AKB48 Senbatsu Election Primer

Update: click here for instructions on how to vote.

AKB48 Senbatsu Election is an annual event which started last 2009. Senbatsu, which literally means selection/choice, is what we call the girls included in the single that will be released.

This year is the 3rd Senbatsu election and to be eligible to vote, one must first buy their 21st single and be a member of their official fanclub or one of their mobile group.

For more details, you can visit King Records Website (Japanese) or check out the translation below c/o loveandcoffee of Stage 48:

Thank you for always supporting AKB48.

As we received many enquiries from the fans, hereby we announce the details of the “AKB48 22nd Single Senbatsu General Elections”.
Moreover, as a part of the “Dareka no tame ni” project, we will donate a part of the proceeds from the sales of the 21st single “Everyday, kachuusha” to the East Japan Earthquake relief.

AKB48 22nd Single Senbatsu General Elections ※Shortened in “AKB48 Third Elections”

The member lineup of AKB48’s 22nd single will be decided by the fans’ votes.

・AKB48 (Team A: 16 members, Team K: 16 members, Team B: 15 members, kenkyuusei: 23 members) total: 70 members
・SKE48 (Team S: 16 members, Team KII: 16 members, Team E: 16 members, kenkyuusei: 9 members) total: 57 members
・NMB48 (Team N: 16 members, kenkyuusei: 9 members) total: 25 members
Total 152 members (on 04/11/2011. AKB48 Team B’s Oku Manami is not included.)

・Senbatsu members: 21 members (#1 to #21) ※#1 to #12 will be media senbatsu
・Undergirls: 19 members (#22 to #40)

◆Voting methods◆
①Vote serial number card enclosed with 21st single “Everyday, Kachuusha” regular edition
②Members of AKB48 fanclub “Hashira no kai”
③Members of AKB48 Mobile
④Subscribers to monthly AKB48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND
⑤Members of SKE48 Mobile
⑥Members of NMB48 Mobile

◆Voting period◆
From May 24th 2011 10:00 am to June 8th 3:00 pm (Japan time)

◆Result announcement◆
・First results: May 25th
・Definitive results: June 9th

◆Vote computing◆
Like last year, we will have a third party society, unaffiliated with AKB, count the votes.
Moreover, like last year, it will be performed under the surveillance of a lawyer under the most strict environment.
On the results announcement day, the lawyer will hold a final confirmation, insert a sheet with each position inside separated envelopes, and stamp them. After that they will be opened in the venue in front of everyone.

◆Sale of the 22nd single◆
Planned to go on sale on August 2011
※ This is only an indicative date and might change. We will inform you promptly should changes occur.

Sounds serious, right? Well, it is as the fate of your favorite girl rest in the hands of their fans. Being in a 48+ member group, every girl is fighting for a little bit of screentime. While the likes of Acchan, Yuko, Mariko-sama, and the other media senbatsu has no need to worry of their screentime, mid-senbatsus (Minegishi, Sayaka, etc) fights for that extra second of screentime.

Check this video from Youtube that was made by a Sayaka fan:

I know that there are a lot of things Hitler said that doesn’t make sense so let me explain some of the inside jokes and reference:

0:05 – simply means both the regular and special edition of the single will entitle you a voting ticket and a handshake event ticket (where you can shake the hand of any member of your choice).

0:10 – I know AKB48 has a theater but I’m not sure exactly what a theater version is, probably a live performance CD but I’m just guessing.

0:18 – Hitler is a Sayaka fan here and with that many ways to vote for the election, thinks that Sayaka is safe.

0:30 – SKE48 and NMB48 are new groups representing different regions in Japan.

0:50 – Acchan, Yuko, and Takamina are regular members of the media senbatsu (top 12)

1:12 – Aki-P is the producer of the AKB48 group and as such in-charge of anything and everything AKB48. His full name is Akimoto Yasushi.

1:20 – 152 girls to be exact. ^_^

1:49 – NMB48 was a recently established group which has not been around for even a year.

2:04 – Masuda Yuka is an AKB48 member who came from Osaka, thus the funny accent. NMB48 is supposed to represent the Osakan region.

2:13 – Milky is a member of NMB48.

2:30 – Sayaka, the half-Filipina, half-Japanese member, seems to always get neglected by Aki-P even though she gets decent number of votes.

2:49 – On most single CD cover, you’ll see several members. Oogoe Diamond is the first single whose cover only shows one person, and it’s not even an AKB48 member but one of the ace of SKE48. This actually made some fans angry and hated Matsui Jurina (the girl on the cover).

2:57 – Jurina’s main charm point is her duck mouth. It’s kind of a cross between a smile and a pout so no teeth is shown. (Have Jurina show her grin and you’ll think she’s a lovechild of the Joker, yeah I know, haters will hate).

3:23 – Hellopro (Hello!Project) and Dream Morning Musume are “rival” groups (for lack of a better description).

As for the rest, I’m not sure who or what Hitler’s referring to.

If you’re curious about the result of last year’s election, below is the rankings and the number of votes:

———-Under girls—————–
40 Ishiguro Atsuki – 1603
39 Matsubara Natsumi – 1859
38 Yagami Kumi (S) – 1909
37 Katayama Haruka – 1935
36 Yamauchi Suzuran (RS) –
35 Takayanagi Akane(KII) – 2030
34 Yonezawa Rumi – 2171
33 Fujie Reina – 2460
32 Umeda Ayaka – 2499
31 Satou Sumire – 2591
30 Komori Mika – 2613
29 Nitou Moeno – 2693
28 Shimazaki Haruka (RS) -3076
27 Ishida Haruka – 3235
26 Hirajima Natsumi – 4106
25 Masuda Yuuka – 4137
24 Oya Masana (S) – 4634
23 Kuramochi Asuka – 5355
22 Oota Aika – 6145
—————-second line senbetsu————–
21 Miyazaki Miho – 6371
20 Nakagawa Haruka – 6567
19 Sashihara Rino – 6704
18 Sato Amina – 6921
17 Akimoto Sayaka – 8049
16 Kitahara Rie – 8836
15 Ono Erena – 9468
14 Minegishi Minami – 9692
13 Takajyou Aki – 11062
————–Media Senbetsu—————
12 Kasai Tomomi – 11080
11 Matsui Rena – 12082
10 Matsui Jurina – 12168
09 Miyazawa Sae – 12560
08 Kashiwagi Yuki – 15466
07 Kojima Haruna – 16231
06 Takahashi Minami – 17787
05 Watanabe Mayu – 20088
04 Itano Tomomi – 20513
03 Shinoda Mariko – 23139
02 Maeda Atsuko – 30851
01 Oshima Yuko – 31448

Yuko’s win over Maeda was a big surprise back then as a lot of people was expecting Maeda-san to be re-elected (Acchan was the 2009 winner). Getting the #1 spot means that the next song will be tailor-made for you. The result of last year election was this video:

And here is the 2009 single where Acchan got the #1 spot:

So who will be your Senbatsu? I’m obviously rooting for Mayu but I’ll list my full media Senbatsu wishlist next week.


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