Top 5 Reason Why I Stayed With WPWebHost

As some of you may have noticed, the site has achieved Bandwidth Limit for 2 months in a row now. Part of me celebrates as I feel that my blog’s readership is growing while another part of me feels that I will have to shell out some cash to fix this problem/achievement.

I ask my web hosting if they can sell additional bandwidth without upgrading my entire plan, to which they replied no. Their only solution is to upgrade my plan.

My web hosting is WPWebhost and they are expensive. The upgrade (Freedom Plan) they’re talking about costs $8 per month if you sign up for 3 years but if you only sign up for a year, it costs $12 per month. In comparison, other web hosting which costs less than half, offers more than what WPWebhost offers like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, 5 free domains while the upgraded plan only gives 500gb bandwidth, 50gb storage, and 1 free domain.

Obviously, I should choose to transfer to another Web Host.

I didn’t.

Here is my top 5 reason why I stayed with WPWebhost:

5. Almost zero bad reviews – the Hostings That Suck website recommends searching on Google the name of your desired web host plus the word suck. They say that this will give you a number of bad reviews that hosting has been getting. According to Hosting That Suck, they tried typing “WPWebhost Sucks” and found no bad review. That is supposedly a good sign. And honestly, I do not recall a single downtime happening.

4. Less Hassle – I have not experienced migrating a website from one web host to another. Frankly, I’m worried about the process. I might mess something up or do irreparable damages to the database.

3. Promos – I got my first hosting with them for free through their promotion which I was awarded last December 2010. Now they offered the upgrade to me with a 30% discount. The supposed $144 for the one year upgrade only cost me $100.

2. Flexible Sales People – since it is only September when I ask about the upgrade, they offered to also give me rebate on the remaining 3 months which I liked. During the actual transaction, they noticed that I got the initial plan for free so I was not eligible for the rebate. I told them that I didn’t like how they offered the rebate and then suddenly telling me that I was not eligible. So what did the sales guy did? He gave me an extra 3 months for free under the same upgraded plan. Technically, I got more value than getting the 3 month rebate for the lower plan.

1. Excellent Technical Support – although I have been an IT personnel before, PHP, SQL, and other web related is not really my strong points. So when WordPress 3.2 came out and the upgrade didn’t work for me, I really didn’t know what to do. So I contacted their Technical Support. Within a couple of hours, my site is upgraded to WordPress 3.2 and is up and running. The problem, according to their tech is that my theme is not 100% compatible with the new version. So what did they do? They made it compatible. They actually edited the third party theme that I am using to make it work on the new version.

This is not a paid review nor is it part of the deal for the package that I got. Yes, I am an affiliate of WP Web Host but I only applied to become an affiliate only because I really like their service.


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