Reader's Choice: Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Members

Last September, I asked my readers to vote for their most interesting SNSD Members. I have been getting a lot of reactions on my original article that I decided to make this poll.

The poll ended today, January 11, 2012 which also marks the 2nd year anniversary of my Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Members.

Here is the result along with some comments from me.

Taeyeon with 118 votes or 17% of the total votes

My second favorite Soshi. Taeyeon’s enthusiasm on variety shows seems to have lessened a bit after the Japan promotion. I hope this is just a temporary thing though. I hope she can get back to hosting Win win again so I can see more of her.

Sooyoung with 93 votes or 13% of total votes

My mom and dad’s favorite Soshi. Her getting thinner and thinner makes me worried. I’m pretty sure she eats a lot and is not neglecting her health as she said that she is aware of her thinning figure and is also worried.

Yoona with 89 votes or 13% of total votes

Okay just to make it clear. I DO NOT HATE YOONA. It’s just that I do not find her interesting as her variety/reality TV skills leaves much to be desired. But I do not hate her. I acknowledge her other skills and qualities like being beautiful and being good in dramas but not her variety or comedy skills. If I am to choose the face of SNSD, it would be either Yoona or Yuri. I do not want her to leave SNSD. Just because I do not like one aspect of her does not mean that she deserves to be kicked out of the team. For readers who still insist that she is perfect even in reality shows, try watching SNSD Let’s Go Dream Team.

Sunny with 82 votes or 12% of total votes

My favorite Soshi because of being really funny and her quick wit especially on variety shows and reality TV shows. That being said, I really hoped she wouldn’t be re-casted on Invincible Youth 2 as it wouldn’t really be good for her especially without Shinyoung. The expectation for her to carry the show will be huge being a returnee.

Yuri with 69 votes or 10% of total votes (tied with Seohyun)

The female idol who can do 500 sit-ups. Sporting possibly the strongest abs among female idols that I know, my adoration for her lessened a bit as she got thinner. But in the last few weeks, she has gained some weight making her my favorite Soshi basing on looks.

Seohyun with 69 votes or 10% of total votes (tied with Yuri)

My brother’s favorite and a fan girl of the UN secretary general. When this Soshi talks, my jaw just drops. Her ambition and discipline seems like too good to be true and yet the other members usually supports these stories.

Jessica with 63 votes or 9% of total votes

I’m surprised at her placing as she usually ranks high in fan polls. The ice princess has surprising athletic skills as shown in the Let’s Go Dream Team SNSD special episode. Also, it seems that she is sucking Taeyeon’s enthusiasm as she seems to be participating more actively on recent shows.

Tiffany with 59 votes or 8% of total votes

Hmm, strange that Tiffany is ranked this low but oh well. The Soshi with highest alcohol tolerance, Tiffany’s strong point for me is still her eye-smile. And also her sassy attitude on variety and reality shows.

Hyoyeon with 57 votes or 8% of total votes

Ah the unluckiest Soshi. Not only is she given the worst hairstyle each time, but technical errors on album pictures usually affects her (evident on the Oh! album). Japan was her luckiest break as the cameramen from Japan as they do not know who are the more popular member. Back in Korea, cameramen usually focus on other more popular members during her singing part or just zoom out and she loses her chance on a close up. Hyoyeon fans will get this. Yoona fans won’t.


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29 Responses to Reader's Choice: Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Members

  1. HaruHaru says:

    LoL!! sorry…
    top nine MOST interesting!! there are just nine of them. you wanna say there are all interesting within themselves!!?? thats sound like a corrupt comparison between a group!!
    i mean if they were like 20 you could say this but now!!
    you could also say the most 3 interesting or so!

  2. Tiara says:

    I have a question for the thread setter.

    ” For readers who still insist that she is perfect even in reality shows, try watching SNSD Let’s Go Dream Team.”

    what are you trying to say?

    I have watched dream team.
    I fail to understand why you dislike Yoona from that show.

    *Are you referring to the scene, where Seohyun and Yuri both called for Yoona and Yoona tended to Seohyun??then she felt guilty afterwards since she did not choose her best friend.
    I believe that Yoona made the right choice by choosing maknae.

    • Starscream says:

      The hosts has been giving Yoona the perfect chance to say something witty. But failed to say something witty or funny.

      • Tiara says:

        Yes, as I said earlier, she is not a very good talker, but she has other amazing personalities…:)

      • Starscream says:

        I won’t deny that she has other skills but a lot of her fans are insisting that I didn’t watch enough variety shows to see her variety skills.

      • Tiara says:

        Yes, I agree with you.
        The problem is her fans, not her.
        I hate to see that she is being bashed by antis or other sones just because her fans made unnecessary comments.

