If we compared SNSD and AKB48, both of them powerful and such popular in Asia or anyway in this world. But I just show my loyalty to SNSD only because I am SONE part of them.

  51. PEA says:

    I had never heard of SNSD until I came across a video of them. All I saw were nine girls wearing shorts as if showing off their ‘perfect’ legs. I think people love them because of their hotness and how perfect their body shape is and stuff like that. I also don’t get the point of their songs…

    On the other hand, AKB don’t really show off their bodies in the ‘I’m hot’ way. They just want more people to appreciate them or magazines force them to take shots (Idk). I really like their songs and they’re all really catchy. Even if some of the voices sound ‘childish’ I still really like them. And to point out, Japanese women and girls tend to speak in a higher tone. It sort of this thing that makes people think their polite. Even though I’m not Japanese I sometimes look at the translated lyrics and I can actually see there are meanings in the songs.

    Therefore, I am a pure AKB48 fan. If you don’t appreciate my opinion please ignore it. 🙂

    • taeyeonlove says:

      yet they wear bikinis and pose for play boy in japan….go figure

      • Starscream says:

        Playboy in japan is not the same as playboy in the US. They (AKB48) do not pose nude.

  52. Dee says:

    hmmm plastic vs original… i choose the original akb48…
    haha look at this site

    • Starscream says:

      Unfortunately, having the highest rate of plastic surgery does not prove anything. What you are saying is just your speculation based on circumstances.

    • SNSDandAKB says:

      Sorry dude , the highest is not Korea , but the U.S itself

    • SNSDandAKB says:

      Oh look another one , and guess what? it’s not Korea who tops the list

  53. music_biz says:

    Whichever group can pump as much US$400,000,000 into their country’s economy is the winner. AKB48 wins hands down. I agree with those insisting that SNSD is more known internationally, yes, in small fry Asian countries. Aki-P is selling a franchise, hence the reason for TPE48 and JKT48. He’s selling the concept of AKB outside of Japan. Not AKB itself.

  54. Baby Baby says:

    hai everyone.
    i read all comment of you and i’m so proud because SNSD and AKB48 have so many loyal fans ^_^
    i love both of them but they still have a strongest point and also weakness point.

    SNSD has a angle voice and good at dancing but i agree if people say they do plastic surgery. For example can you see Sooyoung face at MV Into the New World and now. I know sone can distinguish that. Just honest to your self. That so different. But not all of SNSD member do plastic surgery. And for you know I like Yuri so much.

    AKB48 have cheerful personality, cute voice and cheerful dancing (But still SNSD better at voice and dancing) AKB48 can make people laugh. They so funny. I always laughing if remember what Yuko do.
    And about bikini is not mean member of AKB48 is porn star if they use bikini. i live at Indonesia and if woman use bikini, people will viewed they negativ person. At first time i see AKB48 PV is Heavy Rotation. i was shock but i think that cultural of Japan. Most i see of AKB48 is they personality.

    Honestly i hate if SONE always bashing other groups. So arrogant. Thats good if you protect your idol but i just see SONE always start argument with other fandom not just at this forum but at another forum too. please dont do that because you make people hate SNSD. SONE i sure that you was see picture SNSD and AKB48. i think our idol didnt fight but why we do this.

    Important for us as fans: we must accept weakness of our idol and support them but not bashing.

    Love SNSD and AKB48!!!
    Baby Baby ( SNSD ) – Baby! Baby! Baby! ( AKB48 )

    • Starscream says:

      Obviously, you haven’t seen how much you can change your appearance by proper application of make-ups.
      Before stating unfounded claims of plastic surgery, try looking around the internet about the wonders of make-ups.

      Until there is solid evidence that they have undergone plastic surgery, what you are saying is just hearsay.

      • Baby Baby says:

        ok. up to you. i dont wanna fight.
        because we like SNSD. hahahaha.

        what your favorite member of SNSD??
        i like yuri so much. yoona and seohyun too.
        they 3 like a twins.

  55. Madcatz says:

    I actually a fan of AKB48, but my fav song is actually ” Into the new world” by SNSD, both normal and remix. Which make me hear it more than AKB songs. So I wish can find more song like that!

    BTW why the hate? I wish bothvAKB48 and SNSD join forces to create an album to destroy all hate!!!

    • Baby Baby says:

      hahaha. i like your comment. if SNSD n AKB make single or album together, they can beat all artist.

      whos you favorite member in AKB48?
      I like Tomochin and Yukirin.

      • Madcatz says:

        Acchan and miichan

      • Baby Baby says:

        waw. i like pairing accan and tomochin. if i look they pic i always think “ah, they really close” hahahaha.

  56. HaruHaru says:

    what a long discussion. its boring………..

    after all these i must say akb48 rules! 😀

    sorry guys but kpop as i saw is an artificial wave. so if u see them more is because they promote it more. just look at the ads of yesasia beside this page they show a pic of snsd. you may say thats because they’re popular but that wouldnt be enough because there are lots of more artists in asia. but why only koreans?? even if you look at it from sales point its irregular. they could at least show various artist in their ads not just korean but this is what they want!!

  57. SONE4LiFE says:

    People, I have one piece of advice for you. Before bashing on the other group, try to do some background research on them or at least listen to one of their songs.

    Also, when proving a point, make sure you have solid evidence to support it.

    I’m Japanese but I’ve never heard of AKB so I’ll listen to them AND THEN express my opinion.

  58. Eshtar says:

    wow, what a hot debate. Well, I know both AKB48 AND SNSD, I’m not Japanese nor Korean, not a fan of both too.

    IMHO, dancing wise, SNSD wins, GREATLY. Anyway, the point of both of the two is already different, if SNSD centers on good looking, sexy body (those thighs are just jaw-dropping), great singing (all can do solo) and good dancing (don’t try if you haven’t trained, it HURTS), AKB48 ticks off on a more ‘psychological’ factor of Japanese liking, like cuteness, the upbeat very anime-like song, and fetishism. The concept of the formations is already different, SNSD being a girl band, AKB48 being an idol group comprises of smaller groups, solos, and even seiyuu (Japanese voice actors).

    Song-wise, they have different genre, you cannot compare them. It falls to which genre you like better, since they are TOTALLY different. Just face it. Spitting to each other’s face about which is better is just stupid.

    About plastic surgery, well, thay can do whatever they want. But it is true that AKB48’s members most don’t have plastic surgery while SNSD most HAVE plastic surgery, in which Yoona being the only one not. That is why AKB48 don’t look as attractive or is more natural looking. For SNSD, it is fair to do that, we want our idol to look good, no? It all falls to the fans’ choice to think about that aspect and as the surgery has minuses and pluses, I think not having a surgery and having a surgery has a plus of its own in boosting popularity.

    Overall, I think bashing each other won’t help your idol but instead hammer their popularity. I, for one, wouldn’t like an idol which has fans ready to scratch the faces of a rival idol’s fans. :O

    • Starscream says:

      I really want to know if people who say that this member did plastic surgery has any concrete proof and not just “oh look at her picture several thousand years ago and look how she looks like today” bullshit kind of a proof.

