Rant: Apple Sucks!

A lot of people that knows me, knows that I hate Apple products (the iPod Touch being an exception). I believe it is overpriced, restricting, and nothing more than eye-candy. True, to a lot of people, the way Apple just works is a god-send, but I’m an I.T., if I can’t get Windows to work properly for me, then I should seriously consider changing field.

Unfortunately, I was, for reasons that cannot be disclosed, asked to purchase a Mac Mini. A Mac Mini is, for those who do not know, just a CPU, you’ll have to purchase the monitor, keyboard and mouse separately.

So what’s the spec of the Mac Mini that I need to purchase?

Below is the specs:

Mac mini Intel Core 2 Duo
Part Number: Z0FW
SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
120GB Serial ATA Drive
2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 2x1GB

And the price? Almost PhP37,000.

I know I can build a CPU with that specs for less than PhP20,000.

I used to think that Macs are expensive but I didn’t know that it was this absurd. But the surprises doesn’t end there. I also wanted to purchase a DVI to VGA converter as the monitors that we would be using only has a VGA connector. I can normally get one for about 200pesos but just for laughs, I asked how much it would cost to buy the official one. It costs 1,590 pesos. And the keyboard and mouse set? 4,980 pesos!

But enough about the price, I think you all know that it’s expensive. Fanboys will counter that the increase in cost would be used to give us better support, better service. Well, when I was getting all of these information, the Mac salesperson offered to include in my purchase their Apple Care Protection Plan which would give us a 3 years warranty and 3 years telephone tech support. I informed the sales person that I’m okay with the one year warranty and one year telephone tech support. To my surprise, I was informed that while the warranty would be for 1 year, telephone support would only be for 90 days. WTF! I used to remember when I was in Toshiba’s Tech Support, we would have customers whose laptop’s warranty has expired. Naturally, we don’t give tech support for free for OOW (Out Of Warranty) products. Some customers usually retorts that they would never buy a Toshiba again and would switch to a Mac. LOL.


Since it would take roughly 2-3 weeks to get your Mac Mini delivered from the Apple Store, I went to Power Mac to purchase the Mac Mini. I called a week ago and they confirmed that they still have several on stock. When I arrived, no one approached me and there were several sales people who are not doing anything. I guess I don’t look like a Mac person (can’t blame them as I’m wearing a rubber shoes, slacks and an Iron Man T-shirt). After a few minutes of standing in front of the Mac Mini display, a sales man who just got out of what I presume is their storage room approached me. I informed him that I would like to buy a Mac Mini. He asked me to wait as he needs to check if they still have one on stock. After checking, he informed me that there’s none and it would take 2-3 weeks for them to re-stock. I asked if other Power Mac branches have Mac Minis and he informed me that all the Power Mac branch are out of stock with regards to the Mac Mini. Damn!

Update 2:

Even though the guy at PowerMac said that there are no Mac Mini in any PowerMac Branches, I tried contacting all the branches within Metro Manila. Thankfully though the Megamall branch still had one. I asked the guy to reserve it for me and I am coming to the store in 30 minutes. I hailed a Taxi and went straight to Megamall to buy the last Mac Mini. Well, I was able to buy the accursed thing.

So what did I learn from this experience? PC and Mac quality of service is the same. There is nothing amazing about the sales people of Apple, nothing that would justify the absurd price.

Now that we have a Mac, I can now test that goddamn hardware and see why the fanboys get so excited about it.


iPod Touch: The Only Apple Product that I may buy

I am an Apple hater.

From the outrageous price, the small number of third party software, the absence of upgrade options, and the way Apple fanboys preach about the product as if it’s the second coming really turned me off.

Then came the iPod Touch.

As I never really given any care about Apple, I have just heard of this iPod Touch a month ago. An officemate described it as an iPhone minus the camera and the phone. That leaves us with a combination of a audio and video player, an organizer, a portable browser, and a mediocre handheld game console. I was not impressed until they informed me of the price.

PhP 11,000 for an 8gb iPod Touch.

So for the price of a PSP (which I have been considering to buy), I can get an iPod Touch which in my opinion is a better buy. Not only can it do all the things that I wanted on the PSP, I can also have an portable browser organizer. You can also get accessories to be able to watch TV.

(Edit: reizen and Bloodporne informed me that the PSP has a browser though it is very slow)

Some may I ask “Why not buy an iPhone instead and also get a camera and a phone?”. Well, an 8gb iPhone costs about PhP 30,000. The price difference is enough for you to buy a decent camera phone like an Ericsson K810i and still have enough savings for 2-3 trips to a KTV.

So would I be buying this Apple product? If I have the money, yes.

(Edit: Table removed as it doesn’t fit the page)