AKB48: My Media Senbatsu

Last week, I’ve discussed, to the best of my knowledge, what a Senbatsu is with AKB48. So what now is a ‘Media Senbatsu’? Well, I’m not sure how official this is but it is the Top 12 members. They are basically those who gets the most screen time on the Promotional Video (PV) and on the live performances. Though getting included in the Senbatsu (Top 21) is an achievement, one would really hope to be on the Top 12. If you’ve watched Chance no Junban where the ranking was decided through a Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissor) tournament, try finding Acchan (Maeda Atsuko). She’s rank somewhere between 14-16 and she gets a few seconds of screen time (which is much more than other member of the same rank from previous elections, but we’re talking about the ace here so…).

Try to look for me in the video

With that, I hope I was able to instill to you the importance of getting included on the Media Senbatsu. Anyway, let’s go to my list:

1. Shinoda Mariko – Yes, I’m still a Mayu fan but seeing that Mariko-sama is 25 this year, this election may very well be her last before she graduates and I would love to see her go on a high note. Also, since the next single will be tailored to the winner of the election, we’ll be seeing a very different AKB48 single.

2. Maeda Atsuko – Yes, I’m still a Mayu fan. Putting Maeda in second place was a hard decision for me. Acchan is my first favorite member and after the 2010 election, I felt bad when she didn’t win the election. Back then, I hoped that she’ll be able to regain her position in the 2011 Senbatsu Election but while she might not get the #1 spot, she’s more or less assured of the center position for at least 3 songs a year anyway, being the ace and all. And she’s going to debut her first solo single this June so not getting the #1 spot might not be so bad at all.

3. Watanabe Mayu – I prepared my list a week ago and deliberated on the rankings of each girl almost everyday. Up to the last day, I had Cyborg-girl Mayuyu on first place but since Mayu is just 17 and would have more elections to come, being third for this year would already be an achievement for her seeing that she actually dropped from rank 4 last 2009 to rank 5 last year.

4. Kojima Haruna – Kojiharu or Nyan-nyan, according to YUCASEE MEDIA’s estimate, is the 4th biggest earner among AKB48 members basing only on their individual works. This is surprising as she was only ranked 7 last 2010 Senbatsu Election, where she got beaten by Itano Tomomi, Watanabe Mayu, and Takahashi Minami. I think this is mostly due to her being always present in AKBingo episodes and the number of photo shoot offers she’s getting. In any case, I love her image of being an airhead.

5. Minegishi Minami – I doubt that she’ll be ranked this high this year and also not in the foreseeable future. Her popularity has been on a decline for several singles now and the only thing going for her is the supporting role in an upcoming movie who has Acchan as the main actress. And yet she’s on my top 5, as my Sunny vote. For those who do not know SNSD, Sunny is one of the least popular member of the group and yet I can’t help but be entertained on any show that she appears on. Minegishi is kind of the same. She really excels on variety shows and on some regular TV shows. I hope the movie she’s in with Maeda would work wonders for her and hopefully make it to the Media Senbatsu this year.

6. Takahashi Minami – placing Takamina outside of the Media Senbatsu is as blasphemous as including Matsui Jurina on my list. The girl who gets involved in everything will always be on the Top 7 (also known as Skirt 7 to a number of fans) on most list. AFAIK, she’s the smallest member (or at least the smallest among the known ones) and she’s the leader of the entire franchise (well, she appears to be). She’s also has been the target of many dokkiris (hidden camera).

7. Kashiwagi Yuki – Reaction Queen Yukirin has been regarded as a princess by some fans and not in the nicest way. She has also reveealed, on her 600 seconds episode, to not being knowledgeable in house works and her dream life is to be a house wife who does nothing but sit on the sofa the whole day with a remote control on her hand for everything. And yet she’s kind enough to help out an AKBingo staff who messed up badly and was in danger of getting fired. Yes, it was just a hidden camera gag but she wasn’t in on the joke so her act was sincere. She’s also the leader of my favorite AKB unit (Team B) and was lovable in the Team B Oshi song. Oh and have you seen her eyes?

8. Oshima Yuko – this is a very low rank for Yuko compared to other people’s list and I’m not hating on Yuko, it’s more like I love 7 others before her. I also believe that no one can ever replace her on Heavy Rotation and also love her role on the first Majisuka Gakuen series.

9. Rena Matsui – the other half of SKE48’s ace and the more tolerable one. Her solo song Kareha no Station is the highest ranking SKE48 song in the recent AKB48 2011 Request Hour Best 100 which was ranked 22nd. I also loved her role in Majisuka Gakuen as the sometimes deranged and sometimes a little bit more deranged Queen of Rappapa.

10. Itano Tomomi – She’ll probably rank higher this year because of her Dear J solo single plus the recent revelation in the Majisuka Gakuen sequel, where she assumes the leadership of Yabakune, will also help her. She’ probably the best example on how Japan picks their idol which is innocence over perfection.

11. Miyazaki Miho – the former overly pushed girl which didn’t get much success in the end but I like her nonetheless. She’s great on variety show though not as great as Minegishi but still funny. She has a lot of roles on the Team B Oshi song and none of them were boring.

12. Akimoto Sayaka – placing Sayaka on the list is more of a retribution for all the things she had to go through in recent years. There’s the scandal where she decided to resign as the leader of Team K. There’s also last year’s Senbatsu single where you couldn’t even see her in the PV even though she made the Senbatsu. There’s the number of singles where she wasn’t even included even though she placed 17th and one of the top 16th has already graduated. And of course, there’s the fact that she’s half-Filipina.

And that’s it for my Media Senbatsu list. Who’s on your list?


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4 Responses to AKB48: My Media Senbatsu

  1. Jocelyne says:

    As much as I want to comment on how much I agree with your line up. (maeda being my favourite, but i think she might second also.)

    The urge to comment on the picture you used for Rena is the best compared to the other pictures you used for the other members LOL 🙂

    • Starscream says:

      I’m glad you like the picture that I picked for Rena. That was really what made me took notice of her.

  2. G1618 says:

    Interesting line-up and comments for your selection for this year’s Media Senbatsu.

    Would like to point out that you have used a wrong photo for Miyazaki Miho.
    Google Image Search Results for Miyazaki Miho

    • Starscream says:

      Hmm, looks like I did use the wrong photo. Damn it, I’m really bad with their younger faces.

      Will make the changes this weekend.

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