Harry Potter 7 Part 2: Movie Review and Spoilers

I have just finished watching the last installment of Harry Potter and am writing this one on a cyber cafe a few meters away from the cinema. I want to write this while the movie is still fresh in my mind.  I will be giving out spoilers here so you have been warned.

To all who have not watch the movie, I suggest that you forget about the book when watching it.

It seems that David Yates has this in mind when he directed the movie. Basically, if it’s a wordy part of the book, he cuts it out. If it is an action packed part, he expands the idea (except the McGonagall versus Snape duel which he didn’t put much minutes into).

The movie is less than 2 hours long so I was wrong when I said that it was a good thing that they cut the movie into two parts as I figured that it will be 4 hours in total at least.

What part of the book they omitted and changed and some other comments that I want to write

1. No Ariana Talk. The Ariana thing was never explained fully in the movie. In fairness, it wasn’t even mentioned much in HP 7a.

2. All Hogwart’s defenders that died, well, just died. No scene was shown how it happened.

3. Lavender Brown died at the hands of Fenrir.

4. Harry showed himself in front of Snape while in Hogwarts. And he even magically changed clothes in mere seconds.

5. No Weasley family reunion, Percy just appeared out of nowhere

6. Much of the Hogwarts battle in the book was changed. Aberforth Dumbledore is bad ass

7. Kings Cross scene was shortened

8. Harry never explained anything to Voldemort

9. Apparently, Voldemort feels the destruction of each Horcrux and he seems to be going weaker whenever one is destroyed.

10. When the last Horcrux was destroyed, Harry was able to OVERPOWER Voldemort

11. Griphook died at the hands of Voldemort

12. Hermione in Bellatrix clothes was the best idea David Yates has ever done in his entire life. Catch the major cleavage scene during the Gringotts break in

13. After they jumped from the Dragon to the lake, Hermione gave the boys dry clothes and the 2  started changing clothes. Hermione DID NOT STRIP. David Yates, I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!

14. The invisibility cloak was not used when Harry went to the Forbidden Forest.

15. Grawp was not in the movie.

16. Voldemort and Harry dueled inside Hogwarts

17. The sorting hat was not burned.

18. Yes, Molly called Bellatrix a bitch

19. 19 years later was shown and not much was changed

20. It was a freaking great movie even with all the changes. I am so watching this again.


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3 Responses to Harry Potter 7 Part 2: Movie Review and Spoilers

  1. AlilPissed says:

    to pissed to care bout spelling so i don’t wanna hear bout it. i’m glad i found this because at least you talk about the cons, every other review i found can only say the good things. although you caught most changes you didn’t include all, snape was in the shrieking shake when confronted by riddle about the elder wand (i knew of this change having read about it before the part1 came out), while dueling riddle at the end it was in the great hall and originally started with so many death eaters and ended with harry vs riddle and molly vs bella, in the movie riddle just turns into ash all convenient like, harry knew where the diadom of ravenclaw because it was atop the wardrobe malfoy used to transport the death eater in half-blood prince, and harry remembered seeing it (it was even noticed by him in the 6th book) when he went to ravenclaws common room and saw a statue of ravenclaw wearing it, the diadom wasn’t destroyed by bassilisk fang but by the crazy uncontrollable fire made by crabbe, goyle decided to turn black (if you watch the movies only you can catch that when harry and ron first drink polyjuice potion to become crab and goyle), the resurrection stone doesn’t have the crack in it from where dumbledore destroyed the soul within, it also never said where it came from (the ring dumbledore wore also not saying it was used as a horcrux and resulted in the blackening of albus’s hand, harry never destroyed the elder wand he found out that if he were to die a peaceful death that the wand could never have a true owner again and just be a strong but unreliable wand, he also fixes his original and preferred wand with the elder wand (taking place in the headmasters office i believe in order to speak with dumbledores painting, these are just a few i could go on for pages but some of my anger is abaiting.

    • its zabini, not goyle says:

      for some reason, they replaced goyle with zabini (the black slytherin whose mother is a model from hp6).

      lots of changes but some of them were minor and not really important. i don’t see a problem with not using the shrieking shack.

      but yes, some of the changes our annoying.

  2. . says:

    The reason goyle was replaced was because the actor was caught growing drugs.

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