Cabal Online Sucks

After Granado Espada, my friends decided we move to Cabal. Basing on the screenshots, and some articles I’ve read prior to playing the game, Cabal seems promising. But due to personal and professional obligations, it took me a good month before i finally played the game. Since Cabal was under E-games, I thought my previous account with E-games would work as its the account that I used to play 3 of their online game. Turned out that you have to make a new account with stricter policies against creating troll accounts. A hassle but for the better.
After I created an account and logged in. I remembered that one of my friend was with the Mercury server so I tried to create one. An error was displayed saying the maximum number of characters has been created on the server or something. I said great, I wont be playing with my friends then. So I created one in Jupiter. Character creation seems nice, I have no problems there. Next is choosing the channel. Every channel is full and I cant get to any one of them. The only channels that are not full are the premium channels which I presume the paid channels. After waiting for a few minutes, I was able to log in to one of the channel. I played for a few minutes while looking at the graphics at mid-quality and it looks like Khan Online, a game created 2 or 3 years ago and I was greatly disappointed. The GUI looks like MU Online. I cant believe that the person who suggested we play Cabal turned down Lineage II, Lineage II is a billion times better than this game. Sure you have flying bikes, but hey, Lineage II has flying dragons, FLYING FREAKING DRAGONS!!! What can a measly bike compare in regards to the coolness factor of a FREAKING DRAGON!!!
So I’m going back to playing Granado Espada.