House of Squared: April Update

April didn’t went as well as I hoped. I failed on my Plan A and is now stuck with my Plan C. There’s no news yet if I’ll be more fortunate with Plan B though I’m sure Plan G is out of the window as well as Plan F as long as that certain Pokemon sticks around.

So that’s that on what I have been doing in the past 3 months. Now we move to news about the site.

Blog Layout

Well, not much. I placed a rotating banner/header which took some PHP code editing because the theme designer/developer hard coded everything. Then after an hour of reading scripts and finally able to make the banner/header switch every refresh, I found a plugin which would have done all the work for me so FML.

Google Ads

I would like to thank all the visitors who have clicked on one of my Google Ads last March. Thank you all TEN of you. That provided me with a substantial amount and I’m planning on spending it on every luxury that I can buy for $1.28.

As for blog posts, I’ve been concentrating to gain some hits from AKB48 fans. Hopefully, I can make a post that is as successful as the Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Members. While having 75+ visitors on that particular post alone is not that much, getting into the first page second link of Google searches for the term ‘SNSD Members’ is an achievement for me. I am hoping to get about 15 posts with that kind of success in order to get some serious advertisers (or 1000 unique visitors daily).

Blog Stats

Some blog stats for the month of March:

Most Visited Post: Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Members

Best Referrer: Google (2nd place goes to Facebook, thanks to all my friends)

Best Search Term: SNSD Members

Most Clicked Link on my Site: found on the Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Member

Least Clicked Link: The Make a Donation button on the sidebar for Paypal donations.

Current Events

I have not posted much about current events as I am often busy watching AKB48 videos instead of posting about my opinion. While that is the case, I still read the news and other supplementary article about it. I also often listen to radio commentaries and interview of personalities involved in the issue. So while I’m not posting lengthy blog post about the news, I do have a couple sentences worth of opinion on them.

RH Bill – I am in favor of a Reproductive Health Law, I’m just not sure yet if I like the current RH Bill being pushed in the senate and congress. I want more focus on preventing teen pregnancies than preventing pregnancies from married couples.

Willie Revillame – I’m only interested if what he did will finally mean the end of his career.

Tax Evasion Case Against Mikey Arroyo – As my dad says, the case is a gimmick only if the government didn’t win.

Marcos Burial – well, honestly, it’s okay with me as long as they change the name from Libingan ng mga Bayani to Libingan ng mga Sundalo. Otherwise, let me, in behalf of all the Marcos victim, say FU to the 100+ congressmen who supported this.

Windows 7

I’m using Windows 7 now. It’s all nice and pretty but the search function sucks. I had to download a third party program in order to search for a text/string inside a file. I hate the new status bar which doesn’t show how big the files are. Though I like the speed of the boot-up but that may be because it’s a new install. I also like how the rename function no longer selects all the text in the filename including the extension name.

That’s it for now. I’m planning on composing a post entitled “My AKB48 Personal Media Senbatsu” which basically means my top 12 AKB48 member.


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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