AKB48: Muchaburi Dodgeball

Muchaburi dodgeball is one of my favorite segment in AKB48’s weekly show AKBingo. You get to see the girls’ athleticism or lack thereof. Due to my interest with that segment, I tallied the stats and computed on who seems to be the best dodgball player. Watch the video above to see how much fun the game is

According to the information that I gathered Tomochin is the highest scorer of all time (11 hits and 4 outs in 7 games) and Kuramochi Asuka is the highest scorer (5 hits no outs) without getting hit even once.

The worst player has to be either Kojima Haruna or Kashiwagi Yuki. Nyan nyan was able to hit someone twice but was hit seven times in 9 games. Yukirin on the other hand has been hit has only been able to hit someone once but was in turn hit 4 times out of 7 games.

You can check the whole statistics here: Muchaburi Dodgeball spreadsheet. If you feel that I missed an episode or there was a mistake in my gathered data, email me the episode date and I’ll rewatch. I would really love to expand the gathered data like how many times the member threw the ball but didn’t hit anyone or how many times the member was able to dodge or catch the ball. maybe when I have more time to spare. I can rewatch the episodes.


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3 Responses to AKB48: Muchaburi Dodgeball

  1. Matsui rena says:

    wow,, u have watching all of akbingo episode? can i have the videos akbingo from the beginning until now from u, just upload and i will download all of them…
    i search on youtube and the episode does not complete…
    sorry for the poor English 🙂

  2. tom says:

    Just letting you know, you missed the 110720 episode.

    • Starscream says:

      Thank you, I will check that episode

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