  59. Andreas says:

    Wtf with all of your comment guys! I like both of SNSD and AKB48! They’re hot and they’re talented.. 😀

  60. anonimuss says:

    yo creo que es una tonteria el vs entre grupos y si a mi punto de vista los coreanos son una sarta de copiones tanto en musica como en casi todos sus k dramas y las snsd me gustaba pero cuando me di cuenta que la sobrevaloran y no eran japonesas ese grupo fue el peor que existe en la historia de corea porque hay grupos femeninos para apreciar como 2ne1 miss A FX y entre otras al igual que japon tanto sus fanaticas insultan a artistas muy reconocidos del mundo como lady gaga dicen que es una hermafrodita solo por esas snsd que no que que les llama la atencion tanto les abren las alas para que sean famosas que se van olvidatr de sus principios de cultura que se convertir en unas drogadas alcoholicas o quizas algo peor con respecto a akb48 a mi gusta porque no hay mucha tencion con este grupo y no solo ellas sino otras tambien
    y bueno sigan dandolas alas a sus artistas coreanos que van a cambiar bien feo no todos pero la mayoria.

  61. Yurie says:

    COME ON!! AKB48 is the best girl group… Did you see the old songs of SNSD? They suck and their songs are very boring and useless.. Not like AKB48, their songs rule.. Can you see the faces of the SNSD girls?? They look like barbies and fake dolls… Not like AKB48, they are very natural… 48+ members?? You should be proud of them because it’s very difficult to train a lot of members than only 9! AKB48’s producer is the only one composing their songs ever since AKB started. SNSD sucks. They’re not hot they’re just a bunch of plastic dolls. AKB48 members are way more CUTER!! So SNSD fans, switch to AKB48 because your cheering for a bunch of ugly useless girls! 😛

    • SNSDandAKB says:

      Ah , yes i like your comment here but i also hate it , i like it because you support akb , i hate it because you bash snsd , maybe you like akb more , but that doesn’t mean you have to bash snsd , you say their fake and useless? maybe they do plastic surgeries , but they are still human! , if they want to do it , then let them do it , it means no harm to us people. Geez you antis are bunch of hopelees creatures.. (P.S : for all akb fans , i’m not bashing akb , i love akb too , but i can’t just let people bash snsd , and that goes for the topic writer , don’t bash akb! you derp)

  62. haropeople says:

    There are so many comments about which group is better.. The whole point of this person’s comparison is to show the weak points and strong points of each group..
    1) A lots of people are saying SNSD did plastic surgery… we don’t have exact proof.
    2) Some people say that AKB48 is a group with pornstars.. only one member was and its her life, so who cares. Yes its wrong for a idol, but it’s her decision….
    3) People are saying that AKb48 are sluts and stuff and that SNSD wear short shorts.. Lots of people wear short shorts… and saying AKb48 as sluts because they wear bikinis or whatever.. doesn’t mean they are one… Theres Hyuna.. (I’m korean.. btw.. I don’t hate Hyuna, shes talented but you know……”
    4) Lots of people are calling SnSd fake.. Some of the members did plastic surgery, but because of that doesn’t make them less human.. not all members did plastic surgery
    5)Some people are saying Akb48 did plastic surgery.. We don’t even know unless they admit and again it doesn’t make them less human.
    6) People are arguing who is more popular.. They both are…
    It’s your decision and opinion on which group is better, but you shouldn’t be bashing on other groups with lies and hatred.. cuz that will start a fan war… I think both groups have their pros and cons and I hope they will continue with their success

  63. avee says:

    i hate when people bashing another group just to prove their favourite group is way better! just leave them and keep supporting your favourite group!!sometime fan’s rudeness towards another fan make them hate the group,,i’m a sone and i’m not akb48 haters but after reading their fan’s bashing snsd,i dont like them!believe it or not fans attitude influence other fans to like or dislke a group!no offend!

  64. Neo says:

    COME ONE GUYS! STOP FIGHTING! jpop and kpop can’t be compared as they both are DIFFERENT. Each group win at some points and lose at some points. Let’s just agree that every group is good and don’t hate the group because of their fans! i am both kpop and jpop fans and i think both of the music are different in a way but i still love it. so please stop scolding.

    • fesyafy says:

      i agree. both of the group has it own strength and weakness. i am an akb fan but i respect snsd. jpop and kpop cannot be compared. in my opinion, both of them are great.
      so, stop bashing guys :))

  65. SNSDYOONA says:

    Even the background is AKB48. it is pointless to argue that at here. Mind to come soshified to list down your opinion?

    • Starscream says:

      Wow that’s very observant of you!

      Did you also notice the banner above? You know, the one that has the entire SNSD members on it?

      Oh and I did post my opinions in Soshified a year ago, try to look for it though, it has been awhile.

  66. sn3 says:

    Pornstars AKB48…. disgusting.

  67. 1stsooyoungester says:

    Snsd vs akb48
    For me ,snsd wins
    because the points I focus on the most?,snsd are the best in them.
    For me…. Ilike the fact that they are 9 in a group… it’s the perfect number whether in making the dance shines or the voice of them singing together.
    I seriously love everything about them…
    1- I love that they wear short shorts … they look amazing in them..plus it’s their limits, they never overpass it to wear really revealing cloths… except to be honest …their solos sometimes, but I don’t care really it’s one in a million.
    2- I love their catchy (even mean-less) songs..why? because I’m not Korean nor Japanese , I cant understand a word of what they are saying( except the English parts lol)… all what I care about is the song to be catchy and has a special beat…for example , oh is really good, it makes me happy without understanding a word.. mistake do the same thing ,it music makes me sad ..( it has a really amazing lyrics tho). that what does matter, I just cant tell the different between mean less to mean-ful lyrics… even in English songs with ridiculous lyrics I don’t care because I just wanna enjoy the music , that’s me .and there is a lot of people like me I guess.
    3- Love each member charm-points for me no one has low points. like seohyun being very strict , it’s what makes her seohyun , that why I love her!
    4- When people says that snsd sucks they use arguments like… snsd are plastics.. it’s like that they are saying that they have no argument. .. first of all ..there is no real prove.. (but I do remember yuri saying something about doing an eyes surgery)… let’s say that they all make a simple plastic surgeries … would that change anything ,for sones at least?No , actually I would be super happy cuz my idol are looking better now , for example I doubt that hyoyeon had one last year, but now she looks way prettier , no one will have the strength to call her ugly anymore… I believed that she was pretty from the beginning , but she proved it now.. she stills hyoyeon , she looks like hyoyeon , she didn’t change a bit.she just let her beauty shines.

    Second… I wont start bashing akb48 to prove apoint that snsd is better.
    because I don’t know them that well… I just going to say what I know..
    i know akb48 from the mtv concert in japon… I watched it because snsd was preforming there in the first place , and snsd killed it that night that night , seriously the best performance( this is so out of my point but I couldn’t resistlol)
    well I planned to search them on youtube, I found their mv beginner ..
    I liked it a lot and still loving it… I thought 48 member I can handle if I tried hard..but then I surprised that they wasn’t that innocent .when I saw another mv of them , I close it after seconds..i was afraid that my mother thinks that I was watching an av. I only didn’t know.
    They still have amazing songs, but I don’t think I’m gonna go back to them, I’m so disappointed..
    Another reasons to not be their fan..
    1- I’m not Japanese , so it’s hard for me to keep with them and with their programs and albums.
    2- They are a lot of them…and their names and faces are really hard to remember….seriously it took me a month to recognize snsd member’s without to be confused.. I would take years for akb if I planned to.
    3- The group is as good as snsd , I give you that…if they weren’t good why all of japon are falling for them? But individually I think few members if I didn’t say none of them can keep-up with the least talented snsd member.( singing and dancing in the 1st place)
    4- Why should I admire a normal girl just like me, only because she’s in a famous group , I know that there are members who went through hell , but others didn’t , not like snsd,all the members had 6 years of training at least. Except tiffany 3 years and she was alone in a foreign country with no one of her family to support her there.
    Example.. Let’s say that I’m a normal Japanese girl of 16 years old ( I’m not).. beautiful, don’t suck in singing, can keep up with some dance moves, cheerful personality, really want to be famous.. would I ‘d be excepted in akb48…90% yes…. How about a group like snsd ..hell no!!… you should train for years and pray to god , and still a lot of a competition to go through.
    This is my opinion — individually snsd wins
    Group snsd wins…. (to me at least)

