This AKB48 Member Reminds Me Of This SNSD Member

Regular readers of mine knows that I am an SNSD fan as well as an AKB48 fan. I’ve made posts about these two before and I even made an SNSD vs AKB48 post about them. Now, I would like to make a post about some of their similarities.

The similarities that I will point out will be for each members. As AKB48 has more members (48+ not including other sister groups and research students), I may compare one SNSD member to a number of AKB48 member. Similarities that will be pointed out may be their face, overall appearance, mannerism, and other quirks or talent. And so we begin…

Taeyeon =  Takahashi Minami(a lot qualities), Maeda Atsuko(reluctance in her role). Taeyeon and Takamina has a lot in common. Both of them are small. Both has been given the role of the leader. They are both good singers. As for Taeyeon and Acchan, both of them seems not too excited about the role that was given to them, Acchan being the ace(she stated this during her acceptance of 2nd place ranking in 2010 Senbatsu election) and Taengoo being the leader(she actually announced that she is resigning as the leader). Regardless, both of them still carries the burden given to them.

Jessica = Kashiwagi Yuki(ice princess). For one thing, they are both called princess. And while Yukirin is not as cold as Jessica, they both have an expression that is princess-like. They both don’t know much about cooking (Yukirin 600seconds episode and Jessica on Factory Girl second to the last episode). They don’t speak much.

Sunny = Minegishi Minami(variety skills). You might not agree about the other comparisons but on this one, you’ll have to agree. Both has excellent variety skills. They have also exhibited on TV shows how strong they are. They’re both adept in gaining the attention of the cameraman. (refer to any AKBINGO that she participated in for Minegishi and Invincible Youth for Sunny)

Tiffany = Kasai Tomomi(manners and aegyo/charm point). Though it differs, both Kasai’s and Tiffany’s charm point is in their eyes. Tiffany has the eye smile while Kasai has the droopy eyes. And while Kasai is not as outspoken as Tiffany, both of them will say what they want to say.

Hyoyeon = Erena Ono(gruff voice talent), Shizuka Oya(popularity). I’m not much of a Hyoyeon fan so I guess the comparison with Ono and her is a bit of a stretch. There was one episode I remember where Hyoyeon imitated the gruff voice of Louis Armstrong and though Ono may not be imitating the same person, there were a couple of AKBINGO episodes where she also did that kind of voice. Comparing Hyoyeon to Oya is just to tease my brother. Well, they both have the a low number of fans. Hyoyeon usually ends up dead last on popularity polls, especially if the poll was made in South Korea. As for Oya, well, read this article.

Yuri = Miyazawa Sae(boyish nature). Both of them are tall and have a nice body but they both have a boyish nature.

Sooyoung = Akimoto Sayaka(skin tone), Mariko Shinoda(height and build), Oshima Yuko(dealing with fear). Sayaka and Sooyoung both have darker skin compared to other members. Also, she’s like Mariko-sama when it comes to being the tallest member and a very thin frame. Both sported very short hair style. If any of you remember the Horror Movie Factory where Sooyoung cried because of fear, well Yuko’s the same too, except she fear balloons(or the popping of balloons). The two of them cries when dealing with what they fear.

YoonA = Matsui Jurina(alligator Smile). I know Jurina is from SKE48 but according to my brother who was quoting Yasushi Akimoto(Producer of AKB48), that outside the theater, all groups will be known as AKB48, whether your from SKE, NMB, or SDN. Also, I can’t think of anyone from AKB48 who is similar to Yoona, so to hell with it. Both of their smile are similar to an alligator (so says SONEs) and the Joker.

Seohyun = Kojima Haruna(image). Okay, I know that Seohyun is far mature compared to her age which is what Nyan-nyan seems to be the opposite of. But the way Seohyun projects her innocence is also the same way Nyan-nyan projects her naivety. Add to that both being fairly tall and their long hair.

