Reader's Choice: Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Members

Last September, I asked my readers to vote for their most interesting SNSD Members. I have been getting a lot of reactions on my original article that I decided to make this poll.

The poll ended today, January 11, 2012 which also marks the 2nd year anniversary of my Top 9 Most Interesting SNSD Members.

Here is the result along with some comments from me.

Taeyeon with 118 votes or 17% of the total votes

My second favorite Soshi. Taeyeon’s enthusiasm on variety shows seems to have lessened a bit after the Japan promotion. I hope this is just a temporary thing though. I hope she can get back to hosting Win win again so I can see more of her.

Sooyoung with 93 votes or 13% of total votes

My mom and dad’s favorite Soshi. Her getting thinner and thinner makes me worried. I’m pretty sure she eats a lot and is not neglecting her health as she said that she is aware of her thinning figure and is also worried.

Yoona with 89 votes or 13% of total votes

Okay just to make it clear. I DO NOT HATE YOONA. It’s just that I do not find her interesting as her variety/reality TV skills leaves much to be desired. But I do not hate her. I acknowledge her other skills and qualities like being beautiful and being good in dramas but not her variety or comedy skills. If I am to choose the face of SNSD, it would be either Yoona or Yuri. I do not want her to leave SNSD. Just because I do not like one aspect of her does not mean that she deserves to be kicked out of the team. For readers who still insist that she is perfect even in reality shows, try watching SNSD Let’s Go Dream Team.

Sunny with 82 votes or 12% of total votes

My favorite Soshi because of being really funny and her quick wit especially on variety shows and reality TV shows. That being said, I really hoped she wouldn’t be re-casted on Invincible Youth 2 as it wouldn’t really be good for her especially without Shinyoung. The expectation for her to carry the show will be huge being a returnee.

Yuri with 69 votes or 10% of total votes (tied with Seohyun)

The female idol who can do 500 sit-ups. Sporting possibly the strongest abs among female idols that I know, my adoration for her lessened a bit as she got thinner. But in the last few weeks, she has gained some weight making her my favorite Soshi basing on looks.

Seohyun with 69 votes or 10% of total votes (tied with Yuri)

My brother’s favorite and a fan girl of the UN secretary general. When this Soshi talks, my jaw just drops. Her ambition and discipline seems like too good to be true and yet the other members usually supports these stories.

Jessica with 63 votes or 9% of total votes

I’m surprised at her placing as she usually ranks high in fan polls. The ice princess has surprising athletic skills as shown in the Let’s Go Dream Team SNSD special episode. Also, it seems that she is sucking Taeyeon’s enthusiasm as she seems to be participating more actively on recent shows.

Tiffany with 59 votes or 8% of total votes

Hmm, strange that Tiffany is ranked this low but oh well. The Soshi with highest alcohol tolerance, Tiffany’s strong point for me is still her eye-smile. And also her sassy attitude on variety and reality shows.

Hyoyeon with 57 votes or 8% of total votes

Ah the unluckiest Soshi. Not only is she given the worst hairstyle each time, but technical errors on album pictures usually affects her (evident on the Oh! album). Japan was her luckiest break as the cameramen from Japan as they do not know who are the more popular member. Back in Korea, cameramen usually focus on other more popular members during her singing part or just zoom out and she loses her chance on a close up. Hyoyeon fans will get this. Yoona fans won’t.


SNSD: Visual Dreams MV

As mentioned from my post last week, SNSD has a new music video for their Intel CF. Well, you can see that video below:

I am still hoping that this new partnership with Intel will allow the girls to promote the processor across Asia (which hopefully include the Philippines!).

1st Year Anniversary of SNSD Awareness

I am a SONE for a year now.

A year of being an SNSD fan equates to 400gb of SNSD videos, 13 SNSD posters, 4 SNSD Album, 3 SNSD photocard, 2 SNSD fan event and 1 SNSD mug.

I learned of SNSD through a site called Asian Poses. The site features different poses made by Asian celebrities and naming each pose like Salute, Okay, and my personal favorite Nyan Nyan.

Last June 24, 2009, they posted an article about SNSD because the girls performed a lot of the poses they have featured in their hit song Gee. I immediately liked the video as I love the synchronize dancing and, of course, the very cute girls.

An officemate took it a step further and started to download their live performances of the song. I started to do the same and before long I discovered Soshified.

Soshified is an amazing fan forum for SONEs. They have a very large collection of SNSD videos and they even have subbed videos. However you will need 25 relevant post to gain access to the videos and 50 for the subbed videos. It took me the whole night to post 50 relevant posts.

A lot has change in that 1 year of fandom. At first, all I ever wanted to watch were SNSD videos. Now, I have videos of KARA, 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls, T-ara, and a lot more. But I still focus on downloading more SNSD videos than the other girl groups

Hopefully, SNSD will still be around for several years. That group has provided me almost a year worth of entertainment.