  68. SoSHi Forever says:

    I short like AKB48
    I love SNSD

    WİN=SNSD :3

  69. loveakb48 says:

    snsd or plastic surgery and lip sync and they were revealed in Taiwan, natural AKB48, AKB48 sing live well

  70. DiVAfan says:

    i was a fan of snsd too. they are a great group but I can say that akb48 is better than them. I actually didn’t like akb48 the first time that i saw them. then again, i ended up watching back their mvs and videos. the are not just you’re mere cute group but they really got their own strong points. my favorite member would be akimoto sayaka, she’s really good both her dancing and singing skills. their songs are really meaningful and beautiful

  71. Yashi Nomura says:

    SNSD wins because they help me with my insomnia by boring me to death. AKB48 can never do that since I’m always on my toes while watching them.

    Also, AKB48 are prone to zombie attacks because we all know zombies eat brains not silicons.

    But with all seriousness guys, both groups are equally good but I would put my money on the group whose lyrics are more defined. Yeah, that’s AKB48, I can hear every syllable they utter not just a bunch of static which sounds like dolphins having sex while being chased by a great white.

    • Buang says:

      It because you are Japanese..blood is thicker than water.

      • Biased much? says:

        Yeah, and Korea is greatest country in the world. All other countries are made of little girls

  72. IdolFan says:

    Both are good but I prefer AKB48. They have very meaningful songs with a wide variety of topics, not just cute and catchy songs like SNSD songs. We will NEVER hear an SNSD song talking about bullying suicide (Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou), Freedom (Beginner). That is real. And for those who say “Heavy Rotation” looks like porn: Japanese culture is very different from Korean.
    On the other hand I have to admit that Tae Yeon’s vocals are amazing. Many people say they had plastic surgery but WHO CARES? They look very pretty, indeed.

  73. Mayuyu Fan says:

    I am an AKB fan but I never say that SNSD is bad but just to be fair.
    1. As far I know (which is heaps) neither groups had any of what you call ‘plastic surgery’ (unless you count dying hair, or small things like that), but @Yashi Nomura AKB members are around 14-26, some still in school, would they become plastics to that extent? If they are SNSD might as well be Barbie dolls by now. *not being offensive*.
    2. @1stsooyoungester In order to get into AKB you have to truly want to be and idol, they really don’t judge the skills you have right now, while SNSD has the polished talent, which makes them more skilled in choreography, etc.+ AKB have way more dances to rehearse and less time to rehearse them (+ AKB has to remember them and the other peoples parts in case the have to fill in for someone else)+ seohyun being very strict. Have you not seen AKB members personalities at all?! Their personalities range far more than SNSD (cos they have 58 members *cheating* ^^)
    3. They are from two different countries. Unless you know both languages or what the songs mean, it is pointless to prefer one over the other
    4. Bash SNSD? They are just showing their own opinion. They feel the same when SNSD fans say ‘AKB48 sucks’, etc. So what right do they have to say that? 5. If people here are arguing about fashion sense, and see if you look pretty in AKB and SNSD clothes. They wear what they are given so you can’t diss them if they wear some-what revealing clothes. Would you rather them wear ugly clothes?
    6. They are singing not starting a war. How would they feel if fans like us started to argue like this? Wouldn’t they be disappointed?
    7. LISTEN to them! You can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

    These are my arguments. Neither for or against. It is just to put them on an even plain.

    *I am a Watanabe Mayu fan.

  74. KazonInkoro says:

    somebody and someone really need to admit that SNSD is more popular than akb48.

  75. Hydra says:

    Seriously, you all fight for comparing SNSD and AKB48?

    SNSD is roaming the world, known and famous in a lot of countries. And it’s not fair to compare AKB48 and SNSD! ( I’m a SNSD fan, though)

    look at wikipedia about Girls’ Generation. And if you read the Contents (that has blue links), you can see Awards. If you click it, you directed to an article named: List of awards and nominations received by Girls’ Generation, CLICK IT. YOU CAN SEE A LOT OF AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS.

    Do the same for AKB48 at wikipedia.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Girls%27_Generation –>SNSD

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AKB48 –> AKB48

    How ironic, comparing them.

    I don’t see the reason why you should call AKB48 ‘whores’, are they a sex machine or something? NOT. I don’t see the reason why you should call SNSD ‘plastics’. Do they have a plastic surgery? NOT. YEAH, NOT. WHY? LOOK AT VIDEOS AND PICTURES THAT COMPARES THEIR FACES.


    And you don’t know that nose can be different if seen by different angles?

    And you don’t know that make up, cosmetics, and PUBERTY, GROW NORMALLY CAN CHANGE THEIR FACES???????????? THEIR BODY????????

    And what pics do you AKB48 haters have to prove they are sluts?

    They are in different level. Just enjoy both. They are both talented. If not, they wouldn’t have been famous.

    Does SNSD bashed AKB48?

    Does AKB48 bashed SNSD?


    Then why you both fans of them quarrel with each other?? If they see your comments, they would have dissapointed for having such…rabid fangirls and fanboys.

  76. princeugiba says:

    I like Snsd and AKB48. I started to like them both at the same time . I like them both a lot.

    I am disappointed in how some my fellow Snsd fans are acting.

    . In all fairness It can be said that at least one member from each group might have gotten plastic surgery . Each groups members that rumored to have gotten plastic surgery. In reality more K-pop have had plastic surgery done or are rumored to have than J-pop stars. Also S.M entrainments encourages plastic surgery .
    Wearing bikinis does not make you a slut and it is not bad for children. Then half the people in world are sluts .That was only in four music videos where they are wearing them
    Many of the other videos they are perfectly respectable outfits . In fact a lot of the outfits that girl’s generations are sexier . In the Mr. Taxi repackaged
    what are the wearing? Black leather outfits that seems a lot more kinky and more sexual then a bikini.
    None of AKB48’s videos are porn if you think this then you must be from a world that is very pure and boring and you must be prude .
    K-pop is becoming globalized much more faster J-pop. Also S.M entertainment does heavy promotions of their musicians outside of korea . AKB48 is promoted in the extent outside of Japan that Girl’s Generation is. Girl’s Generation choreography is better in general but AKB48 can have some great choreography that good rival Girl’s Generation like Beginner . They are both great groups they are just marketed different . Girl’s Generation is marked as Sexy , Mature and Confident while they marketed AKB48 as cute . Comparing them is not fair . They are different . Really, horny ontaku like both groups that has nothing to do with anything. My favorite member from Girl’s Generation is Jessica because she is a bad ass . From AKB48 it is Tomomi Itano because she has great solo singles.

  77. Haruka says:

    AKB48 🙂

    Go Sayaka 😀

  78. LETS BE FRIENDS! says:

    I’m not going to write a huge article(no one will read) to compare snsd and akb48

    snsd is the best of k-pop…. (girl groups)
    akb48 is the best of j-pop….(girl groups)

    snsdvs akb48 ( wrong)
    snsd AND akb48 ( RIGHT!) these two amazing groups shouldn’t be verses each other! they should put hand to hand to RULE Asia…if they did a duo-song together , it would be SICK !!

