Poll Result: Fan Voting for Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Member 2012 (or Top 9 Most Popular SNSD Member)

taeyeon smaller

Well it has been a year since I started this poll, and now here is the result. I was disappointed by the low number of comments explaining why they voted that person as most interesting. In any case, I am also happy that the winner is one of my favorite member. And so here is the result:

1    Taeyeon  18.9%  (349 votes)  – For the majority of the year, Taeyeon was ranked second. Fan reasons: basically, her dorky side, being a mature leader, aside from being pretty and all.
2    Yoona  18.19%  (336 votes)  – Ranked 1 for the majority of the year. Fan Reasons: She’s pretty, beautiful smile, (seirously that’s all that has been written about her on the comment section)
3    Tiffany  11.1%  (205 votes)  – Not much was written on the comment section about her
4    Hyoyeon  9.1%  (168 votes)   – Fan Reasons: Basically, pity votes, mood maker.
5    Yuri  9.1%  (168 votes)   – Fan Reasons: Great dancer
6    Seohyun  8.66%  (160 votes) – Just basing on listed reason in the comment section, she should be #1, from her being too aloof to men, to her blood type, to her innocence and maturity, how much she values education
7    Jessica  8.55%  (158 votes)  – Not much was written
8    Sooyoung  8.28%  (153 votes)  – Great body
9    Sunny  8.12%  (150 votes)   – Really?!?! Fucking Last Place? Do you fucking morons actually know what interesting means? Yeah fuck you all.

Alright I get it, You hate my favorite Soshi.


1 Taeyeon  18.9%  (349 votes)  
2 Yoona  18.19%  (336 votes)  
3 Tiffany  11.1%  (205 votes)  
4 Hyoyeon  9.1%  (168 votes)  
5 Yuri  9.1%  (168 votes)  
6 Seohyun  8.66%  (160 votes)
7 Jessica  8.55%  (158 votes)  
8 Sooyoung  8.28%  (153 votes)  
9 Sunny  8.12%  (150 votes)  

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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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