AKB48: Flying Get PV Released!

Flying Get’s promotional video has been released today! Actually, I have downloaded the video several hours ago but spent most of the time replaying it over and over again.

So….Matsui Rena was able to break the wall and enter the Media Senbatsu higher than that other one from SKE48. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to break into the most important wall which is Aki-P’s bias. Really, non-media senbatsu members got more screen time than her. Yes, even that girl who ranked 4 notch lower got more screen time.

Also, if you didn’t know the Senbatsu Election result, you wouldn’t think that Yuki was #3 with the amount of screen time she’s getting.

And while Acchan got the top spot rights, Yuko has more screen time than her. True, she did kicked her ass in the end but still…

Anyway, the PV is not on youtube yet. Hopefully, I can get the video to work here. This one is from DailyMotion.

 DailyMotion video was deleted. Replacing with a YouTube one that will hopefully not get deleted.

It’s getting hard finding a video that has not been pulled for “copyright” infringement. Not even the official channel of AKB48 has a full video of Flying Get.

There is also a Minegishi Version:


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2 Responses to AKB48: Flying Get PV Released!

  1. wasshoi b says:

    It sucks that they already have their favourite no matter how the election turned out. It’s always Acchan, Jurina, Tomochin > everyone else.
    Anyway, Rena was already in media senbatsu since last election.

    butthurt Yuki oshi.

    • Starscream says:

      Hmm, yeah, you’re right. I’ve edited the article. Thanks!

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