    Cant you see that the author is just trying making you fight to make more comments!!
    Her love to akb48 = snsd , she knows that no one will win , she is just trying to make her article more successful!!
    SONES+AKB48 FANS ( VS ) Any one tries to make Snsd and akb48 enemies!

    -AKB48 fans try listening to snsd songs and learn about them….I’m sure you’ll love them.
    -SAME to Sones….akb deserves you attention! They are good,lovely and interesting.
    -SONES AND AKB48 fans Let’s be FRIENDS !and give one ultimate love to our TWO LOVELY GROUPS ^-^

    U ❤ sexy/ beautiful /sweet /full of talents YURI- U ❤ sexy/ beautiful / sweet / full of talents YUKIRIN!
    U ❤ adorkable shorty leader TAEYEON- ———-U ❤ love adorkable shorty leader TAKAMINA!
    U ❤ cute /sweet heart SUNNY———————- U ❤ cute /sweet heart MAYUYU!
    U ❤ beautiful/amazing actress/dear YOONA—–U ❤ beautiful/amazing actress/dear AACHAN!
    U ❤ smiley / beautiful / clumsyTIFFANY——— U <3l smiley / beautiful / clumsyYUKO!
    U ❤ unique/hardcore/funny HYOYEON ————U ❤ unique/hardcore/funny SAE!
    U ❤ gorgeous / cold JESSICA————————U ❤ gorgeous / cold KOJI-HARU
    U ❤ innocent beautySOEHYUN———————U ❤ innocent beauty TOMOCHIN!
    U ❤ hilarious/ model figure SOOYOUNG———-U ❤ hilarious/ model figure MARICO-SAN!

  79. domo-kun says:

    OMG!!! ………………… is this happening to you guys. if I” were you just stop it and let each other become friends and support each group :D. both of them really rule.

  80. Dadonting says:

    AKB48 is just for weaboo loosers, AKB48 is full of high-school drop outs and future porn stars (already happened to one of them). And this is coming from a guy that’s into Japanese stuff and barely knows anything about Korea, SNSD is way better. AKB48 is just a joke, just how K-On is a joke to anime. Just because something sells well, doesn’t make it any good.

    • Starscream says:

      High school drop outs? afaik, they still continue with their education. I can name at least two members who is currently in college. future porn star? really after just one of them who went that route, you’re declaring that all of them are future porn star?

  81. Dadonting says:

    Also this isn’t dissing Japan or Japanese people, I like them just like any other nation (I’m really into Japanese stuff). But AKB48 is just shit. They can’t even sing. There’s waaaay better “J-Pop” artists.. mostly solo artists are better that the crappy Japanese girl.. nay wank groups.

  82. Braindamaged says:

    While I like watching the “oh so talented”,”goddesses” as a way of entertainment but then again I look at the one I love and realize she not all that! She just a simple girl and I love her dearly. The feeling I have from watching AKB48 is just the same, and the feeling I have for SNSD is just “you’re here 4 my entertainment” Don’t care about how they perform or plastic surgery .etc.. Just from the feeling that they apeal to deliver! People have different feeling. So let’S respect each other.
    I don’t think that anyone want to hear others insult their love. But depend on most of comment from SNSD fan. I know why, without a doubt, SNSD anti fans is more than SNSD fans! You SONEs are just plain rude and have no respect to anyone! With that kind of attitude u guys are ruin SNSD’s image in everybody’s eyes

  83. Braindamaged says:

    While I like watching the “oh so talented”,”goddesses” as a way of entertainment but then again I look at the one I love and realize she not all that! She just a simple girl and I love her dearly. The feeling I have from watching AKB48 is just the same, and the feeling I have for SNSD is just “you’re here 4 my entertainment” Don’t care about how they perform or plastic surgery .etc.. Just from the feeling that they apeal to deliver! People have different feeling. So let’S respect each other.
    I don’t think that anyone want to hear others insult their love. But depend on most of comment from SNSD fan. I know why, without a doubt, SNSD anti fans is more than SNSD fans! You SONEs are just plain rude and have no respect to anyone! With that kind of attitude u guys are ruin SNSD’s image in everybody’s eyes

  84. anonymous says:

    JUST because something sells well INTERNATIONALLY, doesn’t make it any good.

  85. Vocaloid says:

    VOCALOIDS is way better than SNSD and AKB48…

    Hatsune Miku rules! =)

  86. sammy says:

    The pettiness of both AKB48 fans and SNSD fans are shown here, so I don’t get why some of these AKB fans start blaming Sones only, when even the FIRST comment of this page actually insulted SNSD just to put AKB48 in a higher pedestal.

    So some of you AKB48 fans don’t go all ‘holier than thou’ and think that your ‘fandom’ is any better than Sones. Both sides have ridiculously rude and obsessive fans.

    I love both of these groups, why? Because they’re somewhat alike yet different enough that they actually compliment each other, in term of being in interest.

    Both groups have dorky girls which pretty much is the reason why I actually like them more and more. For you non AKB48 fans try searching for their videos like AKBingo/Shukan or their documentary in Guam. For you non SNSD fans try searching for their ‘Funny videos’ on Youtube because there are tons of them, or watch their Intimate Note, Star Golden Battle, Hello Baby or other variety shows. Both of these groups are entertaining to watch hence why I said they’re somewhat similar.

    In term of quality, K-Idols and J-idols are very different, SNSD is asked for perfection hence why people criticize them so hard during their early days just because of a couple lipsynced performance, the double standards they faced in the market itself (bashed because they wore shorts yet male idols can go prowl the stage shirtless), can’t say/do any wrong without K-netizens be on their back (KPop fangirls can be over excessive). AKB48 concept is very different from SNSD, they are not meant to be seen as perfect because their concept is pretty much ‘an idol that you can meet’ so they’re not trained to be perfect.

    In term of performance, I don’t really think it can really be compared. AKB48 media senbatsu consists of more than 10 (usually 12-16) people at each performance and they sometimes rotate, also when it comes to big performances in concerts etc they have SO many girls performing the more than 60 people from AKB48+KKS, and the 48 families taking part as well (watch Kohaku 2011 to see how BIG the 48 family actually is). So the energy level and perfection is of course different. AKB48 may look more energetic and lively but that’s a given since there’s many people involved, but the downside is that they can look very messy (ex: their choreography). SNSD may look more synchronized because there’s less people and if one member make a wrong move (ex: Tiffany) it can look very noticeable, but because they have less members and can’t really rotate they may look less lively on stage.

    In term of vocal, I believe in my opinion Taeyeon is still the best from these 2 groups. That doesn’t mean AKB48 have no good singers, Yuka, Yuki, Sayaka, Takamina are some of the good singers in AKB48 and some other girls are decent and definitely can hold a note. In SNSD Taeyeon is also NOT the only one that can sing (it really irks the hell out of me when people say that only Taeyeon can sing). Jessica, Tiffany, Seohyun and Sunny CAN sing, they have released OST songs and other collaboration.

    In term of dancing, I haven’t really seen any AKB48 girl that is really being marketed as the best dancer (such as Hyoyeon in SNSD) but that doesn’t mean that they can’t dance. Sure they may not be as synchronized as SNSD but they can move and do a choreography. Check out AKB48 River for those that haven’t seen AKB48. Also I believe SKE48 is a better performer (in term of dancing) than AKB48 these days.

