Poll: Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Member for 2012

I’ve decided to create a yearly poll for the Reader’s Choice Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Member. Voting starts February 1 of 2012 and will end on February 1 of 2013.

As opposed to the previous poll, instead of a daily expiration of cookies, it will now expire after a month so theoretically, you can only vote once per month.

Lastly, please leave a comment on why you find that particular member interesting so that I can add those to my write up for the result next year.

Poll result and article here



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50 Responses to Poll: Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Member for 2012

  1. Vicky Zeng says:

    Hello! I voted for Yoona ( my favourite snsd member!!! ) I am not sure whether I am a SONE or not, because at first I hated Hyoyeon, but now, after watching so many vids, I see Hyoyeon’s good points, and now I like her too. I do not hate on any of the members in SNSD, but somehow I only look forward to new vids because of Yoona ._. so I am not sure whether I am counted as a sone or not. Anyways, back to topic. I chose Yoona, because from my eyes, she really is the prettiest. Also, I admire all the courage she has, because being the face of SNSD means having quite alot of instant hate because people would be like ” Why is it her? She’s talentless blah blah blah my bias should be it! ” so I really admire her big role. Although they always ‘shove’ the camera into her face etc, when she can choose, she always chose to be at the back, and not in the front ( as evident from interviews, variety shows <- the amount she talk ). She ALWAYS recommend her other SNSD members to go for more variety shows etc, she does not try to swallow all the popularity, it's more like the other way round, popularity running behind her. She is a down-to-earth and humble girl, and is very sweet too. She's an actor, and she is the top 4 dancers in SNSD πŸ™‚ Although her singing might not be that good compared to the rest, she CAN sing, just not as good. Her dancing, I find it very sharp, clean, unmistakable, and sometimes she makes it look so easy when in fact I will faint just by trying to do the first few. I can just blabber endless and non-stop, but I guess I should stop here. Anyways it's near my sleeping time πŸ™‚

    • Starscream says:

      Thank you for the comment. I also agree that one of the best quality of Yoona is that she doesn’t hog the spotlight. She can easily do that being the most popular and all but she doesn’t.

    • Buang says:

      Poor Hyoyeon got the lowest vote while Yoona has the most vote it look like she’s the runaway winner.

      • Cioletta_Negarsky says:

        I think Hyoyeon is the most interesting! Why? Well because she is the mood maker duh! I love all SNSD members but i have to say Hyoyeon she leaves me wanting more πŸ™‚ Maybe because she has funny jokes and you can tell she’s not showing everything she’s got which leads you wanting more! In my opinion Hyoyeon is the most interesting but to be honest what does interesting mean? I could be pouring my heart out on this and the next person could think this is a whole load of crap! Anyways I just think Hyoyeon is the most interesting member for some reason I don’t really know why… It can’t be expressed in words! But Sunny follows close behind πŸ™‚ Thank you and sorry I know I’m ranting on about a whole load of crap :p

    • pearl says:

      Oh my glob ! we have so much in common ! I also hated Hyo at first but now I love her ! she’s my 3rd bias ! and I only watched SNSD vids if YoonA is present. lol. I was also wondering if i’m a true sone >.< But I love all 9 β™₯ right ow it's Girls' Generation ! πŸ™‚

    • Thetisng says:

      That’s the truth.People always said that they hate yoona because she gets too many spotlights when compared to other members.I was very confused when I first heard it.Whether it is yoona’s fault?My answer is no.Yoona never tried to steal the spotlight and she doesn’t have the ablility to control the cameraman.If you had watched every show of SNSD seriously, you would find that β€˜she ALWAYS recommend her other SNSD members to go for more variety shows etc’.
      Hopefully,people would not have misunderstanding of it.
      Yoona fighting,love you~

  2. mai says:

    my favorite of all time….taengoo

  3. Shimin28052000 says:

    I love yoona the most she is the prettiest member of snsd although all the girls are pretty but not only yoona is pretty she has a sense of humor and I think it is her special point if I were to rate them accordingly:
    1:yoona 2:jessica 3:seohyun 4:yuri 5:tiffany 6: sooyoung 7: taeyeon 8: hyoyeon 9: sunny

