Why Binay will win the 2016 election (and why it’s your fault)

During the 2010 presidential election, previously oblivious citizens were exposed for the first time to the Philippines Political scene, as with a teenager experiencing adult-life for the first time, they thought that they fully understand the problem of politics and can change it. They were wrong.

Which is why I am taking the time to write this because I understand how you feel, I still remember feeling the same way you did when I was 10 years old.

First off, let’s learn history, the first presidential election that I’ve ever followed was the 1992 election. Back then I wanted Miriam Santiago to win, just like you kids today. But I was 10, and was very impressionable. Big words and fiery speech inspired the 10 year old brain that I had. The winner was the administration backed candidate, Fidel V Ramos, 2nd place was Miriam Santiago who was essentially the opposition candidate. Ramon Mitra who was the incumbent Speaker of the House was in 4th place.

The next election was the 1998 election, the administration endorsed candidate was Jose de Venecia. And the opposition candidate was Joseph Estrada. When the campaign period started, De Venecia was in 5th/6th place(survey result). but gradually improved and got the 2nd place during the actual election. When Fidel Ramos endorsed De Venecia, I was pretty pissed. Joseph Estrada was overly popular and someone who I don’t want to see sitting in Malacañang. Ramos could have endorsed De Villa, who was a relatively more popular candidate compare to De Venecia. But regardless of the lack of popularity of De Venecia, he still made 2nd place because of the Administration machinery.

To add, Roco placed 3rd in the election for presidency.

Then we have the 2004 election where GMA basically endorsed herself, I was really pissed at her since I was hoping that he endorse Roco, who was then placing 2nd on surveys but against a juggernaut like FPJ, who was the opposition’s bet, that 2nd place would remain 2nd place unless he gets endorsed by GMA, Alas, that fucker GMA endorsed herself. 3 months before the election Roco was still holding the 2nd place position according to surveys. So eventually GMA has beaten FPJ, Roco however placed 5th, due in part of his sickness, but also in part, of the lack of funds in the latter part of the campaign.

So after 3 elections, I learned that the battle for presidency is purely between the administration versus the opposition. There has never been a candidate who won without the support from one of them. Anyone who believes it’s possible knows shit.

However, the 2010 election taught me a new thing, while the administration candidate is usually a strong opponent for the opposition candidate. This doesn’t hold true if the administration’s endorser is horribly unpopular. Which is why Gilbert Teodoro placed 5th. And this is what Binay is trying to achieve. and you are falling for it.

Binay knows that Pnoy will not endorse him. So it is in Binay’s interest to make Pnoy as unpopular as possible, so basically, the #stayangry idiocy over the SAF44, was your contribution to Binay’s campaign.

If Pnoy remains popular until the end of his term, then whoever he endorse have a good chance of beating Binay.

So let me summarize it for the morons of facebook, Mar Roxas will not win, Dutete will not win, Grace Poe will not win, unless they’re endorsed by the administration or the united opposition and the one that endorsed them remains popular. That’s how it is here in the Philippines. You can accept this fact and act accordingly, or deny the facts brought about by the all the election post-martial law.

I asked my dad about this, and he said that even before Martial Law, no one won the presidency without the endorsement of either the opposition or the administration. (Well technically, Carlos Garcia got the presidency without Magsaysay’s endorsement, cause Magsaysay was too busy being dead).

In addition, the very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different result. So in the 2010 election, you tried cyber-bullying tactics in the hopes that Pnoy will lose. He won. In the 2013 election, you tried the cyber-bullying tactics in the hopes that Nancy Binay will lose, She won. Are you guys going to try the same thing again this 2016 election?


About Squared
House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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