About the Author

Hi there! I’m Squared / Starscream, a gamer, blogger, IT, and a fan of AKB48 and SNSD. I also write about current events and my political views.

I started House of Squared so that I can write about all the hobbies that I have and at the same time develop my writing skills. And though it’s developing at a slow pace, I’m still happy with the little progress that I gained.

I have worked for 2 years as an IT for a local game development company and also another 2 years for an international game development company. There was also a half year stint with a non-gaming company, also as an IT.

I have also tried the contact center industry as a tech support for laptops and customer service for a telecommunication company. Both companies are based in Canada.

I’ve been playing video games since the CGA & 8086 processor period. My first PC game was Prince of Persia. My first DirectX game was Diablo I. I like most genre especially role playing games and first person shooter. I usually have acceptable skills with most genre but I’m really not good with racing and rhythm games.

I have been interested in politics and current events since I was a teenager. I try to keep myself updated by listening to the news for the whole day and by visiting news blogs.

I am a fan of So Nyuh Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) since 2009. I have watched almost every episode Soshified has subbed as long as it involves at least 2 members. Of course, it goes without saying that I have watched every music video that they have released and have listened to most of their songs including songs that weren’t promoted but were included in the single/album.

I am also a fan of AKB48 since 2010. I have watched every AKBINGO episode Nihongogo has subtitled and most episodes of the show subbed by other groups. I try to watch all subbed episodes that different groups are releasing and try to keep myself updated by visiting multiple AKB48 dedicated forums. As for their music, I estimate that I have listened to at least 100 out of the 600 songs that they have released.


4 Responses to About the Author

  1. Shan says:

    I just want to salute you for standing up to Market Man regarding his post about MAC. It relieves me to know that I am not the only one who thinks that Market Man is taking advantage of his website to exploit defenseless people who do not share the same “fame” he has thru his blog. Im not sure if youve read his reply to your post, you can read it here

    • rayanami says:

      Wow, thanks.

      Though I don’t see any reply from MM for my comment.

  2. Quynh Le says:

    Excuse me, where are you soshified streaming videos???
    U said u have those streaming videos on ur web but i couldnt find them, can u pls send me the links, i will be really gratefull^^

  3. tabahiko says:

    Hi, I performed dance”AKB48” at wedding party.
    AKB48 is very famous idol in Asia.
    I succeed to please guests.
    AKB48 has something attractive.

    Thank you.

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