  4. WingIt22 says:

    I voted for SooYoung. My reason’s simple really.. She’s my favourite.. haha Knowing that she’ll be in a variety show, or any sort of show, instantly grabs my viewership gauranteed. I also have this sense of loyalty with the rest of the girls but some… just not as much is all.. haha, Here’s my ranking from 1 to 9 of just my favourites is all
    1st. SooYoung, 2nd. TaeYeon (very close first), 3rd&4th, Jessica and SeoHyun (tied for 3rd and SeoHyun really got to me WGM, she became 2nd for me for a while haha), 5th, Yuri. 6th YoonA, 7th&8th Sunny & Tiffany (tied for 7th) 9th, Hyoyeon.
    There aren’t any that i do not like. Infact if this poll was to add more girls onto it, these 9 would still be my top 9.
    I simply just favourite some of them more than the other. Like how when parents say “oh i like my kids all the same” in front of the child, but deep down their are obviously favouretism involved.

  5. Angela pachuau says:

    I LOVE CHOI SOOYOUNG…Shes my idol…i love her dance,i love her eyes,,her personality,,i love everything about her&shes also very funny…i used to watch snsd video the whole night and i can watch the next day becos my life is soshified…;);) i love all the snsd members they are soo cute,pretty&funny..;) but sooyoung is my 1st choice(i wish i could be her friend;) LOL) 2nd choice is yoona..3.yuri..4.taeyeon..5.jessica..6.sunny..7.seohyun..8.hyehyun..9.tiffany.. Sarange sooyoung..figting! ;);)

  6. Xyeeb says:

    Here’s what I think :
    1. Taeyeon
    2. Yuri
    3. Sooyoung
    4. Sunny
    7. Jessica Hyoyeon Tiffany

  7. tonz scifer says:

    I hate when there’s poll among the members of snsd!! I like them all, it breaks my heart when i see someone on the last :((((

    • sooyeon says:

      ugh I know. It makes me so sad. It’s so hard for me to pick one girl because I love them all, so I just choose the person I’m most biased towards at the moment, but then I see the results and I’m like ;A; but why is she last she’s perfect why didn’t I vote for her

    • Priscina says:

      too true.. I find it sad that Hyo always seems at the bottom.. I ma have my favorites but personally, I think we are only SONES if we like all of them..

  8. Tiara says:

    I voted for Yoona.
    I agree that she is the prettiest girl in the world with amazing inner beauties.
    She also is a model for innisfree, s-oil, and lots of other advertisements..

    As for her skills.
    She sings pretty well even though she does not sing as well as Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, and Seohyun..
    In my opinion, her dances are more prettier than Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung..<3 ❀
    Also, her aegyo is cuter than sunny..:)
    and of course, everyone likes her alligator laugh..<3

    For her acting skill,
    You Are My Destiny is the longest and the best drama I have ever watched..<3 ❀

  9. jean says:

    i vote SOOYOUNG…!!!!!!!

  10. mae says:

    I voted Yoona because she is so great person with very pleasant personality. She is very talented too and gorgeous. I like her. Well, i like all the members of snsd but among them chose yoona because she really touches my heart because of her awesome personality. Goodluck to yoona’s career.

    • Madeline says:

      Yep I agree with you… I really love Yoona!!! She is so pretty and she is also good at dancing and singing. I like all SNSD members but Yoona is the best!

      1. Yoona
      2. Taeyeon
      3. Seohyun
      4. Yuri
      5. Tiffany
      6. Sunny
      7. Sooyung
      8. Hyoyeon
      9. Jessica

      • Madeline says:

        I like all SNSD members. But Yoona best!

  11. Shifafzh says:

    I voted sooyoungie πŸ™‚ because I love sooyoung

  12. Emma says:

    Vote for taeyeon always

  13. zuria says:

    My vote goes to IM YOONA~~The reason i choose her because she is totally my ultimate bias in SNSD..She is the main reason why i keep my eyes on snsd for 4 years now. I love her beautiful smile, her unique alligator mouth when laughing, her cute ‘unnie’ aegyo, her flawless dancing, her good acting in YAMD and the latest one,LOVE RAIN, her improvement in singing and also the most thing that i like about her is the bright, down to earth personality..SARANGHAE YOONA! ^_^

  14. Aimee says:

    I voted YURI ! —- the reason why i chose her because she’s totally impressive and interesting. she’s also best in dancing and singing. I loved her very MUCH!

  15. Aimee says:

    I voted YURI ! —- the reason why i chose her because she’s totally impressive and interesting. she’s also best in dancing and singing. I loved her very MUCH!