        For everyone out there. Please don’t hate Yoona just because her fans are super biased towards XD

      • Putri says:

        I might have missed this..I watched dream team though~

        When did Yoona fail to say something witty ?
        What did the hosts say that indicates that they gave her opportunities to shine??
        can u point them out please??

        thank you in advance~

      • Starscream says:

        I’ll have to re-watch the show first. If I remember correctly it was during the start when they are asking random questions to the members. and most of Yoona’s answers are stock idol answers. the funniest line that I remember Yoona has said in a variety show is during a show where they are to meet acquaintances from their younger years. it was Hyoyeon’s former fans from school. the fan said that there was an entire classroom who has a crush on Hyoyeon. And everyone was saying wow. Yoona then asked Hyoyeon, what happened to her nowadays.

      • Putri says:

        are you sure??
        She does not even say anything here..

        Did they cut that part or something??

        LoL…that is ok..
        Yoona makes jokes with her Unnie a lot..She is a choding anyway~~
        Hyoyeon understands that..I am sure that Hyoyeon thinks that it is funny too..
        (personally, I think it is a WITTY answer..I was LoL when I hear that)
        I have not watched that part actually..

        Similar story is when snsd members wore hanbok in Hello Baby episodes..
        Hyoyeon said that she looked very pretty wearing hanbok.
        Then, Yoona replied her by saying ” you don’t look pretty just because you wear hanbok.”
        Then, Hyoyeon stared at Yoona, who was clenching Hyo’s hand.
        However, it does not mean that she is angry at Yoona..

        Seriously, snsd girls are all very very very close that they make fun and blame each other to show their loves..
        That is just how it is..

        I can give you more examples if you want to..:)

      • Putri says:

        Oh ya..according to Yoona..
        Hyo is the second most pure heart next to Seohyun..
        I was like WoW..I thought Taeyeon is the second next to

        YAY..Go Hyoyeon!!

      • Putri says:

        Actually, I will just give you more examples..

        there was a time at a variety show..(idk the name of it)
        Kim Shinyoung was ranking snsd girls based on the prettiest with no make up from 1 to 9.
        Hyo got number 2, while Yoona got number 6
        Then, Yoona said “number 6 is an insult.”
        Then Hyo said “everyone always says that Yoona is the prettiest, but look at her now..”

        then in dangerous boys..
        Seonghwan accidentally touched Yoona’s butt while she is trying to sit.
        Yoona screamed. Then she said “your foot sticks to my butt, I am soo shocked”
        Then, Hyo came and said
        um.. either “who was the one who wanted to sit on Seonghwan’s foot”
        or “why did you sit on Seonghwan’s foot?”
        I kind a forget, but it is along the line of Hyo blaming Yoona..LoL
        They were joking of course.

        also, in Hello Baby, Hyo and Yoona were dancing with their mouth full.
        Then, they were punching each others’ mouths, which were full of food..

        You seee…this kind of thing happens almost all the time..
        they are all best friends…:) πŸ™‚
        they are all soo sweet, right?? ❀ ❀ ❀

        Let me know if you really want me to give you more examples…lol
        Sorry for spamming..:(

      • Starscream says:

        I know that they are that close. the example I gave is not to say Yoona disrespects her unnie’s . it is to give an example of the only time I laughed at her reply in a variety show.

      • Putri says:

        oops..I meant to say each others’ cheeks instead of each others’

      • Putri says:

        that’s the ONLY time??
        I guess you don’t pay attention to her that much.
        OR you don’t really watch lots of Yoona..

        Yoona is one of the funniest girls..:) πŸ™‚
        She does lots of

        I think she is an amazing girl..
        I laugh when she laughs… πŸ™‚
        I cry when she cries.. 😦
        I cry when she is bashed by her antis too…T.T

      • Starscream says:

        oh please. I’ve watched all the subbed episode that soshified has to offer as long as there’s at least two members on that show.
        I roll my eyes when her fans insist she is too perfect to have flaws.

      • Putri says:

        You watch more videos than I do.
        I have not watched all of snsd shows. However, I watch most of Yoona’s videos and variety
        and yea, she agree that she is not perfect. She was ranked the lowest on strong heart…lol and Sooyoung got the highest rating. πŸ™‚
        However, Yoona IS funny.. πŸ™‚

        Oh ya..Does soshified have chinchin radio and runningman?
        I can’t find them somehow.

        I like Taeyeon when she was in Chinchin radio with Kangin~~
        and sometimes snsd members are also in chinchin with them~~

      • Putri says:

        This chinchin scene is very touching.

        Yoona won an award for her YAMD drama, the first drama she became the main lead character. Then, she regretted and felt guilty that she forgot to thank her sisters.

        Then, I cried even MORE when I read Taeyeon’s answer to her.

        There is a video version of this too~~

      • Putri says:

        actually yea..
        I found chinchin radio..

        but I cannot find runningman episodes 63 and 64 somehow..

  3. Tiara says:

    Also, my favorite is Yoona. Or you can say that she is my bias.