    In term of songs, lyrics and concepts. I admit AKB48 sure give out more variation in term of songs choices, concepts and music videos. They have some of the best music videos in my opinion, their latest release, Give Me Five had a nice storyline video and the meaning of the song itself is very beautiful. SNSD videos are rather redundant in my opinion, the usual close up shots, and shots of them dancing in sets can get tiring, I wish SME took a different and a more creative approach towards their videos next time. SNSD lyrics may be a little funny and nonsensical at times (ex: Oh!) but some are great, Into the New World, The Boys Korean version has great meaning to it, especially this line in The Boys “If you haven’t even tried to start because you’re scared then please don’t complain, If you hesitate, all opportunities will pass you by, open your heart and come out”. This is just their main promoted songs, they have other such as Himnae, Complete, Best Friend, Forever, etc, so don’t say they have no meaning songs when you don’t even know them.

    In term of success, both are very very successful groups. AKB48 broke so many records and they just had their 8th consecutive million first week single sold. SNSD just kept breaking records as well, even can compete with male groups in term of album sales (in Korea that’s very hard to do), one of the few that have very strong public appeal as well as fanbase support. Internationally, SNSD is slowly but surely is expanding, they just broke the record for Hot 200 album chart for a Korean act (TTS mini album), and they have done many sold out concerts outside of Korea (Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, China, HongKong) and they also did very well on some of these countries music charts. AKB48 since last year has started their rather intense promotion outside of Japan, they have opened up their shop in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan and have officially launched their first outside of Japan sister group (JKT48) so I can only assume their presence outside of Japan will be even more felt these upcoming years. So both are very very successful girl groups on their own, and had achieved many things and break records along their career.

    Also the whole ‘SNSD/AKB48 is plastic’ and ‘SNSD/AKB48 are sluts’ insults are old and very tiring. None of these girls have officially admitted and none have had concrete proofs on their ‘plastic’ deal (I don’t really consider some old/bad taken photos as facts), so I don’t see why anyone would think that their opinion equals facts when in fact the actual facts are yet to present themselves. Sure some may look different when they’re younger (ex: Itano and Yuri) but I personally don’t care if they did it or not, it’s their face, their life, their decision not mine, and I don’t know why being plastic is that much of an issue that suddenly people hate them personally for it. The whole ‘sluts’ deal is also very funny, especially when it’s concerning SNSD. Many SNSD haters/non fans like to insult them for wearing short/revealing clothing but these people are fans of groups that like to rip their shirt on screen or do hip thrusts and suggestive moves or other groups that also have worn revealing clothing. So yes this double standards and hypocrisy is hilarious to me. AKB48 choice of attire such as in Ponytail, Everyday Kachuusa, Heavy Rotation, etc sure may come across as shocking to some people that are not accustomed to it. It did took me by surprise as well, but in the end I realize that it’s different culture after all. Japan is quite normal in term of gravure and modeling like this, so it’s not really out of the ordinary for them. It doesn’t mean that they’re sluts just because they wore bikinis. Be more open minded about stuff like this. Also just because one graduate chose her path as an AV actress doesn’t mean that AKB48 is full of it, that generalization is stupid and unjustified.

    These two groups also didn’t have their success handed to them on a silver platter, they worked their way from the bottom to be the way that they are now. SNSD faced tough criticism and treatment from anti fans even before they debuted, they were called ‘SME clearance sale’ by some people/journalists, they performed in front a black ocean caused by the pettiness of some fanclubs from other groups. AKB48 had to hand out flyers to promote their theater performances and their 1st stage performance was only attended by 7 people. These two are also some of the groups that get nonsense hate from some international KPop/JPop listener, they have been called plastic or sluts a lot of times, but they’re still the best in their respective countries and some of the most successful Asia girl groups. They also got their breakthrough in 2009 (Gee for SNSD, River for AKB48) so I don’t get why fans of these two groups have to go at each other throats and insults the groups when in fact they have their similarities in term of ‘fate’ when it comes to their journey of success.

    A conclusion to this very long post, is that I don’t see why people need to think that one one is better than the other, and post their opinions in a form of bashing. Sure you may not like both groups, but just because you like one over the other doesn’t mean the other one ‘suck’ or other people are stupid for liking them. It’s sad that this page is on the front page when people actually googled ‘SNSD AKB48’ and it’s actually filled with nonsense arguments.

    Good luck to both groups and I hope in the future people can be more respective towards others.

  87. ぼくは、SNSDより、AKB48のほうが、パフォーマンスの差で優位であり、上手に踊れているので、AKB48に軍配を上げたいと想い、願っております。

    AKB48 For WIN!

  88. venusianlove48too says:

    haha.. AKB48 vs SNSD? don’t kidding me
    nothing special in snsd. even snsd can not beat akb48’s sister like HKT48 or JKT48 in all aspect.

  89. eric says:

    Reading from the top to the bottom made me used up 3 hours, and wow keep on going i want to read more of this and, well i am a bit lost on some comments whic is short and childish, but hey why fight online, i admit AKB48 had their weakness and snsd too, and for years i had seen this quarell over K-pop and other song genre.
    i am into AKB since the age of 12, and i can say that yes there are 2(sisters) in AKB that go to JAV, but that is after bthey graduated(resigned) from the unit, SNSD ok no prove on plastic surgery, and well people can change through years right?
    also starscream is the most perfect example of a fan, he deserve a medal XD
    “being a fan isn’t about being there from the begining, it’s about bring therre til the end”-Alex Gaskarth

    • erialis says:

      just 1 ex-akb48 who went down that road AFTER quitting the group. She breached her contract that say she must not pursue a career that will tarnish the image of akb48 for a period of 3 years after leaving akb48. Her sister was not an akb48 member.

  90. krazy kitty says:

    in truth, im not an snsd fan nor an akb48 fan

    however, snsd does have the more training so theyre obviously are going to be more polish and look pro when they debut compared to akb48 who only had a month or 2 to prepare before they debut. however, becuz of the lack of training of snsd, akb48 have that innocent look in the beginning and later developes as they begin to grow up in the group

    and as for as i can see, snsd does seems way popular than akb48 cuz more people talk to about them compared to akb48. but u cant compare a group’s popularity in one country. akb48 is more popular than snsd in japan and vice versa for snsd in korea. you have to see overall throught the world about popularity. and obviously sones and/or kpop fans believe that snsd is better than akb48. the same akb fans and/or jpop fans believe akb48 is better.

    personally, and this is just an opinion, i like snsd becuz i find large numbers of members in a group to be a little much hence is one of the reasons why i dont like super junior and i dont like sub groups. i dont believe that a group should have a few subgroups that perform seperately. i think if groups should perform as a whole for the most part.