So there you have it, my list of SNSD x AKB48 similarities of members. How about you? Which AKB48 member reminds you of the SNSD members?

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7 Responses to This AKB48 Member Reminds Me Of This SNSD Member

  1. fuloffaith says:

    Ran across this when I was looking for someone comparing Sooyoung with Mariko-sama. I guess you have my vote on that one. Same with Taeyeon with Takamina. Although I’m not really sure about Taeyeon and Maeda but I can see your point.

    For me it’d be like:
    Taeyeon = Takamina
    Sooyoung = Sayaka & Mariko (physically and they are all funny)
    Yoona = Maeda (the burden of being the face of their group)
    Yuri = Miichan (I’ve heard that Yuri is somewhat a prankster and well, if that is the case, then Miichan would be her counterpart)
    Sunny = Yuko & somewhat Miichan as well, but more on Yuko I guess.
    Hyoyeon = Sayaka & Natsumi (dancing skills and they are both funny)
    Seohyun = Mayu (both have that…innocence when you look at them)
    Jessica = Yuki (princess type)
    Tiffany = Haruna (both have charming/lovely smiles)

    I’m an Akb48 fan and I’m slowly beginning to be a fan of SNSD as well. I don’t know them (SNSD) that much but from what I watched/gathered, that’s how I see them. Just my opinion. 🙂

    • Starscream says:

      You make some nice points. I forgot about Yuri’s prank.

      I’m kind of your opposite in the way we became fan of the 2 group. I was an SNSD fan first and noticed AKB when SNSD went to Japan.

  2. firawota says:

    i prefer seohyun = jurina, they are the youngest of the group just my opinion ^^

  3. wasshoi b says:

    -I think Sooyoung would be more Sasshi/Myao. Myao is noisy and doesn’t quite respect her senpai (in a playful way). Sasshi is hilarious but also hetare.
    -Itano would be Jessica since people think she’s bitchy because of the way she looks, but actually she’s quite a sweet girl.
    -Matsubara Natsumi is Hyoyeon because they’re good at dancing. And Natsumi is not that popular but she has a decent fan following.
    -Yoona is Acchan. Face of the group.
    -Seohyun is Mayu. I remember sometime ago that Seohyun is not really into guys, Mayu doesn’t like guys either but she likes anime characters. Although they’re young, sometimes they can really spew poisonous words.
    -Tiffany is Minegishi because they talk a lot when they’re on shows.
    -Yuri is Sayaka because they like to exercise. Abs…
    -Sunny is Cindy(SDN)/Kasai. Cindy is the caring big sister. Kasai sometimes makes cute voices (chiyuu).
    -Taeyeon is Yuki. Yuki was made captain after the team shuffle and she wasn’t confident to do it, but she does it anyway. Even now, some people are still in doubt if Yuki is actually doing a good job at being team B leader, which I think how some people think of Tae. I’m sure they must be doing a good job.

    • Starscream says:

      Nice comparison. If I made this article today, after watching dozens of AKBINGO/0ji/1ji episodes, I would have copied most of what you’ve written.

  4. Christian says:

    Wow! I’m surprised no one has said Taeyeon = Yuko yet! They are so alike to me that it’s scary.

    1.Both are perverts
    2. Both are leaders(Taeyeon is the leader of SNSD. Yuko is captain of Team K)
    3. Both are extremely funny in the dorkiest way.
    4. Bot are pretty athletic. Yuko’s a runner and Taeyeon is pretty darn flexible. Look at her do a split.
    5. Both are SO DARN CUTE!

  5. Christian says:

    As for the group as a whole….:
    Taeyeon = Yuko Oshima
    Yoona = Maeda Atsuko
    Sooyoung = Takamina
    Seohyun = Oku Minami
    Jessica = Yuki
    Sunny = Mayuyu
    Hyoyeon = Akimoto Sayaka
    Tiffany = Tomoni Itano
    Yuri = Sashihara

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