    However, I don’t find her perfect.
    That potato deliquency story she shared at Strong Heart was the most stupid story I have ever heard. it is neither touching nor funny.
    Yes, she is not a very good talker.

    However, she has other amazing personalities.
    They were the reasons I love her.

    • Putri says:

      I am not sure if she is actually not a great talker.
      Yes, she is rated the lowest on strong heart.
      However, she became MC several times and she did well on all of them.
      Also, she is a great actress so she is a good talker.

      Moreover, if people say that she get the lowest on strong heart because she is not smart.
      Yoona actually eliminated more than 80 people by answering five or six questions right on 1 versus 100.
      So she is actually very smart.

      I think she got the lowest on strong heart just because she had a bad day.
      When she was in strong heart, she was actually feeling stress.

      “I couldn’t stand in front of any camera, and I couldn’t go to places where there were a lot of people. I thought people would criticize me if I smiled, or even if I just stayed still.” – SNSD Yoona (Strong Heart Ep.4, 2009)

      She is working very hard and doing her best; however, people keep bashing and hating her. I understand her feeling~
      She must have put up lots of stress, pain , and sadness.

      I think she is amazing that she does not give up and continue to shine.
      I am sure that her eight sisters support her a lot too.

    • Putri says:

      Also, she is smart because she is actually an actress, a singer, a model, and a dancer.
      Not to mention that she joins lots of variety shows, does tons of advertisements, and appears in lots of CF.

      but yes, agree that the potato story is sooo BAD…soo irrelevant…LoL
      How could she do that? YAHAHHAA

  4. Putri says:

    Have you watched SNSD Let’s Go Dream Team???
    You would find that SNSD members don’t find it interesting to rank them from the first to the last.
    So when the MC would reveal Hyeonmu’s rank from ninth to the first, the girls said “how long are we going to waste time here? can we just start the game?”

    They don’t even care who becomes the most popular among them.

    • Starscream says:

      Of course they’ll say that they don’t like getting ranked. If they had said otherwise, they might appear too full of themselves or might appear to be competitive against each other. these are not really the image they would want to show.

      • Putri says:

        Well, they could keep quiet and just go along with the hosts, right?
        I STILL think that the girls actually do not care about their rank.

        They don’t care if Yoona is Hyeonmu’s least favorite member or Taeyeon is Hyeonmu’s most favorite member.
        Also, Yoona does not feel offended by the fact that she was Hyeonmu’s least favorite member. She was more offended by that broken heart picture….lol
        That Hyeonmu is weird himself..he dislikes Yoona just because Yoona rejected his jacket in a cold day..

        The only people who care about their ranks are their fans..

        Also, as a proved mentioned by your parents’ favorite soshi….
        “There are things that can be only understood by SNSD members.No matter how many times we tell everyone that we’re not jealous of each other, and we don’t really fight, even if we do firht we get over it quickly next day. They don’t belive us. Whenever they ask that kind of question to us, I would like to tell them, “Why would you ask that question, if you’re not going to belive anyway?” Unless you’re SNSD, you’ll never know.”

        See, they actually are not jealous of each other.
        Whoever comes first, they will be the happiest people to know that their sister has an achievement..:) πŸ™‚

      • Starscream says:

        it’s nice that Yoona feels that way. it seems it’s only her fans who are affected when I place YOona last in my rankings.

      • Putri says:

        their fans (sones) usually even fight about their ranks for no reason..T.T

  5. zuria says:

    Saranghae YoonA! I love her in SNSD and Dangerous Boys. She’s quite hilarious in the show alongside Hyoyeon..and the others too ^_^

  6. mblaqsnsd says:

    Aigooo i like your work and your comment but why you should put *For readers who still insist that she is perfect even in reality shows, try watching SNSD Let’s Go Dream Team* in your comment for YoonA? I think that’s not quite appropriate to write something like that. It can lead to misunderstanding between you and the other fans..and for me Yoona’s role in Dream Team quite impressive because she manage to go to the final with Hyoyeon. Of course you will be dissapointed if you want something funny and witty from her because she was not very well at that time. I read from some article that she had flu when recording the show. But i believe you already watching Running Man ep 39 with Sunny and Yoona, SNSD Running Man ep 63 & 64 and also SNSD with Dangerous Boys. Did she manage to give you something funny and make you laugh or smile a little bit? Last but not least, i would like to express my opinion here, may i? Actually everyone is not perfect. SNSD members are not perfect. Same goes to the other idols. Of course they lack of something. They are just human being who working very hard to achieve their dreams and also to make their fans satisfied and happy. So we as their fan should support them fair and square, not fighting with each other or criticizing the members. SNSD FIGHTING!!

    • Starscream says:

      Yes I have watched running man 39, 63, 64. Yoona, hmm…in ep 39 she was with sunny right. well she didn’t disappoint but nothing spectacular to change my opinion of her. I have not watched dangerous boys as Soshified has not translated it yet. So pointing out her flaws isn’t constructive criticism?

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