  91. Lucient says:

    Like, what the hell.
    All through the year, I see SNSD lovers shooing AKB48 ? 😦
    What’s with these over-retarded fans. :/
    AKB48 isn’t even focused on music.
    They’re categorized as ” everyday idol “.
    They have to be there everyday, in their theater.
    They’re mostly available for the fans in one place, that is Akihabara.
    That explains why they lack international support.
    What’s with these prejudices like ” they suck coz they don’t go inter ” ?
    Bullshit. If Japan could make clones, AKB48 would be all over the world. 😡
    I don’t hate SNSD, they’re pretty alright.
    But they’re different kinds of idol to begin with —
    AKB48 sells what you’d call cuteness, more.
    SNSD sells the pretty and elegant style.
    Where else you get to laugh ( or go aaaaaw ) at idols getting pranked, like, weekly ?
    Or even daily, sometimes. You only get them in AKB48.
    So stop trying to compare through things like :
    1. age seniority
    2. noob/pro choreography
    3. album sales
    4. because you’ve never heard of them ( sigh )

    I see that, many people of course love the first of their everything.
    Like people prefer Nova over PewDie, and vice versa on youtube.
    ( some random example there, don’t mind too much )
    Once you’ve had a taste, you’ll feel that ” they’re not that bad after all “.
    But, you’ll go ” fck, my fav is still better, fags ! International popularity proves it ! ”
    To those SNSD-lover-and-AKB48-hater people, go, watch AKBingo.
    That is a weekly comedy show. You’ll get what I mean by different kinds of idol.
    To those AKB48-lover-and-SNSD-hater, well, I’m not that well-versed in SNSD,
    my cousin is, and she rubs it on me.
    ( and I like SNSD when she tells me about them / shows me a song or two from them )
    Well, go ahead and look up some of their video clips, I guess.
    They focus on that, right ? So their main attraction should be those.

    VERY not looking forward to fan wars. Peace&Love!

  92. Yolo says:

    maybe the girls can do a porn shoot together and then admit that 2ne1 is the best…….O.O IM JOKING……HAHAHAHAHA *troll face

  93. erialis says:

    I came across this site while researching into idol groups. Superficial, to say the least, if you support a group without understanding the company that owns them.

    SMTOWN have eyes on the international market even before BoA (loved her until she debut in the States). Their artistic direction for their artistes are targeted at general audience. SMTOWN’s marketing direction likewise points their artistes towards worldwide popularity. SMTOWN is a full-fledged profit-making company that invests in their artistes for a generous sum of ROI.

    Aki-P, in contrast to a huge company that has support from its government, is just one very famous lyricist who came up with a refreshing idea. akb48’s accounts have been in the reds for years before they got the break they needed. He never planned to penetrate the international market, he just wanted to fulfill dreams, the dreams of wotas who can meet their idols daily and the dreams of girls who wants to be an idol. That’s not to say he didn’t plan to cash in on akb48, but I find it to be a secondary agenda.

    SNSD, being under SMTOWN, would naturally garner more popularity worldwide due to the company’s marketing effort. akb48, despite the lack of global publicity, has fans across the world too. The difference? SNSD’s popularity was generated through intense PR and marketing effort. akb48’s popularity was spread from wotas to new wotas through the internet, sharing videos and linking forums and such.

    kpop brand artistes as gods and goddesses and angels because it sells. The perfection in artistes triggers the fantasy and desire to be like them. The porcelain beauty and impeccable figure drives a person crazy because of that psychological complex all human beings have. jpop brand artistes as idols because it sells too. The approachable characters and down-to-earth interaction and the close connection wotas have with their idols make them look up to the artistes, and believe in them when they relay songs that ask them to “gambate ne?”

    Having years of experience working on production for performance arts, I can only say that “bad publicity is still publicity”. That is why SNSD haters learn about SNSD and akb48 haters learn about akb48.

    in the end, we are all fools to the companies that created these artistes. So please, don’t waste so much energy on who’s to love and who’s not. We can idolise, but that cannot be our life.

    I’m an akb48 fan btw.. miichan ❤ & aachan ❤

  94. hương says:

    akb is much better than snsd.Snsd isbaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

  95. batgirl says:

    no competition whatsoever. SNSD dominates hands down. look at the likes/dislike bars on each group’s youtube videos. it’s pretty apparent. honestly, AKB48 look like sluts with their bikinis and lingeries. it’s obvious that they’re trying to attract old pedo sex maniacs. it’s such a waste because they look so young and innocent and look like nice girls if they wear decent clothing. SNSD are always classy (except when they have their adorkable nerdy moments in varieties ^^ ). and AKB48 barely promotes outside of Japan. SNSD is global. ask my school here in the US to dance SNSD’s Gee and a good 15% would know the dance. but show the school an AKB48 video and probably less than 5% would even know who they are. i really don’t have anything against the girls of AKB48, i just hate how they are being “packaged.”

    • me says:

      i would appreciate if u didnt call AKB48 sluts. They arent trying to attract old pedos wearing bikinis and lingeries. They wore bikinis in the mv Sayonara Crawl but that was because they were on a beach. You expect them to wear casual clothing to the beach and swim while wearing it? No. You don’t. Have some common sense. Though i dont get what the point of them wearing lingerie in the mv Heavy Rotation was BUT AKB48 is better. This isnt a popularity contest or something. So who cares if SNSD is more known than AKB48. That doesnt determine who’s better. I personally prefer AKB48 better. Their dance and singing might not be perfect but thats why they still practice hard to become better and better. For themselves. For the staff. For their fans. They are, is and always will be the no.1 idol group.

      I’m just wondering. Who knows of VOCALOID? ^_^

  96. who says:

    are you kidding?
    you, the fan who bashing, is the one who make your idol looks bad 🙂

    just be calm, i’m sure snsd and akb member don’t have any problem each other.

    if you love your idols, make your idols or your fandom looks good 🙂

    i like jpop. but, i don’t know akb so much,
    and i like kpop too, but i don’t know snsd so much. x3

    • Starscream says:

      Are you kidding? did you even read the article or did you just see the title and assume that I bashed one of them? This is the most fucking objective akb48 and snsd comparison that you’ll ever see on the net.

      Next time, fucking read the article first before commenting.

  97. LOve says:

    that’s BULL SHIT. AKB48 dance moves are so gay, lame and uncreative. the big differences between akb48 and SNSD is that SNSD are all rounder they can dance sing and choreograph and the same time while akb48 cant. also snsd does american style dance and they own while akb only can do boring left right up and down. akb are so desperate that they have to be in panties and bra to get more audiences. and also the system in japan for Kawaii is a bit fucked up. nearly all akb girls look like a 13 year olds thats messed. while snsd look like there age.

    SNSD 10X better than akb….

  98. LOve says:

    that’s BULL SH**. AKB48 dance moves are so gay, lame and uncreative. the big differences between akb48 and SNSD is that SNSD are all rounder they can dance sing and choreograph and the same time while akb48 cant. also snsd does american style dance and they own while akb only can do boring left right up and down. akb are so desperate that they have to be in panties and bra to get more audiences. and also the system in japan for Kawaii is a bit ****** up. nearly all akb girls look like a 13 year olds thats messed. while snsd look like there age.

    SNSD 10X better than akb….

    • Starscream says:

      I am under the impression that you are trying to say that SNSD is superior because they do American Style dance? I figured you are an American because you posted your comment, didnt see it immediately and posted it again 3x before realizing that all comments has to be approved first.

  99. hellohello7 says:

    who cares! i fucked alot koreans while i was working there. i said wanna come home with me to Australia ” love you long time hahaha” dont mind fake tits and face, but wouldnt marry or idolize one.

    ooo big one you very big…

  100. Dark72 says:

    If it’s come to quallity Ɲ skill SNSD much better… Their coreography n’ voice make me thrill,the song is in good quallity too… Like into the new world,the boys,run devil run,Ɲ many more…
    Ɲ for Akb48… Ohh come’on…. WTF!? It’s just worth fapping material…. There are 48+ girl in their group n’ keep changing after all… So,suck a d**k!!!

