AKB48's Yonezawa Rumi and Hirajima Natsumi Resigned!

Well, this sucks. I was just beginning to like Nacchan (Hirajima Natsumi) because of Google+ and being a Watarirouka 7 member.


http://ameblo.jp/akihabara48/entry-11148085263.html – in Japanese.

The reason for the resignation is because of a photo that was found involving Yonechan (Yonezawa Rumi) and Nacchan being in the company of a few boys. The pictures were found from a Yfrog account that was tied up with Yonechan’s private twitter. There are also some tweets about being in a relationship for 4 years and that it ended last October.

As we all know, AKB48 has this “no dating” policy for the reason that Wotas (Idol Fan) wants their idols to remain single to create this illusion that they are actually the boyfriend (or so I am told).

Nacchan is one of the remaining original Team A member and is the only member to place at the same rank (#26) on the Senbatsu Election for three consecutive years. She is the captain of Watarirouka 7, the sub-unit that includes Watanabe Mayu. As for Yonezawa Rumi, well I’m not even sure what she looks like so I guess if it was only her that resigned I would not have felt sad.

Incidentally, another Watarirouka member had been involved in this kind of scandal before. Kikuchi Ayaka was discovered to have been in a relationship for 3-4 months while being in the group. Back then, she was supposedly a promising member and was being promoted alongside Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu. She was fired then. She eventually worked her way back by auditioning again, becoming a research student (trainee), before becoming a full time member again.

The case may be different with Nacchan though. She is the lowest ranking original Team A member. She’s been with the group for more than half a decade and lastly, she didn’t wait to get fired. She resigned.

I guess it is their fault as they know the policy of the AKB management. They aren’t the first ones to have this scandal so they know what will happen to them should they get caught and yet they still posted their pictures on the world wide web (even if it is a private account).

I honestly don’t like that rule but I guess, with what is happening to Ayarin’s (Kikuchi Ayaka) fanbase, the management may feel that rule is justified. On the recent Senbatsu election, she didn’t make the Top 40 despite having a lot of exposure and management push.¬† I guess the Wotas have not forgiven her yet.

On another note, I wonder who will replace her in Team B. They’ll have to revise the Team B Oshi song again.

Below is the translation for the resignation letters of the two as translated by Hana of Nihongogo Forums.

Today, Hirajima Natsumi and Yonezawa Rumi both requested to resign from AKB48.

I apologize for the announcement being so sudden.

Below are messages from the both of them to their fans:

I, Hirajima Natsumi, will hereby resign from AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai.
I’m sorry this announcement was so sudden.

I’m terribly sorry to have caused trouble for everyone.
To everyone who supported me, the members, the staff, and everyone involved with AKB48, I’m really sorry.

I’ll separate myself from AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai, but I hope you’ll cheer me on so that I can meet all of you again as Hirajima Natsumi.
I’m terribly sorry.
Hirajima Natsumi
I, Yonezawa Rumi, will hereby resign from AKB48 as of today.

I’m sorry this is such a sudden announcement.

To everyone who supported me, I’m both full of thankfulness and the feeling that this was inexcusable.

Thank you for these 5 years.
I was always supported during this time.

I’ll continue my activities solo from now on.

I’m terribly sorry that I caused trouble for the members, the fans, and for AKB48. I’m really sorry.
Those were their messages.

As for handshake events and what will happen after this, we’ll make an announcement in a few days.

Below are the pictures that started all of this:


Well, as expected, we have this kind of videos popping up:

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic


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