KARA: The End?

Four members from the five-member girl group KARA is leaving their agency, DSP Media Entertainment. They filed a lawsuit to terminate their present contract. The four members are Goo Hara, Seungyeon, Jiyoung, and Nicole. Their reason? See below:

“Despite KARA receiving much love from their activities in both Korea and Japan, the members have experienced inexplicable pain that brought them to this decision. They’ve held it in for a long time, but in order to protect their rights and their future, the members have decided to part ways from their company.

KARA has tried their absolute best in compromising with their company prior to their decision, but their agency used their power in forcing the members to fulfill schedules that they did not want, and continuously added activities on top of a loaded schedule without prior consent or discussion. The psychological damages that the members were forced to endure cannot be explained in words, and their efforts have gone to waste. Their misery is severe, and they can no longer remain under such a company, which is why they decided to declare their withdrawal.

Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship between an agency and its artist, but the agency has been using KARA as a way to make money. A variety of issues that have not been stated are still present. The agency has decided the majority of the girls’ celebrity activities without any sort of discussion or meeting, and has rejected requests asking for explanations or for proper documents. Their relationship has been destroyed to the point that it could never be restored again.“

To which DSP replied: “This is ridiculous, we are not sure what went wrong. We have yet to understand the situation. We’ll be releasing an official statement soon.”

The sad thing about this is, apparently, Gyuri was not informed by her fellow KARA members of their plans. And if you consider that she is their leader and they live in the same dormitory and how they kept her in the dark, that makes it more sad.

Also, DSP Media Entertainment is making sure that the four will not be using the KARA group name.

This is a sad day for KARA fans. Just as they have finally beaten SNSD on something (namely the Japan promotions). Well, hopefully, they don’t end up like what happened to TVXQ.

As this news is fairly recent (just today), expect some updates from Allkpop

UPDATE: Click here for more details on what happened. If we are to believe this story, then it’s all about the money. Apparently, DSP entered a very stupid contract with a Japanese distribution company and they, DSP management and KARA members, suffered because of this.


Goo Hara withdraw her notice of termination of contract! Read it here. You can also read DSP Media Entertainment’s official statement.


KARA: My Second Favorite Korean Girl Group

As stated from my previous article, I was first exposed to SNSD last June of 2009. For five months I watched a lot of their performances and TV subbed episodes (Thanks to Soshified). For five months, I never had any interest for other Kpop groups. Whenever I download a subbed episodes, I skip the scenes when other girl groups are performing or if there are no SNSD involvement.

This changed when I watched SNSD & Kara Come To Play Episode:

Since there are a lot of interactions between the two groups, I was not able to skip any scene. This was the episode that I took notice of Goo Hara of Kara.

So in order for me to see more of Hara, I started looking for their music videos on Youtube. Luckily, I found this video of Mister:

Interested now?

Anyway, let me introduce you to the members in order of solo shot from the video above.

At 0:19 is Jiyoung, Kara’s maknae (youngest). I didn’t like her that much until the Lupin video (their song during the first half of 2010).

At 0:27 is Goo Ha-ra! My favorite Kara member. Her hair, her waist, her eyes, her smile, her antics (during Invincible Youth) is everything that I like in a girl.

At 0:37 is Han Seung-yeon, apparently the most popular Kara member based on the number of fancafe followers.

At 0:43 is Gyuri, self-proclaimed goddess and also the leader of the group.

At 1:26 is Nicole, my second favorite Kara member. If you observe closely and watch the video several times, you’ll notice that she has the most flexible waist in the group.

They also have a Soshified-like forum called Karaholic. Like Soshified, they too have minimum post requirement for subbed and un-subbed videos. You will need 15 posts for the un-subbed videos and 40 posts for the subbed videos.

Kara debuted on the same year as SNSD and they were reported as very good friends with each other.

And there you have it, my second favorite Kpop group, Kara!