  101. justanotherwotapassingby says:

    Comparing these two totally different girl groups is pointless in the first place. This is like ketchup vs mustard. Honestly, SNSD is a just a normal girl group recording artist formed by a famous talent agency (S.M.). AKB is an idol group based on the concept of “idols you can meet” which is produced by a single dude (of course he didn’t gather all of them by himself). They have their own theater where they perform regularly every week and held frequent handshake events where fans are be able to meet their favorite idols face to face. This is by far their biggest difference when compared to SNSD which only regularly record singles, go on a nationwide/worldwide tour etc. AKB also record singles/produce albums/touring but the total number of AKB singles/stage songs are fucking countless. If I were to randomly write a number, it would be around 150 or maybe even more! This is actually not surprising since they have lots of members, duh!

    Also, the reason why SNSD is moar popular worldwide is because of the Korean government’s incentives on promoting the Korean culture (K-POP/kimchi/gangnam etc) to the world. That is why J-POP is dropping deep in popularity worldwide these past few years. Hell I can write about K-POP and J-POP all day but enough on that.

    Single/Album saleswise: I don’t think there’s any other musical acts in Asia(the world even) that can match AKB’s ridiculous number sales in a very short time. Their latest single So Long ! sold over a million in a week. Right now, they top the ORICON weekly singles charts.

    1. “So long!” – AKB48 : 2/20 (1,035,986)

    2. “THE NEVER ENDING STORY” – E-girls : 2/20 (40,055)

    Just look at the difference between first place and second! Their strategy of dividing the singles into three different types [Type A/Type K/Type B likewise] is one of the major contributors to the high number of sales. Normal fans like me would probably survey what kind of songs does this type of single offer or which member appeared at the front cover but the hardcore of the hardcores would buy all of them! Hell some even buy all in a bulk! Selling a million singles in a week has been their trend since 2011. The continuity of their ridiculous streak is somewhat amazing both in good/bad way.

    The writer of this blog wrote about AKB’s variety. I can’t agree more cos in terms of songs choice, they have the energetic idol-like songs such as Iiwake Maybe and Oogoe Diamond. If you prefer the more mellow ballad songs, there’s their Sakura songs such as Sakura no Hanabiratchi and Sakura no Ki ni Narou which they release annually, usually around spring. So Long ! is also an example of their Sakura song. They also have the more dance-themed songs such as River, Beginner and UZA complimented with a more sophisticated dance routine than any other of their songs. Not to forget they also have stage songs which they usually perform for their theatre/concerts. Earlier this year, they had just released studio recordings of their stage songs. Some of the famous ones are AKB Sanjou and Nagisa no Chieri. They even have a self-titled stage song which basically describes them. One of the more interesting things about AKB is their unique annual Senbatsu elections where each year fans vote for their favorite members and the winner gets to become choreography center for the next single. Based on last year’s election, top 16 gets to be featured in the music video of the Senbatsu single. Senbatsu elections are the biggest event in the annual AKB calendar. They have 3 sister groups in Japan, 2 sister groups in other countries in Asia and even an official rival. I don’t really like the idea of having sister groups or official rivals though but Aki-P (their producer/lyricist) has lots of money so he can do anything he likes. I don’t care. He can rip off the wallets of every single living Japanese and I don’t really care. It’s not like I’m even buying one. And ask me whether I prefer AKB or SNSD, I’d choose variety all day, everyday.

    I hope this unnecessary debate is over after this. I don’t know whether those who thrashes AKB here are really SNSD fans or maybe some of them just hate AKB or J-POP in general. Okay, most of AKB songs are childish and lacks substance unlike SNSD songs but the main target of AKB songs are for the young-male adults demographic. I think all idol groups in Japan targets the same audience. So, it’s not surprising that most of their songs are lacking in substance to compare with SNSD where SNSD targets international audience because of the Korean Wave spreading all over the world. SNSD also have Japanese/English translated songs but AKB doesn’t even have a Korean translated song. The only song I remembered they translate into English was Oogoe Diamond where they perform at New York on 2009. The songs translated into Mandarin/Malay by SNH48 and JKT48 respectively doesn’t count! I don’t really listen to K-POP unless my friends are begging me to or something like Gangnam Style comes again. I’m not even really into J-POP. I just started following AKB last year because of AKB0048. Yes, I was more of an anime otaku before I ventured into the AKB-verse. Now I’m more of a wota, I think. I’d love to write more about 0048 but I bet no one likes long comments hehehe

    One last thing from me: sometimes, more is definitely better and this is one of those times. Oh, as of right now, I can properly write at least 48 names of 250++ AKB48 active/graduated/sister groups/research students members. I have a fucking good memory.

    • Starscream says:

      I dont understand how you can say what i can and cannot compare, ketchup is red, mustard is yellow. there I just compared the 2 condiments that you used as an example. listen if you’re going to comment about something make sure to reply on the comment that you want to comment on, just posting on the article itself makes it sound that you are commenting about the article.

      oh btw, i find it funny that you think that SNSD’s song has substance, have you ever seen the translation of their lyrics? and you say this is because of them targeting international audience, well i think the opposite, it is because that they are targeting international audience that SNSD’s song lacks substance. as with most asian artist, international audience means US. listening to western songs, have you ever thought that their song has substance?

  102. justanother48fan says:

    I don’t even understand why we compare both groups in the first place, they are just totally different and the concept is not the same. The war the fans created to determine who the best out of the two is is just stupid. I’m a fan of both actually but personally, I like AKB48 more. However it doesn’t mean they are better than SNSD or SNSD is better than AKB. I don’t usually comment on stuff like this (I don’t even know how I came across this article) but sometimes, enough is enough. As a fan of AKB48, I just can’t watch and do nothing about the hate they get. It’s natural; the fan should defend the idol. I don’t mind if you like SNSD more than AKB, but I just can’t handle the same old arguments haters give. I often read comments like “AKB are sluts/porn stars, they are only popular because they sing in bikini and lingerie” and “Their fans are just old perverted men”. Obviously if you say that, you don’t know a shit about them. To prove my point and give arguments I would make you watch their documentaries but they are 8 hour long in total and I don’t think you want to watch that. Doesn’t it get on your nerves when haters say “SNSD are all plastic and they only attract ahjussi/uncle fans.”? It’s all the same superficial arguments and you know they are not all true. If you know or understand nothing about them, don’t say anything. Rather than degrading the group you don’t know about, how about you praise the group you are a fan of? I won’t ask you to like AKB48 but don’t judge them and assume stuff based on the rumors you read on the web or the 4~5 out of 30+ music videos that you watched.

    Just one thing I wanted to point out, it is true that AKB have music videos in which they are dancing in bikini and in lingerie. I myself feel like some of the fan service in their videos are useless and they could have been avoided. But how does that make them whores? Someone pointed out that SNSD wore short shorts but it was okay because everyone wears them. So, are you telling me that girls don’t wear bikinis during the summer? (In America and Europe to say the least) You don’t go to the beach fully clothed do you? Maybe what is disturbing you is not that they are dancing in bikini, but that they are popular because they are dancing in bikini. If that was true, they would have been popular way back during their debut days in 2005-2006 when they were called “Panties Showing Idol Group”. In fact, it was only in 2009 that they had their first #1 single on the Oricon charts. The single was “RIVER”, a song about chasing one’s dream and not giving up no matter what obstacles you’ll face. In the music video, they were dressed in military outfits and they were struggling in the deep forest. AKB48 does sell sex (But in this age, who doesn’t anyway?) but they also give hope through their songs. They have songs about dreams, youth, suicide, friendship and so much more subjects you could relate to. I believe there’s a message and there’s a deeper meaning to their songs, and that inspire me. For your information, I’m a girl and I’m not a fan of them because they dance in bikini. If you follow their activities and their charity works, you will know that they are appreciated by children, teenagers and elders, both men (I won’t deny that they are the majority) and women.

