House of Squared: 2,000 Visitors in One Month

Yesterday, House of Squared has reached the 2,000 Visitor mark after less than a month of moving to WordPress. Hooray for tags!
I was not able to put up a new post for a week now as all I had were short topics so I’m going to place all those topics in today’s post!

Topic 1: AGI Returns!

After a dozen employee were retrenched last November 30 and a few Programmers last January because of “Financial Loss”, Anino Games is once again looking for 3D Artists and Programmers!

So it seems that they are able to acquire a few projects that their current number will not suffice. I’m wondering though how they became undermanned. Usually, when companies retrench people, they make sure that there is still enough manpower to handle projects. Does this mean that they currently have more projects than they calculated? Did they over react with the retrenching? Were there malicious intent in the selection on who would be removed? And was it really a legal, DOLE-approved retrenchment?

To those companies who plans to do a retrenchment, please read this article about PAL’s mistake:’t-repeat-pal’s-mistake

It was  a good thing for AGI Management that most of my AE friends really wanted to resign before 2009 and the retrenchment pay was just a bonus to them. If they didn’t want to leave, they could have filed a complaint to DOLE.

Topic 2: Eraserheads Reunion Concert

I really wanted to go, but I forgot that it was on March 7 and I have not included it on my budget. 

Then, I won, on a Smart-sponsored concert, 2 Bronze Ticket, a day before the concert. Unfortunately, I only have 100 pesos left in my wallet, just enough to get to the concert and back to the apartment. No funds for food and anything else. So I decided not to go.

Something that an officemate noticed, why does someone close to the band dies a few days before the reunion concert? It was Ely’s mom (or was it his grandma, I forgot) last August and Francis M last week.

Topic 3: Francism

It was a very sad news last Friday when Bloodporn announced in the office that Francis M is dead. In my opinion, Francis M is the only Filipino rapper worth listening to because of his nationalistic theme, political views, and the lack of perverted lines in his songs. If the Eraserheads is the most significant rock band, then Francis M, without a shadow of a doubt, is the most significant rapper in the Philippines.


Stat Wars: GL Strikes Back

In the past four days, you may have noticed my Status on Yahoo Messenger that goes with a template like this:
“(insert random insult here)? Apply na sa GL!”
Some people might think that this is an unprovoked attack to a certain company. While I would admit that this is indeed an attack, it is not an unprovoked one.
Several days ago, a certain person from a certain company applied at GL.
He failed, of course(duh!).
But that is not the point here. When I was informed by former officemates about this incident, it got me thinking. Why would he apply to GL as a lowly artist when he is of a very high position in his current work? He is overappreciated and overrated by the management so much that I could not think of any reason why he would want to leave.
A few hours later, I saw some status message on YM that said something like “The greatest spy failed”. Now I know that we only use the title “The Greatest” to one person so I asked what the message means. He said that there were rumors that The Greatest, under the orders of the higher ups, applied to gain some information about GL. I actually laughed at the idea. I could not think of any information that he could get should he had passed without accepting the offer, except of course for the offered salary. Well, I guess they needed to know that information badly.
In any case, what they did was unethical. They even did it against a fellow GDAP member. I thought their motto goes something like setting aside their differences and to work together. I guess not.
So no, this is not an unprovoked attack.
Anyway, just for laughs, here are the status messages that I remembered:

  • Di na ba tumataas ang sweldo mo? Apply na sa GL!
  • Feeling mo ba e ginagago ka na sa trabaho? Apply na sa GL!
  • Ayaw mo bang matanggap ang 13th month pay mo sa Christmas party? Apply na sa GL!
  • Kabado ka ba sa elevator nyo? Apply na sa GL!

And of course:

Tribute to the greatest artist in the world

Nandito na sya
Maniwala ka na lang sa kanya
pag sya na ang nagsasalita
Wag ka na lang mag-alala, dahil mali ka
at lagi syang tama
Lahat na yata ng iyong sabihin, kaya nyang kontrahin
wala na yata syang di kayang gawin
wala na yata syang kasinggaling

Heto na sya, ang henyo ng henerasyon
Kaya mga kaibigan, magpalakpakan
Lumuhod sa kanyang harapan
Halikan ang kalsadang kanyang dinadaanan
Heto na sya, ang pinakamagaling na tao
sa balat ng lupa.

Ang laki siguro ng utak nya, wala nang librong di pa nababasa
Siguro di sya tao, alam na nya ang bawat sulok ng mundo
Kahindik-hindik ang nalalaman, sa mga bagay na
kailan man ay di pa nya nararanasan
Hindi masukat ang kanayang kagalingan

[repeat chorus]

Kamukha na nya si Ernie Baron
May biyak din sa gitna ang barong
May kasagutan sa bawat katanungan
Kahit wala naming nagtatanong
Di bale nang wala syang kaibigan
Dahil hamak lamang tayong taga-lupa
Gawan na natin sya ng rebulto
at ilagay sa tuktok ng mundo