Duterte Supporters: Bayan o Sarili, Mamili ka?!?

Duterte’s minions decided to not heed the call of their idol, and to continue with their planned, million march on Luneta, last September 26, to convince the Pabebe Politician to run for president. According to professional estimates, around 50,000 attended at best. That’s the highest estimate I heard on the news. Which is obviously a far cry to the 1 million initially planned.

I’ll say it out right, I will not vote for Duterte, I do not want to vote for Duterte so much, that I’d much rather a thief become president than this Murderer.

Now, on to the disappointment that was the million march. Several of my Facebook friends claim that he is the only hope for the Philippines, and yet those same people, did not attend the rally. Why didn’t they attend? Probably because of a lot of reason, but all of their reason can probably be equated to the question presented above (the title). And sadly they chose themselves.

If they really believe that Duterte is the only hope of the country, shouldn’t that “idiotic belief” compel them to make sure that he wins, how can he win if he doesn’t run? Instead, they have just shown to all politicians how small their (the middle class) resolve is. Furthermore, this will just encourage the politicians to pander more to the poor and those you (middle class) claim as bobotantes. Not only did they just show that they couldn’t be bothered to make a stand for the good of our nation. They’ve also shown that their answer to the question “Country or self”, is self. Buencamino would have been proud.

On the other hand, the event (or the non-event) that was the million march, further supported my belief, that these Duterte supporters really do not care who will win. They just want to vote for the most unlikely to win the next election, so that they can continue on criticizing the Filipino’s choice by saying, “you didn’t vote for Duterte that’s why there’s no hope for this country”. The truth, I believe is, they are afraid that the one that they are supporting actually wins. Because if their candidate wins, they will have to admit after a couple of years, that they are dumb fucks.


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House of Squared is written by that guy who knows more than the average Duterte supporter, which isn't saying much given that most of them are morons.

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