    They are idols in the entertainment industry. What do you expect from them? These girls worked extremely hard to be where they are now. They are not the best singers or dancers out there but they train and improve throughout their career. Their performances are not perfect, but they are doing their best. They enjoy what they do best, and that is bringing smiles on people’s face, mine included.

  103. landax says:

    Pls do a research before judging! AKB48=entertainers, SNSD=singers. So, it is useless to compare these two. SNSD maybe good at singing but as for me I like how AKB48 put their emotions onto their songs. I like SNSD but I like AKB48 better. But overall, both of them are awesome. So please stop bashing before u do a further research. Respect others.

    • Starscream says:

      Both are idols, hence can be compared, I dont know how the fuck did you came up with the part where I bashed them, oh please, I have already dedicated a good 2 years of my online life learning everything that is available about akb48, and so as SNSD, statistically speaking, whatever it is that you think you know about any of them, I probably already know. Almost anything can be compared if one wants to as long as they have some form of similarity. In the entire article, I presented to you observation, in the most unbiased way possible, have you seen any line that said that one is better than the other? of course you didnt notice that because you didnt fucking read the fucking article, you fucking moron.

  104. Tinyurl.com says:

    This specific post, “AKB48 vs SNSD

  105. Hey! Quick question that’s entirely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My site looks weird when browsing from my iphone. I’m trying to find a
    template or plugin that might be able to correct this issue.

    If you have any suggestions, please share. Cheers!

  106. me says:

    The only reason y AKB48 dances include a lot of hand movements and isnt as complicated as SNSD’s dance is because they r idols. Idol dances focuses mainly on hand movements which gives the dance more of a cute appeal. The reason their dance isnt as complicated as SNSD’s dances are so that their fans can (if they wish) dance along with them and if its just hand movements fans can do so whilst in their seats. AKB48 care a lot about their fans. They don’t care about which group is more popular. They just want their guests to enjoy themselves fully at all their concerts. Thats why they are a better group.

  107. Shino says:

    Ah… I read like half of the comments here… But most of them were bashing either groups, so gomen I can’t really remember what was in the article…

    But would like to make a few points here as an AKB fan and someone who was just starting to like SNSD…

    Well, AKB48 was mostly, at first, girls chasing after their dreams, not everyone had the training, but they just wanted to become idols and chase after their dreams. Since a lot of the girls at the beginning weren’t so great in the beginning, they trained and trained even though there were like 7 actual people that visited on their first performance. Rather than being the best in the world, it’s their hard work that counts. Maybe they aren’t as good as the SNSD performances, but don’t bash them like that! Acchan wasn’t the best at vocals! Taka couldn’t get her solo debut til quite late in the story, but she’s wanted to be a singer for a long time! At first, AKB was decided to be like school helping the members reach their dreams and then if they decide to they can graduate.

    About that idea that AKB48 sells sex. Ok, they do not do that. Basically everything is PG-13 minus two tiny details from around 2008. For certain songs such as Innocence in SKE48, the member has to be a certain age to sing it. Gravure is a part of Japan’s photobooks and pictures. Gravure doesn’t mean slutty activity, it’s just photos basically…

    Complaining about the number of girls in the group… It started with Akimoto-producer deciding to make a large group in Akihabara. Just say 48 girls, maybe you’re complaining about the huge number. At first it was 48 girls, no actually many original members quit… So they get switched in and out, I can feel that anger if you are a fan. You want your bias to be in the single, but they could be in the coupling song too… Oh, there’s too many girls to remember… Well, that’s why the fans do their best. I mean, I’m still learning, I learn new things and quirks about them everyday and that makes me happy…. Also, in a way having ’48’ girls is advantageous just in case members get sick, true, now that it’s in the hundreds, it’s getting a bit big…

    There’s HKT, JKT, SKE, NMB, and SNH… But even if it was for expansion of fanbase, at least it created new dreams, stars, and happiness… By the AKB does have foreign expansions. JKT48 in Jakarta is pretty thriving from what I’ve seen. SNH48, well the fans seem pretty happy, they might not be as much known as JKT though, but Chinese fans get the joy of their AKB group plus Mariyanuu and Sae-kun as well.

    About AKB seeming disgustingly cutesy, kawaii, or not their age… Well, that’s their character! Lemon is supposed to be childish and it’s not like she’s trying to be a sexy character in the first place! Mariko-sama, if she looked old, what would have happened to her career? Jurina, maybe she looks too mature sometimes which may be a problem, but being a mature kid isn’t always bad. AKB has a variety of people… Hirari(Hillary), Bakaei(Kawaei), Sou-chan(Midget Takamina…) and etc… But thinking that they’re all weird and not their age is wrong!!
    Kojiharu has an adult like image. So she’s a bit airheaded… Yeah….
    Yukirin is pretty sexy, but since I’m female.. that’s weird to say…
    Mariko-sama has an adult feeling, but having that light-trollness of hers actually relieves fans sometimes…

    AKB is kind of geinin, funny, and exciting… maybe a bit stupid or annoying… But they’re lovable and fun and do their best in their performances.

    About sluttly clothing… Um, have you ever heard of GRAVURE?? Don’t look if you don’t want to. If you say that AKB or SNSD are sluts cause of their clothes, you’ve just made a lot of people mad. Plus, if you think about bikini types are almost always summer singles… Ponytail to shushu, um a beach… Yeah… WHO HEARD OF WEARING BIKINI’S TO BEACHES? Yes, backing up what someone else said… if you go to a beach… do you see at least one woman in a bikini, yes you do… so stop complaining about that. I do agree that Heavy Rotation and some other gay type things seem awkward… But for Katafina, at least there was a warning beforehand… AKB went into a lot of genres, Choir, Band, Rock, and etc so of course, you might expect a weird thing here and there… Thinking about the number of songs they have… Don’t complain, at least the songs themselves are enjoyable… Maybe not the best, but still enjoyable.

    AKB is gay and stuff….
    Well, not trying to insult you but anyone who reads yuri or yaoi fanfic like Exo fanfic with Boy X boy pairings or SNSD girl X girl pairings, then you’re considered a creepy gay if you’re going to say it like that. I mean, not trying to insult anyone cuz I enjoy fanfic(Girl X girl is good~)
    They act a bit close and friendly depending on the members… But there’s different types of people out there and you peeps aint all from the same place as these girls. I mean, Hirari lived in Arizona(USA) for a big block of her childhood and things like that… SO, katafina if you started out with that, not such a good thing with a kiss scene at the beginning, but just saying, I’m pretty sure Aki-P made an announcemetn about controversial topics in the PV so… It’s your fault that you were mentally scarred for life because you didn’t pay attention at all…

    I can’t say anything about SNSD since I barely know anything about them besides the fanfic and all, but I did enjoy the few songs I’ve heard from them so far.

    Um, ok, so everything I said that may have been insulting towards SNSD is only towards fans!
    Let’s hope for a friendship between SNSD and AKB48!!
    (Plus, at least in AKBingo, Girls Generation was called AKB’s rival and also, Oshima Yuko sang part of their song too) (It’s been pretty known by now at least that Myao is a fan of K-POP, i’m pretty sure one of SNSD’s member she likes…) Yoroshiku, now I shall go research SNSD so I can find out more about them~ Tehe~
    I don’t understand why I wrote all that, but anyone I insulted please forgive me, it’s a bad habit.

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