RH bill: WTF

Update: I now support the RH Bill, the new one at least. Because of this revision: Conspicuously absent in the substitute bill is the provision that seeks to allocate an initial P3 billion for the procurement of pills and other contraceptives to be distributed to poor households.

I have long wanted to write about my stand against the RH bill being discussed in congress but felt that I didn’t have the time to reply to all the hate comments I am sure to get after I post my reasoning. As Pro-RH bill has all but stated that anyone who are against the RH bill are anti-women, anti-poor, religious fanatics, and basically are dumbasses. But honestly I view these pro-RH bill as people who jumps to support any bill that will insult the catholic church, never mind the merits of the bill. Let’s examine the RH bill first. Senators has been saying that the aim is to prevent pregnancy fatalities. Apparently according to their statistics, that fatalities due to pregnancy is at an all time high. This is why they say that the bill is pro-women, because they want to prevent pregnancy fatalities. With this in mind, I would have thought that the solution would be better and more affordable health-care services. But it seems that the solution to prevent fatalities due to pregnancy is to prevent pregnancy itself. I am now waiting for an anti car purchase bill to prevent rampant car-napping because what better way to prevent car-napping than preventing people from having cars? You think that is stupid, try reading again the proposed solution for pregnancy fatality.
RH bill is not only about contraceptives distribution.
Really? if you remember lagman and pacquiao’s debate, lagman has amended the proposed RH bill and removed almost every provision that the catholic church are against except for one part, the distribution of free contraceptives. As if it was the only important part of the bill.
Distribution of Contraceptives alone will solve population explosion
To me this is the reasoning that really irritates me. Rich and well-to-do people always assume that they understand how poor people think. They assume that these poor people are just horny because they have nothing else to do with their life, that’s why they have unprotected sex, giving them condoms would ensure that they can still have sex without the worry of having another child. At least that is what the rich and well-to-do would like to think. But here’s the thing, what if they have sex for an entirely different reason than just having nothing better to do? What if their actual purpose is actually having another child, as there are some who believethat every child is an asset that will take care of them in their old age. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of this reasoning. So how do we change this kind of attitude. Through education, of which lagman made an amendment, making sex education non-mandatory.
The bill is still pro-women as it gives women the freedom to choose when to get pregnant
Okay first off, the bill is proposing two contraceptives one is condoms, and the other is birth control pills. Now there have been studies that says pills causes cancer, to be fair there are also studies that says otherwise. I’m not 100% sure which of the two studies is true, but what can be taken here is that there might be some risk. And who will take that risk? men? No, the one taking the risk are women. Because honestly if men are to choose the contraceptive that they will use, they will almost always pick the pill. Why, cause it feels better, there’s no limit on the number of times they can have sex. Say it to me again with a straight face that this bill is pro women.
What I really don’t like about this bill is I really just don’t see how it will help in population control. For the record, I WANT AN RH BILL, but not this version. It will be a waste of 3 billion pesos every year. 3 billion that could have been used to the education budget or other more important things. I also hate the part where people are putting the RH bill on the same level of importance as the FOI bill.


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