Review: Battlefield 3 Limited Edition

Battlefield 3 was made available to the public today and I got my copy a few hours ago.

This is my review after 1 hour of installation and game play.

First off, I was pleased that after I inserted my install disc and click on install, the Origin software took over and tied up the game to my Origins account. Then the Origin app took over the installation process.

After the installation, Origin tells me that there is a 472mb patch and that I can play the game without patching but might not get the best user experience. As to test how true this statement is, I stopped the update after 25% and played the game. I was able to play the game without any problem major problem except that I could not access the customize controls option. But it was no problem as the game uses general FPS controls.

So how was the game? Well, I was a bit scared that my PC might not be able to run the game smoothly as I have a fairly old rig and I did not upgrade to a 64-bit OS to take advantage of my 4GB of RAM. But I’m glad that I am able to play it a bit higher than the lowest setting. How does it look? See the video below. Take note though that I am holding a camera while the character is walking. Also the video was taken from a Sony Ericsson K810i camera so don’t expect HD.

Also, below are a couple of pics of the actual package. And a receipt amounting to PHP 1,495.00 which translate to about US$35. This is one of the reasons why I buy EA games. They recognize us being in a third world country and sell the product to us at almost half the price. And since this is a limited edition package, we also get the expansion for free when it comes out. Unlike other publishers that insist that their games are for the privileged few who can afford and also dividing a game into 3 releases, to prove that point.

The only gripe that I have with today’s purchase is the fact that the product was not delivered to all Datablitz branch the day before the actual release. I went to get my copy as soon as the mall opened and got the product an hour and a half later because the product has not yet been delivered. Not EA’s fault though.

Just in case you didn’t know, a limited edition copy includes a T-shirt, physical warfare code (some weapons and ammo gets unlocked), and the expansion pack, when it comes out. Another nice thing about Origin is that I don’t have to go to their website to redeem a freebie, there’s a redeem code function on Origin. Click on the gears button and then choose redeem product code.


For reference, my rig is a Core2Quad with 4GB of RAM (though only 3.2gb is used). My graphics card is an Nvidia 9800GT.


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One Response to Review: Battlefield 3 Limited Edition

  1. orochii says:

    your review is invalid. hehe, i still hate EA for not putting the server browser inside the Battlefield 3 game.

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