  16. Hannah says:

    I voted seohyun because she’s my idol .. and i loved her personality. She’s totally my favorite PWOMISE !!…

    she’s very talented. all of them are pretty and talented but she’s totally my favorite haha :!

    I loved Seohyun very MUCH…

  17. Lyka says:

    i voted kwon YURI ! i loved her very very much! she’s pretty , talented , impressive and interesting snsd member.

    i like them all but she’s totally my favorite and idol..

    luv YURI….

    ….! YURI … !

  18. Joy says:


    I think !

    1. Yuri
    2. Seohyun
    3. yoona
    4. Taeyeon
    5. Hyoyeon
    6. Sunny
    7. Sooyoung
    8. Tiffany
    9. jessica

  19. sally says:

    I vote for soo young, she is very pretty and has the most natural beauty from all of the. Members I like her most.

  20. Astronomer121388 says:

    I love all nine of them but I find Seo Ju Hyun

    more interesting than her unnies for the

    following reasons:

    1. Her strong sense of responsibility,

    discipline, and professionalism that exceeds

    that of her unnies or other female idols her


    2.Her musical prowess (She sings well

    even when live and plays the piano like it’s

    nobody’s business, and learns how to play guitar

    in We Got Married in one month).

    3.How much she values education(She was

    among the top students in her class during high

    school and is currently attending Dongguk


    4. Her love for reading

    5. How she holds her country and culture

    in such high regard (she speaks in formal Korean

    language even to her unnies).

    6. How she exudes innocence and maturity

    at the same time.

    7. Her heart (According to her unnies,

    Seohyun possesses the purest heart among the

    nine of them).

    8. Her focus on achieving her dreams and

    goals that not even romantic relationship can

    hamper (When asked in an interview about dating,

    Seohyun matter of factly stated that she does

    not need a boyfriend right now and that love

    will come naturally later on in her ife).

    9. Her compassion (In We Got Married,

    instead of celebrating her and Jung Yonghwa’s

    anniversary by doing the normal things couples

    do, she decides to do something more meaningful

    by donating blood. At the time, the blood

    donation center they went to was short on Type

    A, which is Seohyun’s blood type. This made

    Seohyun even more enthusiastic in donating her

    blood, telling Yonghwa that her blood might be

    able to save someone’s life).

    ***These are the reasons why I find her

    interesting. She is not my most favorite member

    (All nine of them, however, are my favorite

    girls, but Kim Hyoyeon is my ultimate SoShi),

    but she makes me want to learn more about her

    and emulate character.

  21. danlovesYUL says:

    I voted for my beloved bias YURIβ™₯β™₯…i love how hard working she is …i love how she always being positive despite of hardships she is facing..i love how she puts smiles on her face that makes Yurisistables’ burdens bcme light and we bcme happy when we’re sad whenver she start to smile..For Yurisistable she is a ”happy virus”. lots of people don’t see and appreciate how wonderful and amazing she is as a person and as a woman..and for me that is so sad at least give her some respect as a person and don’t bash..YURI is a person who no matter how many times she stumble and fall she will always stand up and face life with courage again..that’s what i adore the most about her..!!! there are too much to say..but words are not enough to say it all…she is just so wonderful..β™₯if i would marry ..i want to marry a girl like her..i’ll be the happiest guy in the whole universe going home to a house with a wife who always smile,laugh and makes me happy..YURI for me is the most wonderful person i’ve ever know in my entire life..β™₯i love you so much Kwon Yuri ..stay strong and always be happy..YURISISTABLES’ are forever here loving you and supporting you with all our best..!! Hwaiting!! β™₯ no matter how many bashes throw to you ..always remember that we your supporters will always depend you w/ all our might..!!

  22. woon says:

    i voted for seohyun
    she’s my idel, she so pretty that’s why every korean guy wants their idel girl just like her.
    she the most talented in girl generation

  23. Viviann says:

    although i love taeyeon, i find that hyoyeon is the most interesting. LOL she’s so funny!! ^^
    but really, i love all of snsd. im a proud SONE!!

    anyways, here’s is my order of snsd members that i love the best :

    1. taeyeon
    2. yoona
    3. hyoyeon
    4. tiffany
    5. jessica
    6. yuri
    7. sunny
    8. seohyun
    9. soo young

  24. Daniella Padilla says:

    i voted soo young because among d girls she’s got that different looks.. not tha typical korean beauty. the first time i saw SNSD mv i got confused cause they all look thesame and after watching u will forget their faces and i only soo young i can remember. .

    • Mai says:

      So do I. Sooyoung use to be my most favorite member in SNSD. But as I get closer to them, I find Yuri is wonderful, and Taeyeon has a incredible voice.

  25. Mai says:

    uhmmm, for me:
    1) Kwon Yuri
    2) Taeyeon
    3) Sooyoung

  26. Julia says:

    I would say Tiffany is the prettiest, Sunny is the cutest, Taeyon best singer, and on and on, but i chose Hyoyeon because she is the most INTERESTING, like how she chooses to not be too feminine and be an athlete instead, and that she laughs a lot and makes funny jokes. SNSD HWAITING!!! I ❀ all of them!!

  27. thya says:

    vote for yoona ..
    I’m YoonAddicts ❀

  28. taeriz23 says:

    taeng always^^

  29. nik says:

    Yoona πŸ™‚

  30. Danny says:


  31. aisyah_sunny says:

    i love leeeeeeeeeeee suuuuuuuuuuuun kyuuuuuuuuu
    i am a real sunshiner

  32. aisyah_sunny says:

    for me

    1. sunny ( cute, little bit pretty, active)
    2. taeyeon ( mature and good leader )
    3. yoona ( natural beauty and always cheer)
    4. tiffany
    5. seohyun
    7. hyoyeon
    8. sooyoung
    9. sooyoung

  33. Kimberly says:

    Hey SONEs!Pls be fair ok?This is a poll for the most interesting SNSD member,not your BIAS!!!

    • Priscina says:

      Hmmm.. But maybe the most interesting member is our bias? If not, why would we like them? They’ve gotta be interesting to us right? Dunno.. Just my opinion..

  34. sooyeon says:

    I cannot help myself but vote for Taeyeon. Taeyeon is more than just my bias but she is also my role model and I admire her beyond belief. I don’t think any of them are uninteresting, but I definitely could vote for her as most interesting. To me when I see her on shows or in interviews I find everything she says adorable and lovely and I just want to listen to her talk for hours. Her laugh is… certainly very interesting LOL it’s possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen. She does such crazy things sometimes. And the faces she makes are priceless. And when she smiles – well, I certainly stop and stare for a while LOL. I think she is fascinating to me and I could watch her being a dork for days and days on end. I don’t think I would ever get tired of it. She doesn’t act like an idol sometimes. She just acts like a crazy little boy and it steals my heart away. And then when she gets serious and turns into the mature leader… Ahhh, I have so much respect for her. She’s such a lovely human being. And, certainly, very, very interesting indeed ^^ β™₯

  35. MeCrazyyy says:

    I voted for Yoona not only because she is my favourite in SNSD. But also because she mentions “so nyeo shi dae member” everytime she is on a show either herself or with 2 or 3 other members. Don’t bash me! I’m just an ordinary Yoonaddict! XD Yoona hwaiting! SNSD HWAITING! ❀ Sone and Yoonaddict forever! <3<3<3

  36. Mirahunnies says:

    for me .

    1 . hyo
    2 . taengg
    3 . yul
    4 . soo
    5 . sunny
    6 . sica
    7 . fany
    8 . yoona
    9 . seohyun

    its my opinion !
    why hyoyeon numb. 1 ??
    cause I’m her biggest fan !
    I’m Hyohunnies πŸ™‚

  37. 1.seohyun

    i luv EONNI SEOHYUN ❀

  38. Priscina says:

    My fave will always be Taengoo:)
    1. Taengoo:).. (love her butt fetish.. haha)
    2. Fany Fany Tiffany! (brighter than…. MUSHROOMS!!! epic)
    3. Swimming Sooyoung (She’s so tall, I’ll never see the top of her head even if I stand on a ladder)
    4. Ice Princess Jessica (cold on the outside, soft on the inside)
    5. Sunny Bunny (she is a battery. Limitless energy)
    6. Seohyunnie (her daughter will be the most well- behaved person in this world..)
    7. Glass Yuri (black?pearl.. lion pose..)
    8. Dancing Queen Hyoyeon (damn she can dance.. jealous much..)
    9. Alligator Yoon (too famous for me..)


  39. C.Yu says:


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